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Then it will be 13.75

Yes I put it in order and got a. Isn't that correct

13,14,29,26,41,53,60,7,89,14 What is the first quartile from this data set? A.11.5 B.13.75 C.37 D.50.75 I think a

HELPP math
Thank u

College Accounting
How do the entries affect account balances and why both debit and credit entries can increase or decrease an account balance?

I'm trying to found more information on the subject to do a essay on it.

How does language allow self-reflection, organize perceptions, and allow hypothetical thought? Explain the connection between language and perception. Use a specific example to illustrate this connection.

Indexing exemptions for inflation. Each year, the Internal Revenue Service adjusts the value of an exemption based on inflation(and rounded to the nearest $50). In a recent year, if the exemption was worth $3,100 and inflation was 4.7 percent, what would be the amount of the ...

personal finances
computing future value. calucale the future value of a retirement account in which you deposit $2,000 a year for 30 years with an annual interest rate of 7 percent.

Personal finances
Calculating future value if salary. During a job interview, Pam thompson is offered a salary of $28.000. The company gives annual raises of 6 percent. What would be Pam's salary during her fifth year on the job?

personal finance
Determining the future value of education. Jenny Franklin estimates that as a result of completing her master's degree, she will earn $7,000 a year more for the next 40 years. A.) what would be the total amount of these additional earnings? B.) what would be the future ...

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