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A solution with a volume of 1·00 dm3 is saturated with lead iodide, Pbl2. The concentration of iodide ions is 2·7 mol dm–3.Determine the solubility product of PbI2. ??

Find area of triangle. Sides=12cm,9.2cm and 7.2cm

I want to know whic n2 and co2 rms become same?

The answer is 321. Possible values of a are: 64(r=1.5) 80(r=1.5) 81(r=4/3) 96(r=1.5)

Angle a lies in the second quadran and angle b lies in the third quadrant such that cos a = -3/5 and tan b = 24/7. Determine an exact value for cos (a+b), sin(a-b)

an arc of a circle subtends a central angle of 5pi/6 radians.if the radius of the circle measures 10.6cm, determine the approx measure of the arc leanth

grade 11 physics
A championship golfer uses a nine iron to chip a shot right into the cup. If the golf ball is launched at a velocity of 20 m/s at an angle of 45° above the horizontal, how far away was the golfer from the hole when he hit the ball? What maximum height did the ball reach?

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