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  1. civics

  2. civics

    What motivated the Founding fathers to include the phrase "to form a more perfect union" in the preamble of the U.S Constitution?
  3. civics

    I think its B

    A, B, B, B, B
  5. Physics

    A curling stone with a mass of 18 kg slides 38m across a sheet of ice in 8.0 s before it stops because of friction. What is the co¨efficient of kinetic friction between the ice and the stone? (Note: you will need to calculate the acceleration of the stone first.) I solved ...
  6. Physics

    An object initially at rest experiences an acceleration of 9.8 m/s^2. How much time will it take to achieve a velocity of 58 m/s?
  7. Chemistry! HELP

    A chemistry student used the symbol "sx" to represent an s orbital that lies along the x-axis. Is this reasonable. Justify your answer.
  8. Chemistry! HELP

    What information about an electron in an atom is given by the following quantum numbers? 2px+1/2 Answer? (idk if this is right) : An electron located in the p orbital in the 2nd main enrgy level would be said to be located in the 2p sublevel.
  9. physics

    A 214-kg crate rests on a surface that is inclined above the horizontal at an angle of 19.4°. A horizontal force (magnitude = 541 N and parallel to the ground, not the incline) is required to start the crate moving down the incline. What is the coefficient of static ...
  10. Reading

    Did you find the answer to the question yet?
  11. Science

    If you guys are still looking for answers if you go to part on of the question there is a link that you use to find the answer.I hope this helped :)
  12. Science

    FYI I am not plagiarizing because all the credit is given to the people who made it |-/
  13. Science

    If you guys are still looking for answers if you go to part 1 of the question there is a link that you use to find the answer.I hope this helped :) Because collisions between large planetesimals release a lot of heat, the Earth and other planets would have been molten. (Brian ...
  14. Math

    Look at the orange mama laid
  15. Pre-calculus

    Thanks, Ms.Sue! You are amazing!
  16. Pre-calculus

    I have (x,y,z)=(-5a-15,-a-5,a)
  17. Pre-calculus

    Solve the system of linear equations and check any solutions algebraically. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION. If the system is dependent, express x, y, and z in terms of the parameter a.) x-3y+2z=21 5x-13y+12z=81 I have an answer but i'm not sure if it's ...
  18. physics

    The drawing shows four point charges. The value of q is 1.4 μC, and the distance d is 0.86 m. Find the total potential at the location P. Assume that the potential of a point charge is zero at infinity
  19. English

    I'm just looking for some ideas for an essay on a Tale of Two Cities.... it can be anything related to the book... and I'm not asking you to do my schoolwork for me... I can develop the thesis and points but I just need some ideas... this is for a 4u course and I ...
  20. Chemistry

    doesnt the concentration come into play some how?
  21. Chemistry

    When 22.3 mL of 1.00 M AgNO3 is mixed with 21.7 mL of 1.50 M NaCl, the temperature of the mixture rises for 21.6 degrees C to 29.7 degrees C. The mass of the aqueous mixture is 45.9 grams and its specific heat capacity is 3.94 J/grams degrees C. I calculated (45.9g)x (3.94J/g ...
  22. College Algebra

    A train leaves New York for Boston, 200 miles away, at 3:00 P.M. and averages 70 mph. Another train leaves Boston for New York on an adjacent set of tracks at 4:00 P.M. and averages 55 mph. At what time will the trains meet? (Round to the nearest minute.)
  23. Science

    A hypothetical element has two main isotopes with mass numbers of 56 and 59. If 61.00% of the isotopes have a mass number of 56 amu, what atomic weight should be listed on the periodic table for this element?
  24. functions and trig

    write the transformation of X cubed if it is shifted right four units and then reflected over the X axis
  25. Pre-calculus

  26. Pre-calculus

    Complete the table assuming continuously compounded interest. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) Initial Investment: Annual % Rate: Time to Double: 8 yr Amount After 10 Years: $1700 I don't understand how to get in the initial investment of annual % rate given ...
  27. Algebra

    Determine a polynomial function of degree 3 with real coefficients whose zeros are ƒ{2, 1+i .
  28. Chemistry

    yes I need to find delta H. I calculated (45.9g)x (3.94J/g Celsius) x (8.1 Celsius), which came out to 1464.8526 Joules. How do I use this into solving for Delta H?
  29. Chemistry

    When 22.3 mL of 1.00 M AgNO3 is mixed with 21.7 mL of 1.50 M NaCl, the temperature of the mixture rises for 21.6 degrees C to 29.7 degrees C. The mass of the aqueous mixture is 45.9 grams and its specific heat capacity is 3.94 J/grams degrees C
  30. Biology

    In phylogenetics, we use the terms monophyletic, polyphyletic, and paraphyletic. What do each of these terms mean? How might the concept of shared, derived traits fit with these terms? I know what each of the terms mean. I am not sure about the second question.
  31. science

    Cutie was 100% correct. Thank you:)
  32. Biology

    What are the three conditions that must be met for natural selection to occur? What should happen if those three conditions are met? Define each type of natural selection, and describe what you expect to happen over time if these types of natural selection occur. Do these ...
  33. Biology

    Why is the Hardy-Weinberg Theorem useful for studying evolutionary change? What are the assumptions of this model? How does it work (in other words, describe the procedure which is used and how you figure out genotype frequencies)?
  34. Science

    I think 7 is b
  35. Science

    I need help with this too :/
  36. Algebra

    A 52 in. board is cut into two pieces. One piece is three times the length of the other. Find the length of the other piece.
  37. Physics

    A ball of mass 0.6 kg, initially at rest, is kicked directly toward a fence from a point 20 m away. The velocity of the ball as it leaves the kicker's foot is 17 m/s at angle of 45 degrees above the horizontal. The top of the fence is 6m high. The ball hits nothing while ...
  38. Chemistry

    I figured out I went wrong when calculating the moles of hydrogen. I used the molar mass of just one hydrogen since I was calculating the moles of one mole of hydrogen. I didn't know that I had to 2X the g/mol of hydrogen. Is there an explanation why this is?
  39. Chemistry

    Oh sorry, the question also gives this information:the 0.2041g of H2O were also produced.
  40. Chemistry

    A 0.1592g sample of a hydrocarbon upon combustion analysis produces 0.5008g CO2. Its molar mass is found in another experiment to be 70g mol. Determine the empirical formula, and its molecular formula. I completely messed up this question, and I don't know where I wen'...
  41. World History

    Thanks Reed :)
  42. World History

    I have to write a paper about the the similarities and differences of Ancient China and Persia. Anyone know any good websites I could use for research?
  43. Algebra

    A luxury car rental company charges $150 per day in addition to a flat fee of $50 for insurance. Write an equation that represents the cost, f(x), (in dollars) to rent the car for x days. This equation should be in slope-intercept form.
  44. algebra

    solve the system using elimination 2x-5y=8 x-3y=-1 please explian step by step
  45. Chemistry

    4.760 g of a substance (containing only C, H, and O) is burned in a combustion analysis apparatus. The mass of CO2 produced is 1.276×101 g, and the mass of H2O produced is 3.134 g. What is the empirical formula of the compound? I keep getting CH5O2, which is incorrect!
  46. Calculus

    Let u=f(r) and r=|x|=((x1)^2 +···|(xn)^2)^1/2. Show that􏰀 ∑ (∂u/∂xj)^2 = (f′(r))^2 Please help! it's an assignment due tomorrow
  47. Chemistry

    Q: 26.30mL of 0.1105 mol/L H3PO4 solution is neutralized by 139.50 mL of KOH. Calculate the mass of solid KOH required to prepare 500.0 mL of this solution. In the previous part of this question, it asked the concentration of KOH and I worked it out to be concentration of KOH ...
  48. Physics

    An incline is divided into 6 equal lengths. Starting from rest a ball accelerates down the incline. It takes 0.21 seconds to reach the first tape marker, a distance of 0.15 meter.
  49. Physics

    A student drops a rock from a bridge to the water 12.0 meters below. With what speed does the rock hit the water?
  50. phyics

    A car takes 11 s to go from v=0m/s to v = 22 m/s at constant acceleration. If you wish to find the distance traveled using the equation d=1/2at2, what value should you use for a? Express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units. please help me ...
  51. phyics

    A dart leaves the barrel of a blowgun at a speed v. The length of the blowgun barrel is L. Assume that the acceleration of the dart in the barrel is uniform. a) Show that the dart moves inside the barrel for a time of 2L/v Express your answer in terms of the variables L and v...
  52. Physics

    Two hikers are climbing up a mountain and one throws a first aid kit up to another at an initial velocity of 11 m/s and at an angle of 62 deg above the horizontal. At the moment it is caught, the vertical speed is zero. What is the difference in height between the two climbers...
  53. math

    So take 1 2/5 and convert it into an improper fraction. Then multiply your improper fraction by 1/5 to see how much the second garden will need. Finally add the two numbers together
  54. History

    Imagine that you are Thomas Jefferson. You receive a letter from someone living in the colonies who does not understand what natural rights are, or how the King of England has violated them. Help please and thank you!
  55. History

    Life, Liberty and Pursit of happiness?!?
  56. History

    Yeah. But how would I put this in a sentence?
  57. History

    According to the Declaration of Independence, what are the three natural rights that are guaranteed to people? Can you help me with this question?
  58. History

    To be honset. I don't understand what those mean
  59. History

    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
  60. History

    Natural rights are rights that cannot be taken away by a government.
  61. History

    Examples of natural rights in declaration of independence! Please Help
  62. math,

    A jeweler is heating a gold bar. It takes 7 joules of heat to raise the temperature of the bar 1°C. The initial temperature of the bar is 25°C. Use this information for Items 4–11. 4. Make a table that shows how many joules of heat would be required to raise the ...
  63. Grammar

    Is this correct grammar? Sarah has 6 oranges. Ted has 7 oranges. How many oranges do they have altogether?
  64. math

    A jeweler is heating a gold bar. It takes 7 joules of heat to raise the temperature of the bar 1°C. The initial temperature of the bar is 25°C. Use this information for Items 4–11. 4. Make a table that shows how many joules of heat would be required to raise the ...
  65. algebra

    A jeweler is heating a gold bar. It takes 7 joules of heat to raise the temperature of the bar 1°C. The initial temperature of the bar is 25°C. Use this information for Items 4–11. 4. Make a table that shows how many joules of heat would be required to raise the ...
  66. Chemistry

    The number of moles and the mass of oxygen formed by the decomposition of 1.252 g of mercury(II) oxide. I don't understand how to solve this, just want someone to explain. Thank you!
  67. english

    What public health issue starts the escalation of misery in top of the food chain?
  68. U.S history\

    so far I have this im not sure if this is right because im supposed to follow the outline The impact of the South Atlantic slave trade system on the British North American colonies was the way it affected the colony politically and economically. Politically the colony was ...
  69. U.S history\

    I have to make a thesis statment - Prompt: Analyze the Impact of the Atlantic System on the development of the British North American colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries. Reminder: X. However, A, B, C. Therefore, Y. Tips: X= least important cause or consequence with ...
  70. U.S history\

    how did the south atlantic slave trade not change north american colonies
  71. history

    X= least important cause or consequence with explanation why A,B, C = least important cause or consequence, with explanation why Y= your assertion statement can someone plz explain what the thesis formula means and how to use it my topic is Analyze the Impact of the Atlantic ...
  72. english

    What does frivolity mean in this sentence After a year of serious work, Mr. David's grade 8 class enjoyed the frivolity of a party.
  73. science

    Suppose you are hiking along a trail. Make a comparison between your displacement and your distance traveled. Check all that apply. -Your displacement must be less than your distance traveled. -Your displacement must be greater than your distance traveled. -Your displacement ...
  74. math - ms sue

    ms. sue i need your help
  75. math

    please help, it's urgent. thanks
  76. math

    sorry, another typo, 18y should be 18x
  77. math

    sorry ignore " Write the equations and find the point of intersection." in the problem.
  78. math

    Austin is creating a new trail mix by  combining two of his best­selling blends.  A   pineapple­coconut­macadamia (pcm) mix  that sells for $18/kg&...
  79. algebra

    A medical rescue helicopter is flying at an average speed of 172 miles per hour toward its base hospital. At 2:42 p.m., the helicopter is 80 miles from the hospital. Use this information for Items 4–6. 4. Which equation can be used to determine m, the number of minutes it...
  80. Math

    Lockers are numbered with consecutive positive integers beginning with 1, and the digit 2 is used exactly 106 times (including on the last locker). What is the number of the last locker?
  81. chemistry

    What is the mass of 225ml of a liquid that has a density of 0.880g/ml
  82. Physical science

    A 70-kg man and a 50-kg woman are in a 60-kg boat when its motor fails. The man dives into the water with a horizontal speed of 3m/s in order to swim ashore. If he changes his mind, can he swim back to the boat if his swimming speed is 1m/s? If not, can the woman change the ...
  83. Statistics

    A list of transactions contains 100 numbers: 60 gains and 40 losses. The gains are positive numbers and the the losses are negative numbers. The units are thousands of dollars. For the 60 gains, the average is 18 and the SD is 7.5. For the losses the average is -20 and the SD...
  84. Chemistry

    I'm having trouble with knowing the relations between quantum numbers n, l, m(sub l), and m(sub s). Could you please explain?
  85. U.S. History

    I have some more. According to those who supported U.S. expansion, what would be 3 benefits of U.S. imperialism?
  86. U.S. History

    Can someone help me answer this questions? Why did a totalitarian regime rise in Germany in the 1930s? Explain at least three factors that led many Germans to embrace a totalitarian regime.
  87. math

    the following are the probabilities of selecting iteams from a bag (candy: grape ?, cherry 3/8, apple 1/4). What is the probability of selecting grape?
  88. Algbrea

    sapphire island is open 7 days a week the park has 8 ticket booth and each booth has a ticket seller from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on average ticket sellers work 30 hours per week write an equation that can be used to find t the minimum number of ticket sellers the park needs
  89. history

    Ok thanks
  90. history

    I still I don't understand so did the Europeans perceive themselves as the only people who had good military and was above everyone else.
  91. history

    how did the Europeans perceive themselves in the world during the1450s through the 1700s
  92. math

    Chicken was on sale for $7.95 per pound. Laurie bought small package that weighed 0.8 pound. How much did Laurie pay for the chicken?
  93. Math Functions

    Find the inverse function of f(x)=5 + \sqrt[3]{x}. so f^-1(x) equals...? I'm not sure how to approach this problem.
  94. math

    how do you turn a $13.75 into an improper fraction
  95. Chemistry

    You have 75.0 mL of a 2.50 M solution of Na2CrO4 (aq). You also have 125 mL of a 2.15 M solution of AgNO3 (aq). Calculate the concentration of NO3 when the two solutions are added together.
  96. Math

    No, I don't. I just didn't think you should subtract the 1/4 from the first 6 months.
  97. Math

    When Bruce started bowling, he won 1/4 of the games he played. Within six months, he was winning 7/16 of his games. If he improves at the same rate, what fraction of his games should he expect to win after another six months? I subtracted the 1/4 from 7/16 and came up with 3/...
  98. The Chemistry of Life Quiz // Just Answers please

    thank you rezzzz!
  99. physics

    A helicopter flies over the arctic ice pack at a constant altitude, towing an airborne 99-kg laser sensor which measures the thickness of the ice (see the drawing). The helicopter and the sensor move only in the horizontal direction and have a horizontal acceleration of ...
  100. physics

    A 14.4-kg sled is being pulled across a horizontal surface at a constant velocity. The pulling force has a magnitude of 66.9 N and is directed at an angle of 32 ° above the horizontal. Determine the coefficient of kinetic friction
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