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  1. math

    what is 18% of 75?
  2. Math connexus

    I'm sorry to say this but Ms. Sue is right you should not cheat at your work because I us to and they found out and held me back so do not do what I did.
  3. Math

    A group of teachers and pupils attended a concert. The teachers paid $1200 altogether and the pupils paid $640 altogether for their tickets. The price of an adult ticket was $60 and there were 4 more female teachers than male teachers. How many male teachers were there in the ...
  4. Math

    I Can Multiply The Number Of_______In A Polygon By________To Find The Sum Of Its Interior Angles
  5. Chemistry

    please explain how to do it I have no idea where to start! Thank You If you burn 30.2 g of hydrogen and produce 2.70 × 102 g of water, how much oxygen reacted?
  6. Chemistry

    Convert 4.39 × 10-3 m to the equivalent length in nanometers. please explain how to do it I have no idea where to start! Thank You
  7. Math

    Which percent is equivalent to 1 1/4?
  8. socail Studies

    So what is the answer?
  9. Physics

    Can acceleration of object have a negative quantity ?
  10. Physics

    Calculate the velocity of a 6kg riffle that shoots a 0.025kg bullet at a speed of 615m/s.
  11. Physics

    Two vectors have a magnitude of 2.5km and 6.5km . Predict the maximum and minimum magnitude of their resultant vector
  12. Physics

    A snooker ball with a mass of 0.3kg moving at 2.5m/s collides with another ball of 0.2kg mass and moving in the same direction with a speed of 1.20m/s . Assuming the collision is elastic, calculate the speed and direction of each ball after collision.
  13. Physics

    A ball is thrown horizontally at 18m/s from the roof of a building lands 28metre from the base of the building. Calculate the height of the building.
  14. Physics

    vector A is 5.5cm and points 60°above the positive x-axis. Vector B is 6.5cm and points along thr negative x-axis. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the resultant of these two vectors.
  15. Physics

    A bullet is fired horizontally and penetrates into a block of wood. The block and bullet then move together after impact. Explain the total linear momentum and total kinetic energy of the system before and after the collision
  16. Physics

    A ball of mass 1.20kg falls vertically and hits a horizontal floor at 2.50m/s . The ball then rebounds upward at 10.00m/s . If the ball is in contact with the floor for 0.02 seconds, compute the average force exerted on the floor.
  17. Physics

    A projectile is shot horizontally at 34.5m/s from the edge of a 55.0metre building . Determine the height of the projectile from the ground after 2.0seconds .
  18. English

    In the story "The Lemon Tree Billiards House" Is the narrator trustworthy? Can we believe his story? Explain.
  19. English

    From the story "The Lemon Tree Billiards House", provide 2 examples of a humorous tone and explain why/how this is funny.
  20. Art

    Hey is right I just took it and got a 5/5 Thanks Hey You are my new friend.
  21. Art

    The answer are 1) D 2) B 3) C 4) E 5) A
  22. Math

    Thank you so much So My equation would be: 500/180+x= 400/180-x And the answer that I get is: 20km/h. Is at correct?
  23. Math

    I'm not sure what you did. What is VA and VW?
  24. Math

    an airplane travels 500 km with the wind in the same time that it takes the airplane to travel 400 km against the wind. the average speed of the plane in still air is 180 km/h. what is the average speed of the wind? Airplane with wind: Distance: 500km Speed: 180+x Time: ...
  25. Chemistry! urgent

    what volume of gas at 40°C and 1.50 atm is necessary to react with 300 L of hydrogen gas measured at the same conditions? 2H2 (g) + O2 (g) --> 2H20 (g) 1.50 atm= 151.KPa How would I solve this? Because I can't use: PV = nRT I have pressure, temperature, r. There'...
  26. Science

  27. Algebra

  28. Algebra

    So what is the answer because I don't understand
  29. Math,Calculus

    The function’s value will always be greater than or equal to the local linear approximation of a function f if, for all x in an interval containing the point of tangency a. f’’>0 B. F’’<0 C.f’>0 D.f’<0
  30. Chemistry

    Okay thank you
  31. Chemistry

    Okay thank you
  32. Chemistry

    I'm not really sure how to do this. I've tried many ways and I can't get the right answer of 0.0569 mol/L H3PO4 100.0 mL of a solution containing 2.55g of potassium hydroxide is mixed with 100.0 mL of a 1.50 mol/L phosphoric acid solution. Will the resulting ...
  33. Chemistry

    Why are the hydrogen bonds of a certain molecule weaker in solution (with water as a solvent) than in a vacuum? I'm supposed to have three reasons, and so far all I can come up with is that the water lowers the activation energy required to form the bond and that the ...
  34. Chemistry 20

    Okay thank you so much. And yup you're right, methyl red is red is the only possible indicator. And yup that makes sense!
  35. Chemistry 20

    which of the following indicators would show an intermediate endpoint of color of orange: bromocresol green, methyl red, phenolphthalein or methyl violet? No clue how to do this. And what does it mean to show an intermediate endpoint. Please help
  36. Chemistry

    I've been given a table with the following information: Br-Br bonding energy (298 K): 192.807 kJ/mol Br2 vaporization energy: 30.91 kJ/mol boiling point of bromine: 332 K The question reads, "A chemist heats liquid bromine to 335K, and a gas forms. Is the change that ...
  37. English

    I'm writing a critical essay.and when we do say, mean and matter for our quote, the matter is outside of the text. So my thesis needs to be general but regarding to Macbeth's responses.
  38. English

    I'm writing a critical essay.and when we do say, mean and matter for our quote, the matter is outside of the text. So my thesis needs to be general but regarding to Macbeth's responses.
  39. English

    I need help doing a thesis for Macbeth by Shakespeare. I'm focusing on the character Macbeth and my theme is ambition. Intially: -He is shown as a loyal soldier who is kind (fill with the mill of human kindness) -He gets startled when the witches tell him his 3 prophecies...
  40. Physics

    It should be velocity, but if the question is assuming that direction doesn't matter, then the answer is probably speed. Displacement would be the area under the curve of a velocity vs time graph.
  41. Chemistry

    Just to make sure I'm on the right track here, is it correct to say that larger molecules have a higher heat of vaporization/condensation than smaller molecules? I figure that since larger molecules have stronger dispersion forces, it takes more energy for them to break ...
  42. Chemistry

    You'll want the overall charge of the compounds to be 0. For A, how can you balance +2 and -3 to make an overall charge of 0? For B, do you know how to find the charge of copper (II)? (Hint: it is in the name.)
  43. Science

    We know there are about 6.02 x 10^23 atoms in a mole, so convert the grams to moles and then multiply by Avogadro's number to find the number of atoms.
  44. Chemistry - Liquid Methane?

    "The planets Uranus and Neptune are so far from the Sun that temperatures are low enough for atmospheric methane, CH4, to condense and form clouds. How is it possible for methane, a nonpolar substance, to exist in this liquid state?" I want to say it's because ...
  45. Chemistry

    The question on one of my assignments says, "Explain why a thick layer of ice on the lake can support the weight of a person, but the liquid water cannot." I would assume it's because solids are solid and liquids are liquid, but I feel like they want a more ...
  46. Math

    A brick patio has the approximate shape of a trapezoid. The patio has 16 rows of bricks. The first row has a = 13 bricks and the 16th row has b = 28 bricks. How many bricks are in the patio?
  47. Math

    Going to bake 100 cookies. If 3 cups of flour will make 20 cookies. How much is needed for 100
  48. Math

    Never mind I got it
  49. Math

    I know that lmao I'm just looking for some help
  50. Math

    Explain It Use your design and analysis to write a website posting describing the process readers can use to make a string of pennant flags using any length string and any size square. Your posting should include the following: ? step-by-step instructions ? a formula that can ...
  51. math

    A credit card had an APR of 23.51% all of last year and compounded interest daily. What was the credit card's effective interest rate(EIR) last year? Show your work.
  52. math

    thank you
  53. math

    so in a rhombus all sides are equal ?
  54. math

    a property of rhombi that is not a property of parallelograms
  55. math

    so the answer is 9,4?
  56. math

    M(1, 7) is the midpoint of PQ¯¯¯¯¯ . The coordinates of point P are (?8, 3) . What are the coordinates of point Q?
  57. math

  58. math

    i know that this deals with the midpoint formula and stuff like that
  59. math

    please help im really struggling Point A is located at (2, 6) and point B is located at (18, 12). What point partitions the directed line segment ? AB¯¯¯¯¯ ? into a 2:3 ratio?
  60. History

    does modern day war coverage present the same opportunity to present an interpretation of event that this artist illustration did of conflict in sudan ?why or why not?
  61. math

    an ostrich at the zoo that is 140 pounds. how many ounces does the ostrich weigh?
  62. math

    If I have a line of best fit, y = -3.0681x + 287.7095 is -3.0681 the slope? And is 387.7095 the y-intercept? And what exactly does that y-intercept mean? That's where that line crosses the y-axis?
  63. algerbra

    p=2L + 2w find L when P=24 and W=4
  64. Spanish

    Would someone be able to help me translate this into English? I'm not sure it makes sense. Tan bomba vas a ser? De donde ss Thanks in advance.
  65. reading

    Please help me
  66. Social Studies

    Why did Japan need to rebuild its economy following World War 2
  67. math

    I just want to check to make sure I am correct -- my equation is y = -x^2 + 90x - 800 If x = 100, -x^2 would be 10,000, not -10,000? Because -100 x -100 is 10,000, not -10,000 --- my calculator keeps giving me a negative number. So my overall number is 18,200
  68. Social Studies

    Yeah, you are right, you probably dont trust me, but I promise I am telling the truth. Just try it and you'll see.
  69. Math

  70. English

    Really? I dont.can I get a link that shows how to format it?
  71. English

    Yes. We are allowed to write a narrative story
  72. English

    I'm supposed to be doing it on the short story pauls case. But it's supposed to be a personal response so I wanted to write a short story
  73. English

    What do these texts suggest to you about ways in which individuals pursue or compromise their happiness? Can I please get a thesis? Like a general one without including the texts. I'm having trouble figuring it out.
  74. social studies

    So it is A?
  75. algebra

    a bathtub in your home has a drain that leaks. When you fill you bathtub with 30 gallons of water you notice that after every 5 minutes you only have 20 gallons remaining, so the drain is leaking 2 gallons every minute which represents slope. what is the linear equation of the...
  76. social studies

    Whats the answer?
  77. chemistry

    Most top-loading balances used in this experiment measure a mass only to the nearest mg(+_0.001g).? This significantly affects the calculation of R in this experiment. Explain why this is so. How might the procedure be modified to compensate for this systematic error?
  78. chemistry

    What would be the effect on the calculated value of R of each of the following experimental errors? Explain each answer. a. the liquid level in the eudiometer tube is lower than that in the beaker, but this is not taken into consideration in the calculations. b. the balance ...
  79. Trigonometry

    And if I choose 4 as the radi. Then would it be: sin (315°)= y/4 4 sin (315°)= -2.8284 So that is the y value. Cos (315°) = x/4 4 cos (315°) = 2.8284 So that is the x value ?
  80. Trigonometry

    I'm having trouble doing trigonometry. Determine the possible coordinates of a terminal point for each angle in standard position. A) 315° I have no clue how to do this. Please explain and show me the work so I can do the rest of the questions myself
  81. Algebra

    What happens to the mean of a set of data if you add a constant value to each data piece?
  82. Chemistry

    So my answer is right?
  83. Chemistry

    Determine the molar concentration of sodium oxide if 3.91g of solid was added to 525mL of solution. I am not typing my entire work in but I calculated these values: V=525 ml= 0.525L N= 0.0603084866 Would it be 0.120 mol/L
  84. Science disscussion

    Really? I have been waiting all this time for this?
  85. Science disscussion

    What form of pollution, if any, does each energy source cause How does the economy influence energy source choices How does location influence energy source choices
  86. Math

    An archer shoots an row into the air such that it's height at any time, t, is given by the function h (t)= -16t^2+kt+3. If the maximum height of the arrow occurs at time t=4, what is the value of k? A) 128 B) 64 C) 8 D)4 What I did: H (t)= -16t^2+kt+3 4= -16 (4)^2+ k(4)+3 ...
  87. literature

    what method does jerry use to lie underwater on the sea floor? a. he wears swimming goggles b.he dives holding on to a big rock c.he dives past the older boys d.he counts to 115 Is it b? PLEASE HELPPP QUICK
  88. Chemistry

    Would it be SO4 2-
  89. Chemistry

    you are given two unlabelled colorless solutions: AgNO3(aq) and Ca(NO3)2. A)Which ion when added to each unlabelled solution would produce a precipitate with the calcium and silver ions? No clue what this question is asking. Can I get help?
  90. Math

    A ball is thrown from a cliff. This is modeled by the eqn h=-5t^2 +5t+210 How long does it take the ball to reach a height of 60m? I don't understand how to find this, please help.
  91. Math

    Describe the following transformations on y=x^2: y=-4(2x+10)^2 -7
  92. Math

    The population of a town is modelled by P=-0.1x^2+1.2x+4.4 where x is the number of years since the year 2000, and y is the population in thousands. a) In the year 2005, what is the population? I used the equation, put x=5 and I got 7900 as the population. b) In the year ...
  93. Functions

    Describe the following transformations on y=x^2: y=-4(2x+10)^2-7 I really don’t understand transformations, please help
  94. Math

    Round 6784 to the nearest thousand, hundred and ten
  95. Math

    A basketball is tossed from the top of a 3m wall. The path of the basketball is defined by the relation y=-x^2+2x+3 where x represent the horizontal distance travelled, in metres, and y represents the height, in metres, above the ground. A) How far has the basketball travelled...
  96. Math

    Two factory plants are making TV panels. Yesterday, Plant A produced 9000 panels. Ten percent of the panels from Plant A and 3% of the panels from Plant B were defective. How many panels did Plant B produce, if the overall percentage of defective panels from the two plants was...

    What are the steps for using a compass and straightedge to construct a square?
  98. Computer Science

    You want to buy a new car, and you are thinking about two alternatives, car A and car B. You like both cars, and you are considering keeping whichever one you buy for many years to come. As a result, you want to evaluate the total cost of ownership of both cars over many years...
  99. Computer Science

    You want to buy a new car, and you are thinking about two alternatives, car A and car B. You like both cars, and you are considering keeping whichever one you buy for many years to come. As a result, you want to evaluate the total cost of ownership of both cars over many years...
  100. Chemistry

    For potential and kinetic energy when it comes to phase change, do the temperatures remain constant in one of them? I forgot which one it was. Can you help?
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