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  1. Social Studies

    Why did democracy develop during the Roman Republic? Members of lower social classes began to demand representation in government. Romans wanted to prevent one leader from gaining too much power. Romans wanted to model their system of government after ancient Athens. Members ...
  2. Social Studies

    thank you
  3. Social Studies

    Which of the following is a example of how the government of the roman republic contribute to the democratic? It was based on a Dictatorship It was based on a tripartite system It was based on a triumvirate system It was based on a written set of laws I think it is the second one
  4. math

    7ft board is to be cut into three​ pieces, two​ equal-length ones and the third 99 in. shorter than each of the other two. If the cutting does not result in any length being​ lost, how long are the​ pieces?
  5. Physics

    A soccer ball of mass 550g is at rest on the ground. The soccer ball is kicked with a force of 108N. The player shoes is in contact with the ball for 0.3m. What is KE of the ball? What is the ball's velocity at the moment it loses contact with the soccer player's shoes?
  6. Math

    JASON DRIVES 50 MI TO A TRAIN and then continues his trip with a 210 mi train ride. the car travels 20 mph slower than the train. if total travel time is 4 hr, find the average speed of the car and the average speed of the train.
  7. math

    Given that f(x)=4x−3 and g(x)=4−x2, calculate f∘g(x)= g∘f(x)= THANKS
  8. Physics

    Rosie (mass 41 kg) pushes a box with a horizontal force of 140 N (31.472 lb) at a speed 25 m/min. A. What is Rosie’s power output? Answer in units of W. B.What energy is produced by a 300 W lightbulb lit for 4.1 hours? Answer in units of J
  9. Physics

    Zak, helping his mother rearrange the furniture in their living room, moves a 42.3 kg sofa 7.2 m with a constant force of 17 N. A. What is the work done by Zak on the sofa? Neglect friction. Answer in units of J. B. What is the average acceleration of the sofa? Answer in units...
  10. physics

    A light beam in air strikes the surface of a liquid at an angle 23.6 degrees from the normal. The angle of refraction in the liquid was measured to be 15.8 degrees, calculate the index of refraction for the object? calculate the speed of light in the object?
  11. Social Studies

    I think it is B
  12. Social Studies

    How did this law lead to the development of democratic principles? 6-9. When the litigants settle their case by compromise, let the magistrate announce it. If they do not compromise, let them state each his own side of the case, in the comitium of the forum before noon. ...
  13. Physics

    Four masses (2kg 3kg 1kg and 2kg) are arranged on a square of side 1.2 m. What is the moment of inertia if the axis of rotation is at the center of the square? What is the moment of inertia if you make the axis of rotation through mass 2kg (this mass cannot contribute to ...
  14. Maths

    Rs means Rupees (meant for Indian currency)
  15. Maths

    We have Rs.100/-.If we spend Rs.100/-and balance is Rs.102/-,show how is Rs.2/-extra Spent Balance Day 1 Rs 40 Rs 60 Day 2 Rs 30 Rs 30 Day 3 Rs 18 Rs 12 Day 4 Rs 12 Rs 00 -------- -------- Total Rs 100 Rs102......?
  16. math

    suppose a>0 and n is a positive interger. is (1/a)^-n = 1/a^-n ? explain your answer
  17. Math

    The answer is B. $.065
  18. World History

    c. He wanted to rid Italy of the Bourbon monarch.
  19. statistics

    5 students go to school one of which is known to be late; in fact he is late 22% of the time. What is the probability that he will not be late for school.
  20. Physics

    A 20.0 m long uniform beam weighing 800 N rests on walls A and B, as shown in the figure below.(a) Find the maximum weight of a person who can walk to the extreme end D without tipping the beam.(b) Find the forces that the walls A and B exert on the beam when the same person ...
  21. Physics

    A sphere of mass 85kg is 12m from a second sphere of mass 65kg. A)what is the gravitational force of attraction between them?
  22. Physics

    Sally has a mass of 50.0kg and earth has a mass of 5.98X10^24kg. The radius of earth is 6.371x10^6m. A)What is the force of gravitational attraction between sally and earth? B)What is Sally's weight?
  23. Math

  24. Math

  25. Math

  26. Math

    it 914 but is it profit or loss?
  27. Math

    A company reports the following income and expenses for a three-month period. What is the company's total profit or loss for the three month period? Great Reads Book Store Month Income Expenses ------------------------------------ June $12,458 - $10,968 July $10,396 - $10,...
  28. math

    So its A
  29. math

    which expression represents 5 less than y? A. y-5 B. 5-y C. y/5 D. 5y-1
  30. Math

    A round cake pan that is 2in deep and has a 7in diameter, plus a 6in by 9in rectangular cake pan that is 2in deep. Which of these pans has the larger volume and why?
  31. Math

  32. Chemistry

    For the reaction between ammonia and hydrochloric acid to produce ammonium chloride; What volume of ammonia is used (at 20 Celsius and 760mmHg) if 12.5gmof ammonium chloride are produced in the reaction? How many molecules of ammonia does this represent?
  33. Chemistry

    If the density of a gas is 1.2g/L at 745.torr and 20 Celsius, what is the molecular mass?
  34. Chemistry

    What is the density of NH3 at 800torr and 25 Celsius?
  35. Chemmistry

    Use this percentage to calculate the mass of fluorine (in g) contained in 54.0 g of copper (II) fluoride.
  36. Chemistry

    A 10.3g sample of an elemental gas has a volume of 58.4L at 758torr when the temperature is 2.5 C. Determine the identity of the gas.
  37. math

    the volume of a sphere is 4/3 pie radius squared. given that pie is 3.142 and radius is 7.3 calculate the volume of the sphere

    3.) Calculate the mass of oxygen gas that can be produced in the decomposition of 5.55 g of silver oxide. This is what I did but is it right?... I need help with a few more btw to double check if i'm doing these right. So here is what I did: First: balance the equation 2 ...
  39. ChemistryHELP.PLEASE... TEST SOON

  40. Chemistry

    Continue #2: So it says to : Calculate the mass of ammonia, NH3, that can be produced. Can someone explain how to derive to the answer? Please
  41. Chemistry

    1.) what mass of zinc is needed to completely react with 4.00 g of silver nitrate? 2.) If excess ammonium sulfate reacts with 22.5 g of calcium hydroxide according to the following unbalanced chemical equation: (NH4)2 SO4 + Ca (OH)2 → CaSO4 + NH3 + H2O Now, how do I go ...
  42. Chemistry Help please! (:

    Calculate the mass of oxygen gas that can be produced in the decomposition of 5.55 g of silver oxide. This is what I did but is it right?... I need help with a few more btw to double check if i'm doing these right. So here is what I did: First: balance the equation 2 Ag2 O...
  43. Math

    Thank you manny
  44. Math

    Find the difference. -24 - 5 =? A. -29 B. 29 C.-19 D.19
  45. Math

    Find the difference. -14 - (-16) =? A. 30 B. -30 C. 2 D.-2
  46. Math

  47. Math

    I think it is B
  48. Math

    which of the following is equivalent to (-2) - 5? A. -2 + (-5) B. -2 + 5 C. 2 +(-5) D. 2 - (-5)
  49. environmental engineering

    A lake receives 8 m3/s of inflow containing 0.3 mol/m3 of a chemical. The chemical reacts with a first order rate constant of 0.01 h-1. The outflow from the lake is also 8 m3/s. Assume there was no chemical in the lake at the beginning and volume of the lake is 106 m3. What ...
  50. environmental engineering

    Pesticide is applied to a 10 ha (hectare) field at an average rate of 1 kg/ha every month. The soil is regarded as 20 cm deep and well-mixed. The pesticide evaporates at a rate of 2% of the amount present per day and it degrades microbially with a rate constant of 0.05 day-1. ...
  51. ethics and moraling reasoning

    fail to recognize the rights of nonsentient beings
  52. Math

    Thank you niki
  53. Math

    Set the numbers from Greatest to least? 15%, 1/8, 0.2, 0.09
  54. math

  55. math

    What is equivalent to 65%? Choose all the apply. 0.065 0.65 13/20 13/25
  56. algebra

    The loudness, L L, of a sound (measured in decibels, dB) is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, d d, from the source of the sound. Round to 3 decimal places. A person 15 feet from a jetski, it is 75 decibels loud. How loud is the jetski when the person is 47 ...
  57. algebra

    The time required to do a job varies inversely as the number of people working. It takes 5hr for 7 bricklayers to build a park well. How long will it take 10 bricklayers to complete the job? (round answer to 1 decimal place)
  58. Social Studies

    It says it in the (bible) New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures in Act 2:36 You can look at it on j w. o r g ignore the spaces
  59. Social Studies

    Which key figure in Christianity does this image represent? It is a picture of Jesus tided to a cross A. Peter B. Paul C. Jesus <---- D. God I know that it is Jesus but he never died on a cross, he died on a pole.
  60. Social Studies

    I think it is D but i am not for sure
  61. Social Studies

    What influence did the Greek epics written by homer have on roman culture? A. They led Roman historians to question their loyalty to the Roman gods. B. They caused Roman historians to disagree over the origins of Roman culture. C. They inspired Virgil to compose an epic poem ...
  62. Reading

    Thank you for the poem Ms.Sue
  63. Reading

    In adventures of Isabel the only one of Isabel's enemies who survives is a? A.the bear B. the witch C. the giant D. the doctor
  64. math

    Find the projection of u = <-5, 3> onto v = <1, 4>.
  65. Pre-cal

    For z1 = 4cis (7pi/6) and z2 = 3cis(pi/3), find z1 * z2 in rectangular form.
  66. physics (mechanics)

    find the constant force necessary to accelerate a car of mass 1000kg from 15m/s to 20m/s in 10s against resistance of 270N ? pls show work (answer is 770N just in case to check) ive been asking this question 4 times still no one answer . someone pls do .
  67. Physics

    Two capacitor plates are equally and oppositely charged. They are separated by 1.30 cm. An electron is released from rest at the surface of the negative plate and, at the same time, a proton is released from rest at the surface of the positive plate. Where do the electron and ...
  68. math

    is that a big deal? if it is , then im greatly sorry ....and could someone answer my question pls /display.cgi?id=1454771086
  69. math

    vf=10*a vf=sqrt(2ad) or 10a=sqrt2ad 100a^2=2*500*a a=10m/s^2 vf=10*10=100m/s
  70. physics (mechanics)

    find the constant force necessary to accelerate a car of mass 1000kg from 15m/s to 20m/s in 10s against resistance of 270N ? pls show work (answer is 770N just in case to check)
  71. Physics

    use s= ut +0.5at^2 give 500 = 0(t) + 0.5 (9.8)t^2 t = 10.10s
  72. Pre-cal

    What is the area of triangle ABC if a = 19, b = 14, and c = 23?
  73. Math

    Tom has taken 3 tests with an average of 88%. However, Tom really wants an A. To get an A, he has to have an average score of 93%. What score does he need on the final test to get an A? I just don't get it. Can someone walk me through the steps to get to the answer?
  74. Physics

    A rock climber throws a small first aid kit to another climber who is higher up the mountain. The initial velocity of the kit is 12.8 m/s at an angle of 65.7° above the horizontal. At the instant when the kit is caught, it is traveling horizontally, so its vertical speed ...
  75. Physics

    a crate of weight fg is pushed by a force P on a horizontal floor. (a) the coefficient of static friction is us, and P is directed at angle theta below the horizontal. show that the minimum value of P that will move the crate is given by P=usFgsectheta / 1-ustantheta (b) find ...
  76. Math

    There are 40 cows and chickens in a farmyard. One quiet afternoon, Lola counted and found that there were 100 legs in all. How many cows and how many chickens are there? thx...
  77. Do I have enough time

    Oh yea if you have notes and know what you are going to talk about. Just go for it but make sure you get it done earlier next time
  78. math

    whats sets of number does the number 9/10 have?
  79. Science

    A storm with winds over 120/km/h that can last several weeks is a? A.Tornado B Hurricane C Jet Stream D Thunderstorm I think its hurricane am i right?
  80. Analytical chemistry

    The hydrogen sulfide in a 79.168 g sample of crude petroleum was removed by distillation and collected in a solution of CdCl2. The precipitated CdS was then filtered, washed and ignited to create CdSO4. Calculate the percentage of H2S in the sample if 0.122 grams of CdSO4 was ...
  81. math

    Mr. Dunn estimates he uses 3 gallons of gas over the course of a week. How many miles per gallon does his car get when he drives 105 miles?
  82. history plz help

    thanks @Reed you helped me look at the article in another perspective.
  83. history plz help

    I don't get what it accomplished... i have this right now The Louisiana Purchase encompassed 530,000,000 acres of territory in North America that the United States purchased from France in 1803 for $15 million.
  84. history plz help

    Can you guys help me get started with this, I really appreciate what your doing. @Ms. Sue @Reed
  85. history plz help

    During the early 1800s, the United States tried to make peace with other countries in order to grow and develop. Give an example of one of these peace efforts and briefly explain what it hoped to accomplish.
  86. physics

    I got 71.6*10^4?
  87. physics

    The speed of a space shuttle is 3.2×10^6 cm/s. Convert this into miles per hour (mph) using only 12 inches/ft, 60 seconds/min, 60 minutes/hour, and 1 inch = 2.54 cm. Factor Analysis must be used. Express your result to three significant digits and in scientific notation.
  88. math

    A cookie recipe calls for 3/4 of a cup of flour and makes one dozen cookies. How many cookies can you make if you have 10 cups of flour and want to use it all? I said 160 cookies. I used a proportion to solve this but is there another way to solve it?
  89. physics

    Dolphins can hear ultrasound with frequencies up to 280 kHz. What is the speed of sound in water if the wavelength of ultrasound with a frequency of 2.80 × 10^5 Hz is 0.510 cm? How long would it take this sound wave to travel to a dolphin 3.00 km away?
  90. physics

    A ship anchored at sea is rocked by waves whose crests are 21 m apart. The waves travel at 5.6 m/s. How often do the wave crests reach the ship?
  91. Math! Pls Help!

    -5 is NOT the answer.
  92. Math

    So when I do that I would have 24 4/7 divided by 4?
  93. Math

    Is that 24 divided by 4 when you made 23 4/7(mixed fraction) an improper fraction or is 24 just a whole number?
  94. Math

    Can you explain this: For my math problem 23 4/7 divided 4 it says to estimate. What do I do?
  95. Math

    Can you help me? My math problem is: 23 4/7 divided by 4 and it says to estimate. What do I do?
  96. physics

    A human ear can hear as low as 15.6 Hz. If the speed of sound in the air was measured to be 340.5 m/s, calculate the wavelength of this wave.
  97. physics

    For an ocean wave that has the crests 6 m apart and passing a boat every two seconds, calculate the speed of the wave.
  98. algebra

    Please show work* . i don't get how to do this at all only 1/3 of the university students wanted to become teachers . if 2600 didn't want to become teachers, how many university students are there?
  99. math

    .25 lb burger costs $2.95 .50 lb burger costs $3.90 how much does a pound of beef cost?
  100. Equations and Inequalities Unit Test

    this comment section is just funny...
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