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  1. Physics

    Three point charges lie in a straight line along the y-axis. A charge of q1 = -9.10 µC is at y = 6.70 m, and a charge of q2 = -7.70 µC is at y = -3.60 m. The net electric force on the third point charge is zero. Where is this charge located?
  2. English

  3. English

    Which sentence is punctuated correctly? A. Milton wrote many prose works, but is more famous for poetry. B. In a sequence of sonnets dedicated to his wife Edmund Spenser traced their courtship. C. Sonnets were new to England, when Sir Philip Sidney wrote them. D. When ...
  4. English

    Which choice would supply the strongest, most logical support for this claim? Lakeside Manor is a wonderful new community on Lake Winchester. A. After just a few hours, you will know you want to move there. B. There is ample parking for all residents and for guests. C. ...
  5. English

    It's B
  6. English

  7. English

    Read this passage from Donne’s “Meditation 17.” Then, answer the question that follows. No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a ...
  8. English

    Thank you
  9. English

    Which clause in this sentence is used as an adjective? When Beowulf arrived, the Danes welcomed him, for they desperately needed someone who could stop Grendel. A. When Beowulf arrived B. the Danes welcomed him C. they desperately needed someone D. who could stop Grendel D ??
  10. Physics

    Suppose 2100 J of heat are added to 3.3 mol of argon gas at a constant pressure of 120 kPa. (Assume that the argon can be treated as an ideal monatomic gas.) A) Find the change in internal energy. B) Find the change in temperature for this gas. C)Calculate the change in volume...
  11. physics

    Did you get an answer for this one? Could need one too.
  12. Accounting

    Chef Gourmet, Inc., has assembled the following data pertaining to its two most popular products. Blender Food Processor Direct material $ 21 $ 30 Direct labor 14 42 Manufacturing overhead @ $52 per machine hour 52 104 Cost if purchased from an outside supplier 71 140 Annual ...
  13. chemistry

    Sorry I should haved deleted the percent sign. I know you drop it and add the decimal. I got 1.25
  14. Science

    Light waves strike a lamp shade. What property of light is demonstrated? A.diffuse reflection B.diffraction c.refraction D.regular reflection I think the answer is C but im not sure Please help
  15. English

    C use a dictionary
  16. chemistry

    How many grams of MgCl2 is needed to make 1200ml of a .25M solution? .25M/L* 1200mL/1* 1L/1000mL* 95.211:-/ mol I got 28.563g
  17. chemistry

    I got it now thanks guys :)
  18. chemistry

    I have to do the problem in this form. 12.5gNaOH/mol * ??/40.0NaOH * 625ml/ 1 * 1L/ 1000mL Where am I messing uo
  19. chemistry

    What is the molarity of a solution 12.5 naoh dissolved in total volume of 625ml? NaOH = 12.5/molar mass of NaOH = 12.5/39.99 = 0.313 molarity = no.of moles/volume in L = 0.313/0.625 = 0.501 moles/L
  20. chemistry

    15.87 g of KBr is dissolved in 125.0ml of water. What is the % w/o 15.87/125.0 * 100 = 13%
  21. chemistry

    What is the % of a solution containing 18.0g of NaCl in 65 ml of water 18.0/65 * 100 = 27% Right? Wrong?
  22. Drama

    In act 1 scene 2 of a christmas carol scrooge and marley, why does scrooge object to people enjoying christmas?
  23. History

    As a result of the Industrial Revolution, British and French financiers built up enormous reserves of capital. Seeking to earn high rates of return on their investments, they helped to finance all of the following except: (choose one) a. The Suez Canal in Egypt, which ...
  24. Math

    I believe that you are correct
  25. Math

    How do you want us to help?
  26. Civics

    THank you :D
  27. Civics

    Ok. Does anyone know?
  28. Civics

    A citizen who registers with the Republican party must vote for Republican candidates identifies with Republican ideas can vote in any party’s primary can never change his or her affiliation C??
  29. english

    a performance with lots of emotion and events
  30. english

    The only other answer choice I can come up with is B...
  31. english

    Which of the following is the best definition of a drama? a. a story with props b. a story with a happy ending c. a story written to be preformed by actors d. a story in which the main character eventually fails I think it's D, can anyone check me? Thanks ;)
  32. Physics

    1kg of an unknown metal at 94 degrees C is placed in 100g of water at 10 degrees C. The final temperature of the metal and water are 17 degrees C. By finding specific heat capacity, identify the metal
  33. LA

    Write a brief summary discussing the use of imagery in both "Grandma Ling" and "your little voice." Examine the ways in which each poem uses images to convey the emotions or attitudes of its speaker.
  34. LA

    Thank you Mrs. Sue.
  35. LA

    Why has each of these analogy poems become so famous? The poems are "The Road Not Taken" and "O Captain! My Captain"?
  36. math

    c = g + 94 The variable g represents the number of guests, and the variable c represents the cost in dollars. If there are 3 guests, how much will Jenna's retirement party cost?
  37. Science

    How can i start my argumentative essay based on fossil fuels?
  38. Science

    Thank you
  39. Science

    So people think we should use alternative resource right?
  40. Science

    Why do people debate on fossil fuels? Is it based on how its used? Thanks
  41. science

    Whoever those people are they need to learn how to be nice to children so the kid doesn't understand science doesn't mean you should treat him rudely.
  42. science

    Whoever that teacher is needs to learn how to be nice to children so the kid doesn't understand science doesn't mean you should treat him rudely.
  43. READ

    All students. Please do not post test or quiz answers to Jiskha. It is cheating and doesn't benefit you in any way. If you need help on homework or anything else, be sure to show your work and possible answers. Thanks :)
  44. Language Arts

    You guys do realize that everybody has different orders and quick checks. My answers were B B A A
  45. Language Arts

    Thanks :)
  46. Language Arts

    This is the definition of the Multi-Draft process: First Read: Read independently to unlock the basic meaning of the text. See Comprehension: Key Ideas and Details on p. 448. Second Read: Focus on analyzing key ideas and details and the craft and the structure of the text. See...
  47. Language Arts

    Ok. Thank you. I've been having some trouble. I'll upload it ASAP.
  48. Language Arts

    In the multi-draft reading process what does a reader look for in the third reading? *This is a question from Connexus, and I really need help D:
  49. Accounting

    Adelphia Corporation, which uses absorption costing, just completed its first year of operations. Planned and actual production equaled 13,000 units, and sales totaled 11,700 units at $184 per unit. Cost data for the year are as follows: Direct material (per unit) $ 37 ...
  50. math

    How much would it cost to drive 54.2 miles in a car that gets 16 miles per gallon and gasoline costs $2.31 per gallon?
  51. Accounting

    Adelphia Corporation, which uses absorption costing, just completed its first year of operations. Planned and actual production equaled 13,000 units, and sales totaled 11,700 units at $184 per unit. Cost data for the year are as follows: Direct material (per unit) $ 37 ...
  52. chemistry

    Convert 75.0 psi to atm My work: 75.0psi x 1 psi/14.7 atm =5.10 atm Not sure if this is set up right we are using dimensional analysis
  53. finite math

    Find the amount of an ordinary annuity for 5 years of quarterly payments of $2,200 that earn interest at 4% per year compounded quarterly.
  54. Please help asap science

    1. An electrical circuit consists of a battery with 2 cells,each with an EMF of 12 volts and an internal resistance of of 0.4 ohms,connected in parallel. An ammeter with an internal resistance of 0.15 ohms is connected in series with resistor Ra=2ohms and Rb=4ohms Calculate ...
  55. Socials

    Your links just take me to google?...
  56. Socials

    How does education affect population growth? How does limiting birth rate affect population growth?? Please give me some good ideas, I already have some but I need more because I have to write an essay so please give me as many ideas as u can :) very much appreciated :) thanks:)
  57. Physics

    Which of the following household electrical appliances has the greatest rate of energy consumption? ITEM VOLTAGE CURRENT A. Video Camera 6.0 V 1.6 A B. Radio 4.5 V 0. 45 A C. Cassette Recorder 6.0 V 2.2 A D. Ghetto Blaster 12 V 1. 4 A .
  58. Civics

    So for number 17 it possibly could be D right because I read the link and it mainly talked about the safety and importance of safe driving.
  59. Civics

    18.   In legislative terms, a bill is a proposal  A. made in the Senate. B. that has reached committee for debate. C. made in the House of Representatives. D. for any law.  D?       
  60. Civics

    17.   If you are charged with reckless driving, your case will most likely be presented to a  A. grand jury. B. court of general jurisdiction. C. criminal court. D. court of limited jurisdiction. D?        
  61. Civics

    Thanks Ms.Sue don't know how I could of done it with out you:)
  62. Civics to Ms.Sue

    Please check asap!
  63. Civics

    16.   Suppose you're studying the forms of city government. To do that, you visit the old cities of Boston, Massachusetts; New Haven, Connecticut; and Providence, Rhode Island. What form of city government were you most likely to find in these cities?  A.&...
  64. Civics

    15.   The _______ was developed during the presidency of Lyndon Johnson.  A. Rural Electrification Administration B. Peace Corps C. Works Progress Administration D. Upward Bound Project D?
  65. Civics

    14.   The Senate power of advice and consent does not apply to  A. ambassadors. B. executive orders. C. federal judges. D. the chief justice.  Is it B
  66. Civics

    13.   The Brady Bill is related to gun control, and the Wagner Act is related to  A. due process. B. organized labor. C. civil rights. D. the right to privacy.  B?
  67. Civics

    I did read my assignments for your info:(
  68. Civics

    My final answer is D. Gerald Ford because he became president upon the registration of Richard Nixon.
  69. Civics

    Why are you being mean this is a place where I can get help and I am trying all my best to get this study guide finished so I can have the right answers so I can study on right answers and not on wrong answers.
  70. Civics

    "Fillmore was the only "accidental president to remove the entire cabinet from office. (Secretary of State, Treasure, War etc.) Other vice president who became president due to a death of a president kept all of some of the cabinet." This is the quote I found ...
  71. Civics

    I meant to say advices.
  72. Civics

    I didn't ignore your advice ex i,took all this time doing searches on these people,please understand me.:)
  73. Civics

    I posted this question again because the thread was getting longer and I thought you wouldn't see my second guess. I'm so sorry I am just so worried I won't get this done in time:( Is it possible if you can check this one more time! Please!
  74. Civics

    I'm sorry Ms.Sue but I did as you told me I typed in all the peoples names and read each one of them and for my second choice I chose C?
  75. Civics

    12.   Which of the presidents listed below did not attain the presidency due to the death of a president?   A. John Tyler  B. Chester Arthur  C. Millard Fillmore  D. Gerald Ford   C?
  76. Civics to Ms.Sue

    Ms.Sue can you check my questions below I like when you check them and suggest what's best. I just need to finish this study guide so I can start studying on the right questions and not on the wrong ones.
  77. Civics

    Are 11 and 12 right for sure?
  78. Civics

    Hmm yeah
  79. Civics

    12.   Which of the presidents listed below did not attain the presidency due to the death of a president?  A. John Tyler B. Chester Arthur C. Millard Fillmore D. Gerald Ford  A?
  80. Civics

    11.   One factor determining the number of representatives for a given congressional district is the distribution of _______ within the state.  A. jobs B. population C. wealth D. registered voters my sister and me are thinking to go with B.&...
  81. Civics

    10.   In states, cities, and townships, traffic courts are courts of limited  A. appeal. B. jurisdiction. C. pleas. D. claims.  Sis and me thought it is jurisdiction. Are we correct?       
  82. Math

    Hope this helps:)
  83. Math

    For your first question you just needed to add all of your numbers and divide by how much numbers there are. 84÷7=12
  84. Math

    Mean=average Median=middle Mode=same or double numbers which in this case is 14. For your second question you first need to put your numbers in order from least to greatest and then chose the middle number which is 14. So your answer for your second question is D)14
  85. Math

    One is A.12
  86. Civics

    How about 8 I think it is B because I read the link and it said rarely that the vice president presides over the senate. But I am not so satisfied. My sister said just go with B.
  87. Civics

    "The commission form of city government is the oldest form of government in the U.S"
  88. Civics

    Ms.Sue you said that 9 is not A did you mean to say B,because that's the answer I had.
  89. Civics

    Is 9 A?
  90. Civics

    For 8 I found B but it said rarely. ???????????
  91. Civics

    9.   The oldest type of city government in America is the _______ form.  A. commission B. mayor-council C. council-manager D. city manager  B?
  92. Civics

    8.   In addition to replacing the president if necessary, it's the duty of the vice president to  A. serve as Speaker of the House. B. preside over the Senate. C. review laws before the president signs them. D. serve as liaison to the ...
  93. Civics

    My sister said it was D,but I don't know and am confused. Help!
  94. Civics

    7.   If you visit the Senate chamber during a session on an average day, you're most likely to find the session presided over by  A. a speaker for the house. B. the vice president of the United States. C. the majority leader. D. a ...
  95. Civics

    Oh sorry for the ? at the end.
  96. Civics

  97. Civics

    I just looked on that site.
  98. Civics

    "If the vice president cannot serve, the line of succession falls to the speaker of the House, then to the Senate president pro tempore, then to Cabinet members."
  99. Civics

    But what if there is no vice president?
  100. Civics

    6.   If both the president and the vice president are unable to fulfill their duties, who takes over as president?  A. President pro tempore of the Senate B. Attorney general C. Speaker of the House D. Secretary of state "In the case ...
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