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A candy manufacturer makes two types of special candy, say A and B. Candy A consists of equal parts of dark chocolate and caramel and Candy B consists of two parts of dark chocolate and one part of walnut. The company has in stock 430 kilograms of caramel, 360 kilograms of ...

gen chem
A sample of glucose C6H12O6 contains 2.03x10^21 atoms of carbon. how many atoms of hydrogen does it contain? mole of H= 6.02x10^23/2.03x10^21? i don't know if my formula is right and i also don't know where to get the mole of H. please help me understand this problem ...

on a town map ,each unit of the coordinate plane represents a mile. Three branches of a bank are located at A(-3,1) , and C (4,-1). A bank employee drives from branch A to branch B and then drives halfway to branch C before getting stuck in traffic. what is the minimum total ...

calculate how many moles of CaCl2•2H2O are present in 1.0 g of CaCl2•2H2O and then calculate how many moles of pure CaCl2 are present in the 1.0 g of CaCl2•2H2O

five friends went to a baseball game. three of the friends each bought a ticket for x dollars and a soda for six dollars the other two friends each bough only tickets. write and simplify and expression that represent the amount of money spent

I am confused on the dillution of the MgCl2 do I have to divide by 95 because it is only 95% pure?


Microwave ovens emit microwave energy with a wavelength of 12.2 cm. What is the energy of exactly one photon of this microwave radiation?

A 2.50-g sample of powdered zinc is added to 100.0 mL of a 2.00-M aqueous solution of hydrobromic acid in a calorimeter with a total heat capacity of 448 J/K. The observed increase in temperature is 21.1 K at a constant pressure of one bar. Using these data, calculate the ...

Sarah jumped 18 1/2 feet in the long jump competition. Rachel jumped 19 1/8 feet. how much further did rachel jump?

how do i write a reflective account on communicating effectively wi th a service user in a care home

is it possible to construct a triangle with these given side lengths 6,10,15

gcf of 15,45

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List two to three characteristics of Orientalism. How may Orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against these groups?