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Find the center of mass of two objects, one of mass M and one of mass m, separated by distance L? At R1 = L * (1 - m/(m+M)) from m and R2 = m * L/(m+M) from M At R1 = L^2 x (1 - m/(m+M)) from m and R2 = m * L^2/(m+M) from M At R1 = m * L/(m+M) from m and R2 = L * (1 - m/(m+M...

A model of a house is 10 centimeters long. The actual length of the house is 8.5 meters. Which of these options is the scale that is used for the model house?

Write the missing digites to make each number sentence true

3rd grade math
2,567 309,456 60,780