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  1. trigo

    please po help me. A chimney projects 6 feet above the roof. At a point 10 feet 8 inches down the roof from the base of the chimney,the chimney subtends an angle of 17°40' . find the angle at which the roof is inclined to the horizontal.
  2. math

    I used a calculator And it said 8
  3. help please english

    this sucks!!! i accedently took abdel answers and didnt read thepart when she wasnt sure! ugh i got a 4/12 was my score! i failed ugh! this is y u should always reread stuff!
  4. math

    josh ran for 56 minutes and walked for 16 minutes. What is the ration of the number of minutes ran to the number of minutes walked?
  5. Geometry

    Find the distance between the lines with the equations y = 3/2x+4 and −3x+2y = −1. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
  6. geometry

  7. math

    a growing number of colleges are teaming up with banks to issue student id cards that double as debit cards. There were 51 partnerships in 2001. This number grew 10 126 in 2008. What is the percent of increase?
  8. Algebra

    10% copper 5% something else. I think
  9. Calculus

    how much paint is used to paint 500 rubber balls of radius 5 inches of the paint is 0.02 inches thick
  10. maths

    Suppose that a state university has to form a committee of 5 members from a list of 20 candidates out of whom 12 are teachers and 8 are students.If members of the committee are selected at random,what is the probability that the majority of the committee members are students?
  11. Physics

    I don't know
  12. ELA

    thank you MS. Sue, our class is having trouble with plurals. Itold my friends to use this sight also. We have been doing this home work for the last hour. Thanks again
  13. ELA

    write each phrase to make it a plural, singular possessive ,or a plural possessive. the tail of the raccoon. more than one sweater. the leaves of the trees. Thank you for any help
  14. Math- word prolems

    You need to do the fencing of two side by side areas with 102 meters of wood fencing. What is the maximum area that you will be able to enclose?
  15. History

  16. Math- word prolems

    Making a cylinder is costing your company $2/in^2 for top and bottom and $6/in^2 for the body(side). If the cylinder is to have 166.25oz volume, what are the most economical cylinder that you can make and what will be the cost of making it.
  17. History

    Yah I got the 2 inuit websites from one but do you know any for Shawnee?
  18. History

    Select two groups of Native American people from two different areas within the united states.(I chose the Shawnee and the Inuit) The areas you can select from include North, West,Southwest, Plains, and East/Southeast. Explain how environmental factors influenced their home ...
  19. Chem

    Yes, but drop the 2s since it would be equivalent without them.
  20. Statistics

    A restaraunt offers a dinner special that lets you choose from 10 entrees, 8 side dishes, and 13 deserts. You can choose one entree, two side dishes, and one desert. How many different meals are possible?
  21. History

    Which factor BEST explains why Native Americans were able to make permanent settlements?
  22. chem 150

    10. Calculate the concentration of a solution made by diluting 10.00 mL of 0.1104 M HCl to 25.00 mL, then taking 10.00 mL of that solution and diluting to 50.00 mL.
  23. MATH

    so -3x13 would give you the answer. how did you come up with that ?
  24. MATH

    the temperature of a chemical compound was 0 degrees Celsius at 10:00 AM. During a reaction, it dropped 3 degrees Celsius per minute until 10:13 A.M. What was the temperature at 10:13 A.M?
  25. Algebra 2

    Solve each system 6x-2y=10 3x-2=y
  26. Math Decimals

  27. Chemistry many total oribitals are present in quantum #1 2. How many electrons are possible in quantum level 1 3. How many total or initials are present in quantum level 3
  28. Algebra 2

    Solve each system 6x-2y=10 3x-2=y

    what digital cameraS use for photoshoot?
  30. Organic Chemisty

    Calculate the number of mg of caffeine you would extract in each case, 2-10ml extractions vs 1-20ml extraction. The KD value in this case is 4.6 (assume a starting value of 100mg)
  31. Math

    Sixty people can receive a piece of pizza, if there is 5 pizzas purchased.How many people can receive a slice of pizza if 7 pizzas are purchased?
  32. chemistry

    In a chemistry experiment, a student measures the density of iridium (Ir) metal as 21.52 g/cm3. The actual density of Ir metal is 22.65 g/cm3. What is the percent error of the student's measurement?

    I think its C or B am I right?
  34. History

  35. History

    True or False: English common law is based on the orders of the king. False?? Which of the following statements about the American Revolution is true? It inspired the people of France and people of other nations to start their own democratic revolutions. <---? It sparked a ...
  36. Statistics

    Types of bonds are divided into three categories: good risk, medium risk, and poor risk. Assume that of a total of 13,838 bonds, 7,035 are good risk, 1,388 are medium risk, and the rest are poor risk. One bond is chosen risk? Write only a number as your answer. Round to two ...
  37. Statistics

    At a local university, when scheduling classes, the probability that there are no evening classes available on a certain day is 0.80. what is that probability that there is at least one evening class available on that day? Write one a number as your answer. Round to two ...
  38. Statistics

    The Probability that a randomly selected commuter listens to audiobooks during their commute is 0.49. Suppose that a sample of 10 commuters is selected, what is the probability that at most 3 of them listen to audiobooks? Write only a number as your answer. Round to 2 decimal ...
  39. Statistics

    At a car rental agency, 0.34 of the cars are returned on time. A sample of 13 car rentals is studied. What is the probability that more than 3 of them are returned on time? Write only a number as your answer. Round to 2 decimal places ( for example: 0.24). Do not write as a ...
  40. Statistics

    In a certain class 27% of the students are left-handed. suppose that a random sample of 53 students is selected. Find the mean number of left-handed students in the class. Round your answer to the nearest integer. Pls help!
  41. LA

    what book is this lol
  42. Language Arts

    C D A A B is correct 5/5 100%
  43. math

    93 pieces
  44. Half-Life

    The rate constant for this first-order reaction is 0.0990 s–1 at 400 °C. A --> products After how many seconds will 10.0% of the reactant remain?
  45. Pre-Calc

    An airplane is flying at a speed of 250 mph at an altitude of 4 miles. The plane passes directly above a radar station at time t = 0. What is the distance s between the plane and the radar station after four minutes?
  46. Laurens high

    if Sam have $60 to buy cars withand the cars are 4 for $5 how much how many cards can she get
  47. Physics

    You are an explorer on a tiny planet with no atmosphere. You drop a coffee filter and find that it falls 2.0m in 1.6s. As you were approaching the planet, you measured the radius to be 1.8x10^6 m. What is the mass of the planet? So I used the 2.0m and 1.6s to figure out the ...
  48. Rocky heights

    How do I write .000006 in words
  49. FRENCH!!!

    I replied to Sra Mme to my french story yesterday. I need help because I tried correcting my sentences.
  50. MATH

    11.) A company produces a product for which the variable cost is $12.30 per unit and the fixed costs are $98,000. The product sells for $17.98. Let x be the number of units produced and sold. a.) the total cost for a business is th sum of the variable cost and the fixed costs...
  51. FRENCH

    #14 - Is this right?? Je ne aurait regretterais jamais mon voyagé. I am trying to say, "I would never regret my traveling.)
  52. FRENCH

    10.) I was trying to say "There was constant movement." (to make it simpler, there's my sentence) "There was constant movement." How do I say that??
  53. FRENCH

    For #9. I was trying to say "Le Royal Botanic Gardens a été absolument respirons prend. " (The Royal Botanic Gardens is absolutely breathe taking) I wasn't sure how to write that???
  54. FRENCH

    For #8.) 8.) Il y avait un port charmant avec un l'imposant massif arqué Harbour Bridge et estimé Royal Botanic Gardens à proximité par que je suis allé. (I want to say, "There was a Darling Harbour with an impressive arched solid ...
  55. FRENCH? HELP!!!

    I only put parentheses to show you those are a must to include in my paragraph. 1.) Le 10 août, 2015, je devais emballer mon suitcase- faire les valises. 2.) Je suis allée à l'aéroport et j'ai attendu en ligne pour faire la file d'attente...
  56. Chemistry 2

    36.) Suppose a chemistry student discoveres that a block of pure ice is left on her porch as she goes to school one day. What will be the percent composition of the pure ice block?
  57. Chemistry2

    12.) Chlorine reacts with potassium bromide to produce potassium chloride and bromine. a.) write a chemical equation, using words, to represent the above chemical reaction. Answer: Chlorine + potassium bromide ==> potassium chloride + bromine (Is this correct?) b) Suppose 4...
  58. Chemistry2

    A student pours 200 grams of methanol, a flammable substance into the sink. Another student causes the bad situation to get evern worse by dropping a lit match into the sink. The methanol burns completely with 300 grams of oxygen from the air. What mass, in grams, is converted...
  59. math

    Bill can mow his mother's lawn in 45 minutes. His brother Jim can mow it in 65 minutes. How long will it take them to do it together, if each has his own lawnmower? (Record your answer in minutes rounded to one decimal place. For example, if the answer you find is 14.2835 ...
  60. Coding

    How do you open cmd? Thanks
  61. problem solving with fractions

    mr. rosen needs to make 1 1/2 times as many pizza tonight as usual because he expects ta large crowd. if he usually makes 24 pizzas, how many pizzas should mr. rosen make?
  62. Chemistry

    when heated, sulfuric acid will decompose into sulfur trioxide and water. Write a chemical equation, using words, to represent this chemical reaction. Identify reactants and products. (I'm having trouble identifying the reactants and products & writing the chemical ...
  63. Chemistry

    What is the difference between a chemical change and a chemical reaction?? My answer: A chemical change leads to a solidifed chemical reaction but more or less they are the same thing because it's a change in which one or more pure substances are converted into diffeent ...
  64. maths

    6months multiplied by 10 = 60 months
  65. geometry

  66. Pre-Calculus

    1) j(x)=-2/3x what is j(x)'s y-intercept? answer: (0,0) 2) k(x)=4 what is k(x)'s slope? answer: 0 3) g(x)=2x-5 what are the root(s) of g(x)? 4) the slope of line p if p is perpendicular to line f are the answers i provided correct? and please help me on 3 and 4
  67. Maths

    In the diagram ab is a straight road and c indicate the bottom of a vertical clif in the same vertical plane as ab the angle of elevation to the top of the from a is 24 degres and from b 300m closer to the clif the angle ofg elevation is 38 degres.calculate the height of the clif
  68. Chemistry

    is concrete homogeneous or heterogeneous
  69. Math, trigonometry

    An observer in a lighthouse 47m high sights a ship at at an angle of depression of 4.25• if the the foot of the light house is at sea level how far is the ship from the foot of the lighthouse
  70. geometry

    If the length of the abdomen is 2.25 inches. The length of the thorax is 1.75 inches. The walking stick's abdomen is .5 inches longer than the thorax. It's abdomen is _____ time longer than its thorax.
  71. Math

  72. Math

    Kendall knows that a 45 ounce pitcher can hold enough lemonade for 6 people at this rate how many ounces of lemonade will Kendall need to serve 26 people.
  73. maths

    If week 1 was the first week of 2014 (starting Saturday 4th January)), by when would you earn: a) $100 b) $500 c) $1000
  74. physics

    A 15.5-kg sled is being pulled across a horizontal surface at a constant velocity. The pulling force has a magnitude of 76.7 N and is directed at an angle of 27 ° above the horizontal. Determine the coefficient of kinetic friction.
  75. college chemistry

    A piece of wood is discovered in the Amazon with a 14C/12C that is 64.3% that of living organisms. How old is it? I have no clue how to do this please help.

    thankkk youuuu :)

    Is nursing considered a a science major because I'm taking this course called "CHEM 1001 Chemistry and the World Around Us?" and I studying nursing in college. Please be honest. Thank you! :)
  78. Math Important!

    Ozzie's Mother bought an assortment of greeting cards while she was at the bookstore. She bought twice as many birthday cards as anniversary cards. She bought 2 fewer anniversary cards than general greetings cards, but 2 more anniversary cards than get well cards. If she ...
  79. Math

    If a recipe calls for 2/3 cups of sugar but I only want to make 1/4 of the recipe, how much sugar do I need?
  80. chemistry

    A 8.75-L container holds a mixture of two gases at 23 °C. The partial pressures of gas A and gas B, respectively, are 0.317 atm and 0.755 atm. If 0.100 mol of a third gas is added with no change in volume or temperature, what will the total pressure become?
  81. physics

    nevermind. figured out that the "mass" of the blocks are actually the weight so i unnecessarily multiplied them by 9.8
  82. physics

    doing webwork when i came across this question. sure i had it right but apparently im not. The weightless horizontal bar in the figure below is in equilibrium. Scale B reads 4.20 kg (N.B. as you know, the scale should read N, but no one told the manufacturer). The distances in...
  83. English

    What rhetorical devices were used in Lester Pearsons address on the inauguration of the national flag? I have found an alloiteration in paragraph 4 "our new flag will fly for the first time" an antithesis in para 5 and an anaphora in para 13? Are these correct?
  84. Chemistry

    A sodium hydroxide sample is contaminated with sodium chloride. A 0.240 gram sample of this impure sample is dissolved in water and titrated with 21.50 mL of 0.130 M H2C2O4. Calculate the percent sadium hydroxide in the impure sample [(mass of NaOH in impure sample/mass of ...
  85. Chemistry

    What is the octet rule? How does the rule explain the common ion of fluorine and of calcium? The octet rule is when an element contains 8 valence electrons. The rule explains the common ions of fluorine and calcium to show how much is needed to gain/lose electrons to get that ...
  86. Chemistry

  87. Physics

    You are watching your friend play hockey. In the course of the game, he strikes the puck in such a way that, when it is at its highest point, it just clears the surrounding 2.96 m high Plexiglas wall that is 14.5 m away. (Ignore any effects due to air resistance.) (a) Find the...
  88. physics

    A mass m = 9.0 kg is attached to the lower end of a massless string of length L = 83.0 cm. The upper end of the string is held fixed. Suppose that the mass moves in a circle at constant speed, and that the string makes an angle theta = 21 with the vertical, as shown in the ...
  89. Chemistry

    Just kidding. I mean 51.34L?
  90. Chemistry

    Does V=188.4 L?
  91. Math

    Give the function that describes the sequence. x y 1 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 A. 1/2x B. x C. x exponent 1 D. x exponent 0
  92. Math

    If k = 2, which of the following is correct? A.(10k ÷ 2) + 4 ≤ 14 B.8k + 3 = 20 C.k - 13 > -10 D.9k + 15 ≤ 31
  93. Amplifiers

    A particular BJT has a base DC current of 1mA and a collector DC current of 10mA . What is the DC beta for this translator?
  94. Chemistry

    energy required for ionisation of 0.02 gram atom of magnesium is x Kj .the amount of energy required to ionise 1 atom of magnesium is
  95. Social Studies

    HELP ME PLEASE!! Where is your alikeness?
  96. Chemistry

    If 60% of a first order reaction was completed in 60 minutes, 50% of the same reaction would be completed in approximately

    CHEMICAL KINETICS The rate of reaction 2N₂O5->4NO₂+O₂ can be written in three ways -d[N₂O5]/dt= k[N₂O5] d[NO₂]/dt= k'[N₂O5] d[O₂]/dt =k"[N₂O5] The relationship between k and k' and between k and k" are ?
  98. criminal justice

    what are all the procedlural and substantive ways that a prosecutor and a defense attorney can resolve a case before it goes to a grand jury?
  99. Language

    Is there any way to add bias to this question? : "How many minutes did you spend doing homework last week?"
  100. Economics

    A Cobb-Douglas production function for new company is given by  f(x,y)  50x 2 5 y 3 5 where x represents the units of labor and y represents the units of capital. Suppose units of Labor and capital cost $100 and $200 each respectively. If the budget ...
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