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pre calculus
Write the equation of the circle in standard form. Find the center, radius, intercepts, and graph the circle. x^2+y^2-12x-4x+36=0 How on earth do I do this?


I am a 3 digit number  My ones place is one more than my hundred  My hundreds place is 3 greater then 6  My tens place is half of my hundred.

Finite Math
How to solve this problem using this equation P(T)=Poekt how long must $5700 be in bank at 8% compounded yearly to become $10,550.30 where P0 is the amount initially placed in savings, t is the time in yaers and P(t) is the balance after time


You have an invoice for a major expenditure due in 5 years for $82,000 and the annual interest rate of 5%. How much do you need now to pay for this expenditure?

not sure where to begin
Look around you and think of what things make your life what it is. The home you live in, the neighborhood, the availability of services (fast food ... which is really a service, IMO, because someone is cooking for you and cleaning up after you ... then look around and think ...

Multiplying and dividing rational numbers
A scale on a map says that 3/4inches equal 4.5 miles if a distance measures 4.5 inches on the map how many miles actually separate the two points?

Math Perimeter
write as a decimal seven and eighty-seven hundreths

Understanding Perimeter
When finding the perimeter of a figure on a grid, why do you not count the spaces inside the grid?

Understanding Perimeter
A park has the shape of a trapezoid. Two of the sides are 25 meters long. The other two sides are 40 meters and 20 meters long. What is the perimeter of the park?

Math Perimeter
Draw a figure with 22 units

Math Perimeter
Draw a figure with the given perimeter, 10 units.

The average height for Chinese women is 62.5 inches with a standard deviation of 4.6 inches. What is the probability that a randomly selected woman in the United States would be ≥69 inches tall?

fundamental accounting principle II
How do I explain to a customer about the $6000. loss reported on the sale of its investment of common stock that the customer has 40% interest. When the 2010 income statement reported earning form all investments were $126,000. On January 2011 the company sold the investment ...

Proofread find two missing commas in compound sentences. Let's say it is ten o’clock in the morning. Your room is a mess! Your clothes are on the floor and games are everywhere. It won’t take long to clean but you can’t do it. There isn’t anything ...

Estimated product. 81,000

How much would an initial investment of $500 be worth in 90 days if it earned 3% daily?

slope of the function f (x) = 4/3x -7 to the slope of the function that fits the data in the table.

the length of a rectangle is x +19 and the width is 6. the length of a scond rectangle is 6x +2 and width is 4. What is the expression equal to the area of the first rectangle?

The trailer measures nine feet by forty feet. how do I rewrite this to make it right

A calculator was dropped at an equation of d= 0.5*9.8t^2 + 5t How long would it take for the calculator to hit the ground? HINT: SET THE EQUATION TO ZERO.

college english
Talk to the Hand: The result when communication pathways are blocked

A 1.500m long uniform beam of mass 30.00 kg is supported by a wire as shown in the figure. The beam makes an angle of 10.00 degrees with the horizontal and the wire makes and angle of 30.00 degrees with the beam. A 50.00 kg mass, m, is attached to the end of the beam. What is ...

. For each of the following, assume that the two samples are selected from populations with equal means and calculate how much difference should be expected, on average, between the two sample means. a. Each sample has n _ 5 scores with s2 _ 38 for the first sample and s2 _ 42...

Calclte the number of moles of ethane needed to produce 10.0 grams of water according to the following reaction.

A number between 10 and 20. It rounds to 20. One of this number's digits is 5 greater than the other. What number is it?

What would happen to the profit maximizing level of output if the market price suddenly rose to $54 per case? Explain why the output level changes.

According to American Airlines, Flight 215 from Orlando to Los Angeles is on time 90% of the time. Suppose 150 flights are randomly selected. Find the probability that few than 125 flights are on time.

A sample of n _ 11 scores has a mean of M _ 4. One person with a score of X _ 16 is added to the sample. What is the value for the new sample mean?


4,195.43 1,408 625.00 + 239.00 i got 6,466.43 am i right

For this part of the assignment, we will focus on the demand curve. Draw the demand curve for the A-Phone. Explain how the graph, price, and quantity demanded will change if the following occurs: • There is an overall increase in income. • It is discovered that there...

Foreign languages
How do you write in the Fiji language? Hello dear, how was your day?

Which of the following is NOT a technique for emphasizing material in a resume? A. Presenting it in vertical lists B. Including it as part of a lengthy paragraph C. Offsetting it with white space D. Positioning it as the top of a page

If a particle moves with velocity V PA = (2.0 m/s) + (4.0 m/s) relative to frame A, what is the velocity V AP of the frame relative to the particle? a. -(2.0 m/s) + (4.0 m/s) b. -(2.0 m/s) - (4.0 m/s) c. (2.0 m/s) + (4.0 m/s)

Did I choose the correct answer #3 In the mid- to late 1880s, the United States experienced a surge in immigrants from <China and Japan> 1)Japan and Cuba. 2)China, Japan, and Mexico. 3)China and Japan < I chose this one< 4)China and Canada.

Sensory was intact to light touch, proprioception, and pinprick.

With vectors a = 5.5 and b = 4.2, what are (a) the z component of a x b , (b) the z component of a x c , and (c) the z component of b x c ? The angle between a and b is 90 degrees.

Albert Ellis depicts the relationship between irrational belief and negative emotions through use of: A. A contingency contract B. dialectical theory C. The abc model D. Observational learning

Thank you!

Did I answer this question correctly? wi If all of a company’s Filipino employees sit together for lunch, sociologists would say they have formed their own _________. (c) ingroup A). diversified group B). outgroup C). ingroup ( I chose this one, ingroup ) D). ethic group

If the concept is truck, the prototype might be: A. A ford pick up B. bulldozer C. An eighteen-wheeler D. Personnel carrier

It's not the 3rd option, because the stem stores water Roots do not contatin stomata I beleive it would be either of the first two; my guess would be the 2nd

According to Erikson the first psychosocial crisis or conflict in life involves the:

History/ Social Studies
How far was the US policy towards Europe between 1945 - 1952 based on self interest? What were the policies?

Are my three choices correct? Question 1 = C, Question 2 = A, and Question 3 = B, 1). Sociologist Harriet Martineau was known for fighting for the rights of both __________ and __________. a) children; slaves. b) women; children. c) slaves; free blacks. (I Chose slaves; free ...

To cook 4 cups of rice, you use 8 cups of water. To cook 10 cups of rice, you use 20 cups of water. Write an expression to show how many cups of water you should use if you want c cups of rice. How many cuos of water shou you use to cook 5 cups of rice?

is the 28 rubles

some kangaroos can cover 30 feet in a singke jump! if a kangaroo could jump like that 150 times in a row, how much farther would it need to go to cover a mile? (1 mile = 5,280 feet)

determine where grouping symbols should be placed so that the value of the expression shown below is 4. Justify your answer. 40-28/4+3*9

yes ma'am. is is 2x3=6^2 = 36

Evaluate each expression for the given value of the variable. 2x2 for x =3

sorry i posted wrong!!!

Hello, am I on the right path? Each table in the cafereria seats 8 people. Find the total number of people that can be seated at 7,8,9,and 10 tables. If the average bill per person $12, how much money can the cafeteria expect drom 7,8,9 and 10 tables that have no empty seats? ...

What are the Next two numbers in the pattern below? 999,800;999,900; 1,000,000;1000,100

Tenecia is thinking of a number with 8 place values the digit in the thousands place is 5 the digits in the hundred thousands and hundreds place are both an odd number greater than 7. The digit in each other place value is less one less than the digit in the thousand place ...

How many seven - digit numbers less than 1,048,000 can be made using the digits 0,1,4,6,7,8 and 9

The united state mint produced 69,360 nickel, 211,000,000 quarters. 634,800,000 pennies. and 120,000,000 dimes order the numbers from greatest to least.

How many seven- digit numbers leads than 1,048,000 can be made using digits 0,1,4,6,7,8 and 9

the exceptional child
c. are rooted in federal legislation

i don't know i need help i don't understand

3. For the three cubes shown below, determine their surface area, volume and surface area to volume ratio. Then, circle the one you believe would be the most efficient and write a summary stating why

Borrowed $14,000.00 at 8% for 90 days.What is the interest?

If the mean score on a one mile running test was 14 minutes and the standard deviation was 1 minute what percentage of subjects ran the mile in 15 minutes or less

est 38,347 + 17,039 = 38,000 + 17,000

Human Biology
When you eat a salad with lettuce, croutons, hard-boiled egg, bacon bits, and salad dressing, which one of those components will pass through your body with the least digestion? Why?

I do not watch T.V. much, so I do not know many T.V. personalities. I need one for each theory relevant to Freud, Rogers, and Jung. Can you help me find three T.V. characters? I need ASAP please.

Bio 207
If barometric pressure is 480mmhg, what is the partial pressure of 02 in inspired air? At this pressure, what % of 02 would you have to gave in the air you are breathing so that the inspired p02 would be normal? ( 160 mmhg)

If your blood pressure is 160/60, what is your total peripheral resistance?

If barometric pressure is 480mmhg, what is the partial pressure of 02 in inspired air? At this pressure, what % of 02 would you have to gave in the air you are breathing so that the inspired p02 would be normal? ( 160 mmhg)

cis 324
Your sister owns a small clothing store. During a conversation at a family dinner, she mentions her frustration with having to manually track and reorder high demand items. She would like an automated system but has a very small budget


I answered some of the questions but i need help with number 7, 8, and 10. Here is an example of the assignment. I am the current secretary of a horse rescue, in charge of fund raising as well as organization and meeting minutes. We have decided to increase the annual ...

hum/111 critical thinking
how might you use critical thinking to help someone who is struggling with low self-esteem and low self-worth to see beyond the media message they receive on a daily basics?

614.45(12)=7373.40(5)=36,867 36867-28,550=$8317.00 amount of interest paid

Algebra II
A store sells rings with birthstones selected from the 12 different months of the year. The stones are arranged in a row. Part A: Mary wants a ring with a topaz, a sapphire, and a ruby set in a line. Write and evaluate an expression to show how many ways the 3 stones can be ...

Algebra II
Howndar do I write x^2-4y^2-4x-8y=36 in standard form?

decision science
The university computer lab has 10 computers which are constantly being used by students. Users need help from the one lab assistant fairly often. Students ask for help at a Poisson rate of an average of 4 requests per hour for any one computer. the assistant answers questions...

Human Resources In Health Care
Complete Questions 1 and 2 for Exercise 3 at the end of Chapter 15 of Human Resources in Healthcare. Then, complete the calculations for "Skill Builder: Human Resource Forecasting Assignment" in the course text Human Resource Management Applications.

The minimum distance between particles in a wave that have the same displacement and are moving in the same direction is called?

Science - Physics
Some helium at 20.0psi gauge pressure occupies 40.0ft^3. find its volume at 32.4 psi if the temperature remains constant.

I have no idea either because I have trouble with perimeter, area, and circumference.

Determine the amount of an investment if $500 is invested at an interest rate of 4.25% compounded quarterly for 12 years.

set x as the width;x+8 as the length the formula for the perimeter is 2(l+w) 2[x+(x+8)]=2(2x+8)=4x+16=128 4x+16=128 4x=112 x=28 28by36

Shurley english
How do you classify the sentence Today Dad ate two eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Ok i need a little help. I have the answer to this question but i need to know how the teacher got the answer. How many grams of water are in a 100g of a 30% sugar solution? My answer is 70.

Bond valuation Callaghan Motors’ bonds have 10 years remaining to maturity. Interest is paid annually; they have a $1,000 par value; the coupon interest rate is 8 percent; and the yield to maturity is 9 percent. What is the bond’s current market price


My hypothesis is whether or not music with violent overtones, such as "gangsta rap", increases violent behavior among young males. Which of the methods used for analyzing survey data would you use and why? Correalational or Regressional statistical analysis

Assume that you conducted the research study violence in young men between the ages 18-24 years old who listens to “Gangsta Rap Music’ and you have the data. Which of the methods used for analyzing survey data would you use and why? Correalational or Regressional ...

A reduced fat cookie contains 12g of fat per serving. In order for food to be termed reduced fat it must have at least 20% less fat than the regular item. What can you conclude about how much fat is in a serving of the regular cookie?

What are the accepted values for the number of moles of NaCl that are produced from HCl and the following various amounts of grams of NaHCO3; 0.25 grams 0.5 grams 1 gram Please Help!

susan is making punch for her birthday party. the recipe makes 2 quarts. if she makes four times the recipe, how many gallons of punch will susan have?

Indicate how each of the following would affect the value of the absorbance (too high, too low, or not effect) of the indicated solution. I really need help. I do not understand these questions! This is from a chemistry activity to determine the unknown concentration of an ...

Thank you very much for your insightful and kind response to my question.

What is a number one reason for me as student majoring in psychology to learning about experimental and non experimental research involving psychology?

business 110
I am taking a business class and I cant find an aswser for this question can someone help? Cory is at the top of her companys organization chart. Which of the following is most likely to be her job title? Choose one answer. a. executive manager b. president c. manager d. vice ...

6. A bowl contains 10 red balls, 10 green balls and 10 white balls. a. What is the probability of drawing 2 white balls with replacement? b. What is the probability of drawing 2 white balls without replacement?

I need help please: Because Saudi Arabia and Australia have ____ in production of crude oil and petroleum products and wool respectively, Saudi Arabia can specialize in the production of crude oil and petroleum products, and Australia can specialize in the production of wool. ...

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