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First area ofrunning small rectangle =l×b secon step area oftwo small semi-circle =one complete circle-area of two small circle . Then large circle-area of small circle. Thenarea of large circle+rectangle

profit sharing
Ram invest Rs 100 and Sham invest Rs 200 in Jan. Again Ram invest Rs 400 and sham invest Rs 200 in march. In Dec, there was profit of Rs 1000. How to divide profit between Ram and Sham

1. Draw a random sample of size 12 from a Poisson Population with mean 4 and calculate the sample mean.

answer 1 3 4

two charges +20 microculomb and -10 microculomb are 6cm.apart find electric potanial at a pont distance 4 cm.on the right bisector of the line joining the charge.

Managerial Economics/Math
Find 1-the marginal and 2-the average cost functions for the following total cost function calculate them at Q=4 A Q=6 Tc=3Q*Q+7Q+12.

in which organ of the body is having maximum regeneratin capacity skin has a lot of regeneration capacity.