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A tank, when one-fifth full, holds 75 litres of water. How many litres will it hold when full?

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When a grizzly bear hibernates, its heart rate drops to 10 beats per minute, which is 20% of its normal value. What is a grizzly bear's normal heart rate when not hibernating?

Mars has a mass of about 6.4*10^23 kg, and it's moon Phobos has a mass of about 9.6*10^15 kg.If the magnitude of the grvitational force between the two bodies is 4.6* 10^15 N, how far apart are Mars and Phobos?

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24= -2(b-3)+8 I suppose you want to solve 24= -2(b-3)+8 for b, am I right? If so, subtract 8 from both sides to get 16 = -2(b-3) divide both sides by -2 to get -8 = b-3 then add 3 to both sides to get -5 = b then check the answer 24 = -2(-5-3) + 8 = 16 + 8