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  1. 7th grade Lang. Art

    it is "a" right?
  2. 7th grade Lang. Art

    Meager is best defined as a) slight c) ample b) lavish d ancient Please help me thank you! :)
  3. 7th grade math check

    Ok I was wondering if you could check these 3 problems please. I am suppose to set these equations equal but I am not sure if did them right. I think I accidently solved these systems as substitutions. The answers are suppose to be in coordinate pairs. 1) x - y = 11 -3x + y...
  4. 7th grade math

    How would you solve the problem below using subsitution method? 7x - 2y = 5 x = y If you could explain and show this step by step, it would help a lot. How would you solve the problem below using combination method? 3x - 2y = 12 -3x + 8y = -6 If you could explain and show this...
  5. Math

    No problem
  6. Math

    Oh i know them. They are random, systematic, and consecutive. These are the three sampling methods. Hope this helps. :)
  7. 7th grade math

    Oohhh thank you soo much!!!
  8. 7th grade math

    How would you solve the problem below using the subsitution method? 12x + 4 = 8y y = x - 7 Please explain to me and help. If you could show all the steps, that would help a lot. Thank you.
  9. 7th grade math

    ooh i get it thank you for explaining and i do know the slope intercept form
  10. 7th grade math

    For these two problems, you would need to find the slope and y intercept and then write the equation in equivalent to ax + by + c. y=3x y=0 Please help and explain how to do it. Thank you
  11. 7th grade math

    Could someone show me how to do this please? 26.2% of a certain number is 81. What is the number?
  12. 7th grade health

    oh ok thank you
  13. 7th grade health

    true or false if false what is the real word MOOD DISORDER are a variety of psychological conditions that affect a person's ability to get along with others. Please help. thank you
  14. ....

    what does "bifocal" mean?
  15. 8th grade math

    how do you make an equation that is parallel to another equation? how do you make an equation that is perpendicular to another equation? please help and explain. Thank you.
  16. 8th grade math

    wait for the second one, which numbers would you subtract 2 from?
  17. 8th grade math

    ok thank you :)
  18. 8th grade math

    How do you turn these equation into a standard form? this is the standard form: ax+by=c here are the following equations: 2x = y + 1/2 y - 2 = 1/4x + 1 3y + 3 = 6x - 15 Please help and explain. Thank you.
  19. 8th grade math

    2x=y+1/2 how do you turn this equation into an equation that is ax+by=c? Please help and explain. Thank you.
  20. 8th grade math

    this is what the problem says Find five pairs of numbers for shirt and cap sales that will allow the students to make a $600 profit exactly. I want to know how to write the equation/formula and how to solve it
  21. 8th grade math

    I need someone to explain how to solve equations with two variables and tell me what the formula or equation is? Please help and explain. Thank you!
  22. 8th grade math

    i have two problems that i need to write an inequality for. a) One third of a number, decreased by thirty six, is at most twenty two. Find the number. b) A school's Spanish club is welling bumper stickers. They bought 100 for $55, and have to give 15 cents for every ...
  23. 8th grade math

    Ok thank you very much! :)
  24. 8th grade math

    please help me write an inequality for this paragraph. Brandon and Rayna have $40 to spent at the concert and would like to purchase some souvenir programs for friends who cannot attend. They are able to buy pr0grams at $8 each, but want to keep $10 for food. How many programs...
  25. 7th grade science

    For plant and animal cells.
  26. 7th grade science

    What is a very good website to find instructions for newly formed cells on how to carry cytokinesis? Please help!!! Thank you!!
  27. 8th grade math

    what is symbolic reasoning? Please help and explain. Thank you!
  28. 8th grade math

    how would i graph this inequality? 14x-23<5x+13
  29. 7th grade social studies

    thank you very much :)
  30. 7th grade social studies

    what was the Texas-Santa Fe expedition, and what were the results? Please explain, help, and thank you very much.
  31. 7th grade science

    oohh thank you very much :)
  32. 7th grade science

    definition of cell cycle
  33. 7th grade health

    thank you
  34. 7th grade health

    What is the scrambled word? Here is the definition. Mineral that helps regulate fluid balance in the body. Here is the scrambled word. samuposti Please help thank you
  35. 7th grade health

    thank you :)
  36. 7th grade health

    What does anemic mean?
  37. health

    thank you :)
  38. health

    The pancreas produces _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ It also produces _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Please help thank you
  39. 7th grade science

    oh okay thank you
  40. 7th grade science

    what is a binominal nomenclature mean? Please explain in a simple manner. Thank you
  41. 7th grade Lang. Art

    oh i get it now thank you
  42. 7th grade Lang. Art

    Out of this list of words, which one is a synonym of MEDDLE? List: anecdote consolidate counterfeit docile dominate entreat fallible fickle fugitive grimy iota maul rural substantial tactful tamper ultimate uncertainty Please help Thank you
  43. 5th grade

    Thank you. You helped my little sister alot
  44. 5th grade

    what does self imposed mean? please explain in a simple way thanks
  45. 7th grade science

    what are intermediate forms of species for gradualism and punctuated equilibria? Please help!! Thank you!!
  46. 7th grade science

    ok thank you
  47. 7th grade science

    What are mass extinctions?
  48. 7th grade Lang. Art

    so could it be culminate?
  49. 7th grade Lang. Art

    Which word in caps makes more sense? Every year the professional football season (CULMINATES, BROODS) in the super bowl. Please help thank you
  50. 7th grade Lang. Art

    oh okay thanks for helping out three of you
  51. 7th grade Lang. Art

    i believe it is seethe is it correct?
  52. 7th grade Lang. Art

    which word in caps makes more sense? Though the colonies long (SEETHE, SINGE) with resentment at the British, the cauldron of their discontent did not boil over into rebellion until 1776. Please help thank you
  53. 7th grade Lang. Art

    oh okay thanks
  54. 7th grade Lang. Art

    Please find the synonym of this word: APPEAR List of words to choose from: animated brood culminate downright drone goad indulge literate loom luster miscellaneous oration peevish seethe singe unique upright verify yearn please help thank you
  55. math

    It was the first one, thank you very much. Now I can understand my homework. :)
  56. math

    What is a distribution? Please help, thank you.
  57. 7th grade science ~ FOR MS. SUE

    oh okay thanks
  58. 7th grade science ~ FOR MS. SUE

    ya i know that but what would the earth be like if there wasn't any living organisms? that is what im trying to figure out
  59. 7th grade science ~ FOR MS. SUE

    Whoops i thought you meant earth uh life is made of cells?
  60. 7th grade science ~ FOR MS. SUE

  61. 7th grade science ~ FOR MS. SUE

    Oh the Earth life
  62. 7th grade science ~ FOR MS. SUE

    What would life be without organisms?
  63. 7th grade science ~ FOR MS. SUE

    Oh okay. Thank you!!! :)
  64. 7th grade science ~ FOR MS. SUE

    Are plants organism? Please help!! Thank you!!
  65. math

    also what is a line plot?
  66. math

    What is a line plot showing distribution and what is a distribution? Please help!! Thank you!!
  67. language art CHECK

    okay thank you!! :)
  68. language art CHECK

    Will somebody please check this for me and see if i used the words correctly please? Having spent many years as political opponents, the two senators have developed a(n)MUTUAL respect for each other. Please check if it is correct. thank you
  69. 7th grade science

    okay thank you so much!!! You really helped me with alot thanks :)
  70. 7th grade science

    I really need help with some vocabulary words. I know what the definitions is but i have no idea what it looks like and i have to draw a picture for the two words. WORDS: vascular plant nonvascular plant Please help!! Thank you!!
  71. WHY

    okay you can delete this now
  72. WHY

    i was just wondering why i was answering somebody's question and it got deleted why did it do that?
  73. 8th grade math

    oooohhhh I get it. Thank you for explaining. :)
  74. 8th grade math

    A magazine for teenagers ask its readers to write in with information about how they solve personal problems. describe the population and the sampling method Please help thanks!!
  75. please check

    yay!! iknew if i read carefully i would have gotten them correct. Thank you so much!! :)
  76. please check

    the meaning of HUMDRUM is a) morose c) exciting b) ordinary d) disruptive my answer: b) ordinary INTERMINABLE most nearly means a) brief c) internal b) fruitful d) endless my answer: d) endless TRIVIAL is best defined as a) minor c) weighty b) important d)extended my answer: a...
  77. social studies PLEASE HELP!!1

    How do i describe the growth of the Spanish population in New mexico? From about 1650 to 1700. please help!! Thank you!!
  78. 7th grade social studies

    How can i describe the growth of the spanish population in new mexico in about 1650 to 1700 i guess please help thank you
  79. 7th grade Lang. Art

    oh ok thanks Ms. Sue and Laruen -gives virtue hugs to both of them-
  80. 7th grade Lang. Art

    that is soo weird cause we have to choose a word from the list and those are the words from the list on my worksheet
  81. 7th grade Lang. Art

    hmmm really? cause on my worksheet those are the words that were on it
  82. 7th grade Lang. Art

    Please fill in the blank there will be a list of words below She was so happy and grateful that i felt more than______________for all that i had tried to do to help her. List: alight barren disrupt dynasty germinate hurtle sullen vicious Please help!! Thank you!!1
  83. math

    Ummmm i just answered this and explained it to you why don't you go check it?
  84. Math

    sure no problem
  85. Math

    a stop sign im pretty sure this is the answer the reason might be because all the others are in the shape of a circle or sphere but a stop sign is a hexagon or a octagon
  86. Math 7 Help!

    1. Negative integer is always less than postive 2. correct 3. im not sure srry i hope this helps and that someone else helps you understand number 3
  87. math

    basically just one because 9 multiply by one is 9 out of 14 now if you try to do 2 then that is 2 multiply by 9 which is 18 that wont work so if you go any higher than one group it wont work. Hope that helps
  88. accelerated 7th grade Lang. Art

    Ooohhhh!! That makes sense. Thank you!!! :)
  89. accelerated 7th grade Lang. Art

    please fill in the blank please please there will be a list of words below 1) We need large sums of money tp keep our school system going, but we are getting only a(n)__________________ if funds from the state. List: alight barren disrupt dynasty germinate hurtle interminable ...
  90. MATH

    try to get the x by itself convert -4 to positve 4 so x = 300 + 4 wats 300 plus 4?
  91. 7th grade science

    thank you!! it helped me alot :)
  92. 7th grade science

    what are two ways a population may decrease in number? Explain the difference between direct and indirect observation in regard to determining population size. Please help!!! Thank you!!
  93. 7th grade science

    oh thank you!!! :)
  94. 7th grade science

    what are two ways a population may increase in number? what is the main way? Please help!!! Thank you!!!
  95. to Ms. Sue

    I would like to thank you Ms. Sue I am starting to understand Distributive property more now. I didn't really understand was because the subsitute didn't really explain it that well. So thank you!!!! :-) :)
  96. 8th grade math

    oh ok i get it now. thank you!!
  97. 8th grade math

    oh i get that now. thank you!
  98. 8th grade math

    ooohhh ok so the second problem would be -36x + 72 + 2x right?
  99. 8th grade math

    and for the third problem is it this i will do it in the steps: 4( 1+9x) 4(1)+ 4(9x) 4 + 36x is this correct?
  100. 8th grade math

    yeah i did ask my teacher if i could go back to regular math but then she decided that she will decide on my quiz score and i got a good grade
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