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  1. science

    Five lines in the H atom spectrum have the following wavelengths in Ǻ: a). 1212.7, b). 4340.5, c). 4861.3 d). 6562.8 and e). 10938. Three lines result from transitions to the nf = 2. The other two result from transitions in different series, one with nf = 1, and the other...
  2. Physics

    Light travels in a line of optical fiber by total internal reflection between a core of refractive index 1.48 and a cladding 1.46 refractive index. The critical angle for total internal reflection to occur inside the core of the fiber is ... 80.6º 48.8º 43.2º ...
  3. Physics

    The refractive index of a medium changes with the wavelength of incident light. Typically, the shorter the wavelength the larger the refractive index. Fused quartz has a refractive index of 1.47 for indigo light of 400 nm in wavelength, and a refractive index of 1.46 for green...
  4. physics

    if a clown lets go of a rope that has an object attached to it traveling in a circular motion, what will happen to the object
  5. English

    Is there a website that you can type in a sentence and it will give you the parts of speech of that sentance?
  6. Intro to algebra

    2 + 5(x - 9) = -18 what does X equal?
  7. Language arts

    Ship is to trip as shout is to trout..

    Part B. Each auditorium has both floor seats and balcony seats. Auditorium A has 250 floor seats and 310 balcony seats and Auditorium B has 195 floor seats and 410 balcony seats. Let f represent the cost of a floor seat and b represent the cost of a balcony seat. If you let R...

    Answer the questions below. Use Equation Editor when writing or solving mathematical expressions or equations. First, save this file to your hard drive by selecting SAVE AS from the File menu. Click the white space below each question to maintain proper formatting. Part A. A ...

    Can anyone explain this in 50 words why the equation turns out like it does? -6x-18=-6x+5 0x=23 and can not have zero in the denominator. Division by zero is undefined. 15x+18=15x+18 0x=0 Well, if you take anything times zero the resulting product is zero.

    please help me explain this in 50 words.. Explain why the equation -6(x + 3) = -6x + 5 has no solution and 7x +18 + 8x = 8(x + 4) + 7x – 14 has infinitely many solutions.

    Can anyone help me I need to explain this problem in 50 words. Explain why the equation -6(x + 3) = -6x + 5 has no solution and 7x +18 + 8x = 8(x + 4) + 7x – 14 has infinitely many solutions.

    Beagleboy how do I explain that in 50 words? Post your 50-word response to the following: Explain why the equation -6(x + 3) = -6x + 5 has no solution and 7x +18 + 8x = 8(x + 4) + 7x – 14 has infinitely many solutions.

    How do I explain this in 50 words I don't even know how the answer was done?

    Post your 50-word response to the following: Explain why the equation -6(x + 3) = -6x + 5 has no solution and 7x +18 + 8x = 8(x + 4) + 7x – 14 has infinitely many solutions.
  16. Chemistry

    An alpha particle (mass 6.6 x 10^-24 grams) emitted by radium travels at 3.4 x 10^7 plus or minus 0.1 x 10^7 mi/h. (a) What is its de Broglie wavelength (in meters)? (b) Whats uncertainty in its position? for part a I got -3.41 x 10^6 meters which said it was wrong and I don&#...
  17. Chemistry

    im almost done with my hw just last six i don't get, i need the molecular, total ionic, and net ionic equations please Aqueous solutions of potassium phosphate and calcium nitrate are mixed .Aqueous solutions of barium chloride and sodium sulfate are mixed. Magnesium is ...
  18. english

    What is the when or were for the adverb out in this sentence. Women brought out gardening tools and baskets.
  19. Physics

    You watch a distant woman driving nails into her front porch at a regular rate of 1 stroke per second. You hear the sound of the blows exactly synchronized with the blows you see. And then you hear 1 more blows after you see her stop hammering. How far away is she
  20. Algebra1

    If 365 = 5m + 5, value m
  21. 4th grade math

    nick had 1 and 3/4 gallon of milk how many pints of milk does nick have hint there are 8 pints in 1 gallon
  22. 4th grade

    Write 3 different improper fractions that equal 4 and 2/3
  23. social studies

    The relationship between the environment people live in and their culture is that when you see the environment of a person’s house their food and other surfaces of their house you will automatically know their culture or some thing related to it. Im not sure but is this ...
  24. social studies

    what is the relationship between the environment people live in and their culture?
  25. Social studies

    what is the relationship between the environment people live in and their culture?
  26. social studies

    your town or city is oing to have a culture fair. the fair will introduce people to new cultures. it will also introduce people to new cultures. it will also introduce people to diffferent culures within the United States. write a public service message for a local radio ...
  27. Social Studies

    Why do you think people in one culture someimes do not understand people in anoher?
  28. Social Studies

    Why is no culture exactly like any other culture?
  29. Algebra

    Dear troubled students, Well to be gramatically correct the smaller ones take less time to make. The smaller ones also consist less material so the prise is less to make one. I have always known it to be better to but the smaller ones even though it dosen't seam as big. If...
  30. health

    Are calories good for health? Why or why not. Thanks Alot!
  31. Math

    Is 5+98+45+798-654=56
  32. school

    Is there any specialized high school for either girls only or girls and boys separate?
  33. school

    Is there any specialized high school for either girls only or girls and boys separate?
  34. school

    Hi. My name is Samantha. I'm in the 8th grade. Lots of people have been talking to me abou specialized high school. Can you please give me some information on specialized high school(I mean like what are the good and bad things obout specialized high school)? And can you ...
  35. religions

    im having to write a paper considering the interrelatedness of everything in cosmos as expressed in many indigenous religions. Then explain the importance of those relationships developed and what spiritual purpose they serve for indigenous people. please help!
  36. Math-Distributive Property

    Use the distributive property to simplify: 3(m-1)-(2m+1)How would you do this? This is all I have 3m-1-2m+1 I don't know if that right or what to do from there. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  37. trig/algebra

    if p is a multiple of 3 and q is a multiple of 5 which of the following is true?
  38. math

    Which fraction would fit between the two fractions in the garden below?
  39. social studies

    What is the language of Venezeuala
  40. social studies

    What is the ancestry of Venezuela
  41. Math

    How would these numbers be represented on a number line. 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 4/3, 5/3
  42. 5th grade math

    How do you do letter equations? "Each letter in the equation below represents a different digit from the set (1, 3, 4, 7, 8). find the value of each letter to make the equation true. Each letter must represent only one number throughout the entire problem." A D D + M...
  43. us history

    What was the Allied strategy in the Pacific Theater during World War Two
  44. math

    If cosx=sqrt{3}/2 and −pi/2<=x<=0 then the exact value of x, in radians
  45. History

    I know John Bell was opposed to expanding slavery to Western territories, but how did he feel about the fugitive slave law since he owned slaves himself?
  46. Cultral Diversity

    I am doing a project for my cultral diversity class and I am having a hard time finding the answers to the following questions: I am doing my project over Chinese Americans. 1. •Identify and describe which, if any, of these creation and consequence situations the ...
  47. Earth Science

    a or b
  48. metal engineering and maintenance

    what are the two classes of metals? explain what are the differences between iron and steel? differentiate between brass and bronze? give an application for each of the above?
  49. French help

    I'm not a French teacher but I have been taking French for four years (just started my fifth). If it were my assignment I would definitely put "pour" because it would then say: I like to go to the beach in order to tan and to swim but only when it's hot"...
  50. Statistics

    I want to do an experiment fro my statistics class but I'm not sure if this will work: The effect of color on memory I want to give students a list of words in black and white and give them thirty seconds to try and remember the words. Then, thirty seconds to write as many...
  51. 7th grade Tx.History

    how did geography affect tx development?
  52. Algebra1

    oh sorry something weird happened here is my problem again. <= greater than or equal to >= less than or equal to 2x-4<=4x-3 2x-4+4<=4x-3+4 2x<=5x 2x/2=5x/2 x>=2.5
  53. Algebra1

    I want to know if I got this problem right. 2x-4¡Ü4x-3 2x-4+4¡Ü4x-3+4 2x¡Ü5x 2x¡2=5x¡2 x¡Ý2.5
  54. math

    can someone please check my answer? -9<==4x-8<==-7 {x l -1/4 <== x <== 1/4} is this correct??
  55. History

    Can you please explain to me what this means. Chief Justice John Marshall, in Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia held that the court had no juisdiction, under the U.S. Constitution, to deal with this issue because the Cherokees were a domestic, dependent nation- not truly sovereign ...
  56. 3rd grade

    138 831 318 183 What is the next row and how do I figure out the pattern?
  57. 6th grade social studies

    Forms of communications of the andes?
  58. 6th grade social studies

    What are the crops/livestock raised, and the resources mined in the Ande Mountains.
  59. Social Studies

    How far is it from Minneapolis, Mn to Machu Picchu, Peru?
  60. 3rd grade

    13 pigs because then he would have seven sheep and 13-7=6.
  61. math

    Part 1: Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials, find a record-breaking temperature (in degrees Celsius) for a town or city in a country other than the United States. Include the name of the town and country along with the temperature, and what record was ...
  62. Math

    How do I factor 3x2 =4x +1 and 3x2-2x-8
  63. Math

    How do I factor 3x2+4x=1 and #x2-2x-8
  64. Algebra1

  65. Algebra1

    P=2l+2w Solve for l. Please show me how you got your answer so I will understand how to do these problems. Thank you.
  66. science

    solid to liquid
  67. Physics

    A skater with an initial speed of 7.6 m/s is gliding across the ice. Air resistance is negligible. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the ice and the blades is 0.1. a) Find the acceleration caused by kinetic friction and b) how far will the skater travel before coming...
  68. science

    which chemical agent is frequently used as a rust preventive coating on steel and also used as an alloy trestment
  69. external/internal character analysis

    external- appearance, physical characteristics. ex: brown hair internal- personality traits ex: shy
  70. Math

    Jim has a difficult golf shot to make. His ball is 100m from the hole. He wants the ball to land 5m in front of the hole, so it can role to the hole. A 20m tree is between his ball and the hole, 40m from the hole and 60m from Jim's ball. With the base of the tree as the ...
  71. science

    i don't know the answer someone give it to me my god ;[
  72. 4th Grade Math

  73. 4th Grade Math

  74. Algebra1

    this is what i got im not sure if its right. 50t+55t=70 50t+55t=105t=70 70/105 t=1.5
  75. Algebra1

    Jon left his house and headed toward Brandon's house at the same time Brandon headed toward Jon's house. Brandon traveled 50 mi/h and Jon traveled 55m/h. The distance between their homes is 70 miles. How long did they travel before they met? Please help me wih this ...
  76. Algebra1

    I have 16 coins in my pocket, some nickles and some quarters. If I have a total of $2.20, how many of each coin do I have? Please help me with this problem. Thank you.
  77. Algebra1

    thanks for your help!
  78. Algebra1

    Sally bought some ordinary pencils and 4 times as many special pencils. Each ordinary pencil cost $0.20 and each special pencil cost $0.35. She spent $14.40. How many of each pencil did she buy? Please show me how you got your answer. Thank you.
  79. Math

    Find the equation of the line in standard form that goes through the point (-2,1) and is parallel to the line containing (1,4) and (2,3).
  80. Math

    In how many ways can the word INITIAL be arranged? I know that if all the letters were different (aka ABCDEFG) then the answer would be 7!, and I think if two of the letters were the same (aka AABCDEF) then the answer for be 7!/2! (or maybe 7!/2?), but I'm not sure what ...
  81. Math

    Find the maximum value of g if g(x) = 7-8x-2x^2
  82. trig

    csc(x)=3 and pi/2 less than (x) less than 3pi/2, find cot(x).
  83. English

    How does Dos Passos show bias in the book Manhattan Transfer? (examples) Thank You
  84. Statistics

    I need help with this problem. I think I have some of the answers right but I'm not sure. There is a data set consisting of 33 whole-number observations. Its five number summary is (16, 20, 22, 30, 46) 1. How many observations are stricty less than 22? I think it is 16 ...
  85. physics

    When you lift a bowling ball with a force of 69.3 N, the ball accelerates upward with an acceleration a. If you lift with a force of 77.2 N, the ball's acceleration is 2.00a. Calculate the weight of the bowling ball. For this should I add both force together to find a?
  86. Science

    repeated trials
  87. French

    I need to translate this paragraph. Can someone check my work? I didn't write it so I can't just change it to have only words I know so I need help to translate it. Thanks! I would like to travel if I had the time and the money. I would like to see the mountans of ...
  88. Statistics

    You want to compare the quality of several statistics textbooks. (a) Identify two categorical variables and two quantitative variables that you would use to describe textbook quality. Give a reason for each of your choices. So I think for the first categorical variable the ...
  89. Part of Speech.

    In the follwing sentence what is some? If Julie makes apple pie, you should have some.
  90. Algebra 1

    Yes it does say simplify it, I'm sorry. I understand how you got that, but what if I had something like this. 4x-2xy+3x²+y+5xy+x²y
  91. Algebra 1

    Lately I just have blacked out in my algebra 1 class. Here's a equation on my worksheet, and I would be happy if you could show in steps how you got your answer. Thank you. (2x²+5x+3)-(x²+2x+1)
  92. Biology

    And also, If i was to use any of the answers posted will my teacher be able to find out. I go to college online and they have a system that lets them know if something is copied I believe
  93. Biology

    I really don't understand what to do... I would really just like an example so I can understand better and comeup with my own answer
  94. Biology

    Read Scientific Inquiry, Controlled Experiments Then and Now, pages 6-7 of your textbook. Start by observing the living species around you. Ever wonder why a pollinator is attracted to a particular flower, or what would happen to predator species if a particular prey species ...
  95. HCA210

    A new proposal for a new health care system
  96. US Government

    What language is used to describe the role of the Senate in Supreme Court nominations
  97. English

    You know his answer pretty much just restated the situation.
  98. Alegebra

    A physical fitness association is including the mile run in its secondary-school fitness test. The time for this event for boys in secondary school is known to possess a normal distribution with a mean of 450 seconds and a standard deviation of 50 seconds. Find the probability...
  99. english rules 2 anwers

    idnt know scrabble
  100. math

    use range 3.5
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