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social studies
No url please. what are all the states that the 33rd parallel passes through?

social studies
I tried the map you posted and it didn't work.

social studies
There's no map in my book. I don't get the map you posted for me.

social studies
I still didn't get help on this question. Name two states that extend further south than louisiana. No url please.

social studies
No, from Louisiana to pennsylvania? Also, what direction would you go from louisiana to mexico? Lastly, in which direction would you go from louisiana to alaska? No url please, just give me an answer.

social studies
Thank you for all your help.In which direction would you go to Louisiana to pennyslvania? Please no url.

5th grade social studies
when the government raise taxes the economy goes up as well.If consumers didn't pay taxes we will be down in food supplyment and other goods in stores.

social studies
what river name comes from choctaw word meaning "long river"

social studies
What river flows to lake borgne?

social studies
what river begins in new mexico?

social studies
What two states extend further south in louisiana?

social studies
Thak you!

social studies
what states border Louisiana?

social studies
what states border Louisiana? what two states extend further south than Louisiana? what tates have a Gulf of Mexico coastline? Is Louisiana closer to nevada or virginia? What direction would you go from Louisiana to pennyslvania? What direction would you go from Louisiana to ...

8th grade math

8th grade math
The area of Manhattan Island is 641, 000,000 square feet. According to legend, the Indians sold it to the Dutch for $24. Estimate the area that was purchased for one cent.

When Burton Cummings graduated with honors from the Canadian Trucking Academy, his father gave him a $350,000 tractor-trailer rig. Recently, Burton was boasting to some fellow truckers that his revenues were typically $25,000 per month, while his operating costs (fuel, ...

$30,000 Total She invested $16,000 x .10 = $1600 She invested $14,000 x .05% = $700 $1600 +$700 = $2300

7th grade
The contest _ea__i_e is tommorow.

Components of health communications I am thinking that they are personal goals, interdepenence, sensitivity, and shared meaning. I just need to know if I am headed in the right direction with this.

components of Health communications

Calculate the number of moles and number of grams of solute in 250 mL of a 0.10M CaCl2.

The theoretical percent of Copper (II)Oxide is 79.9%. What are two reasons why the percent of Copper in Copper (II) may vary from 79.9%

Middle School Algerbra
I need to write an algebraic expresion for "Y Divided among X" What does among X mean

number 7 is One, Two, Three...and so on.

The circuit is "Closed"

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