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  1. Health And Physical Ed

    your answers are correct I checked them.
  2. chem

    What are the expected charges on the following transition metals? Mn= Rh=
  3. College English

    can you write a essay map sentence from this sentence Christmas shopping shows that the law of the jungle is still with us.
  4. culture

    What culture would someone have if they live in Missouri
  5. Chemistry

    I don't understand where you are getting 6.022E23 from
  6. Chemistry

    A sample of sodium sulfate, Li2SO4, contains 6.78 x 10^23 formula units. How many moles of Li2SO4 are there in the sample? How many moles of Li+ ions are there in the sample?
  7. college chem

    Calculate the molar enthalpy of reaction standard enthalpy of formation below. H20 = -285.8 kj/mole H+ = 0.0 kj/mole OH- = -229.9 kj/mol H+(aq) + OH-(aq)→H2O(l) For this, don't you do the summation of products x stoichemtry + the sum of reactants x stoich. from there...
  8. College Chem

    How would temperature changes observed using a calorimeter differ for exothermic and endothermic reactions?
  9. college chem

    A student constructs a galvanic cell that has a strip of iron metal immersed in a solution of 0.1M Fe(NO3)2 as one half-cell and a strip of zinc metal immersed in a solution of 0.1M Zn(NO3)2 as the other half-cell. The measured cell potential is less than zero when the ...
  10. physics

    Determine the quantity of heat required to convert 1kg of ice at −20 degrees Celsius to water at 100 degrees Celsius? Specific heat capacities of water and ice water are 2302 J/kgK and 4186 J/kgK respectively
  11. English 10

    It's C
  12. Chemistry, HELP!

    1) If a soil had a pH of 5.5, how many milli-equivalents of acids would it have per 100 grams? 2) How many milli-equivalents of Ca need to be added to increase the pH of the soil to 6.8?
  13. English 10

    It's B."by evaluating each speaker's questions and responses
  14. physics

    In an experiment to verify Newton's law of cooling, the temperature of hot water in a calorimeter T/oC is plotted against time t/min. Which of the following is true about the graph? a. the graph is linear and parallel to the T-axis b. the slope of the graph is positive c. ...
  15. LA - 1 question

    its B A B A
  16. LA - 1 question

    blyhad is wrong i got 1/4......
  17. physics

    An air puck of mass 0.278 kg is tied to a string and allowed to revolve in a circle of radius 1.25 m on a horizontal, frictionless table. The other end of the string passes through a hole in the center of the table and a mass of 0.45 kg is tied to it. The suspended mass ...
  18. Calc

    evaluate the integral of 2e^xdx from -5 to 5.
  19. English

    Oh, okay. So A and D cannot be it. C would be my next choice, based on the quote.
  20. English

    Thoreau included the following sentence in Walden: "There is some of the same fitness in a man's building his own house that there is in a bird's building its own nest." Which of the following statements rephrases his literal comparison as a metaphor? A. A ...
  21. Math

    Which term best describes the solution of the situation represented by the system of inequalities? (Assume that x >= 0 and y >= 0.) 3x + 4y <= 8 2x + 4y <= 6 Answer choices given are: a. alternate optimal solutions b. one optimal solution c. unbounded d. infeasible...
  22. stats

    Weights of parts are normally distributed with varianceσ2. measurement error is normally distributedwith mean zero and variance 0.5σ2, independent ofthe part weights, and adds to the part weight. Upper andlower specifications are centered at 3σ about the ...
  23. Physics

    A block is placed on a frictionless ramp at a height of 14.5 m above the ground. Starting from rest, the block slides down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp, the block slides onto a frictionless horizontal track without slowing down.At the end of the horizontal track, the ...
  24. Engineering

    A plane element is subjected to a shear stress τ = 360MPa which results to a shear strain σ = 0.008rad. a) determine the shear modulus G of the element b)What is the horizontal displacement, d, of the element if te height of the element is equal to 50mm I worked out ...
  25. Math

    Help meits due tomorrow
  26. Math

    Brandon buys a radio for 43.99$ in a state where the sales tax is 7% How much did he pay in taxes ? What is the total Brandon pays for the radio?
  27. math count warm up

    What positive four-digit integer has its thousands and hundreds digits add up to the tens digit. Its hundreds and tens digits add up to its once digit and its tens and ones digits add up to the two digit number formed by the thousands and hundreds digits? Answer is 1459 wanted...
  28. socials studies 9

    cause its pretty cool
  29. la

    No one is going to write your answer for you. I cheated ONCE, and got caught. So I would recommend to actually READ "The Story- Teller", and the answer will just come to you. Because even If you answer in your own words, what's the worst that could happen? ...
  30. physics

    In a Little League baseball game, the 145 g ball enters the strike zone with a speed of 13.0 m/s. The batter hits the ball, and it leaves his bat with a speed of 21.0 m/s in exactly the opposite direction. 1. what is the magnitude of the impulse delivered by the bat to the ...
  31. physics

    An ice hockey puck slides along the ice at 15 m/s . A hockey stick delivers an impulse of 4.8kg/m/s causing the puck to move off in the opposite direction with the same speed. what is the mass of the puck?
  32. math

    thanks so much! can you help me understand this one as well? I have the integral from 0 to 2-2x of integrate (2-2x-y)dy... I thought you just take the integral with respect to y so it would be -y^2/2? (plugging the bounds it that would be -(2-2x)^2/2 but it comes out to be (2-...
  33. math

    integral of y^3/(y^4 +1) dy I don't get how you get (1/4) ln(y^4 +1) out of this. I thought you would do the quotient rule. but is that the same for integrals as it is the derivatice? help!
  34. sociology

    Mattie is a new sociology professor at the local college. During her first lecture, she noticed that some students were yawning. Based on her interpretation of the students yawning, Mattie has decided she is a boring teacher. This is an example of the process referred to as ...
  35. stats

    In the transmission of digital information, the probability that a bit has high, moderate, and low distortion is 0.01, 0.04, and 0.95, respectively. Suppose that three bits are transmitted and that the amount of distortion of each bit is assumed to be independent. Let X and Y ...
  36. Health

    Shut up, she's great! :) unlike you, idiot
  37. Health

    B A A
  38. Physics

    A ball player hits a home run, and the baseball just clears a wall 20.3 m high located 119.0 m from home plate. The ball is hit an an angle of 35° to the horizontal, and air resistance is negligible. Assume the ball is hit at a height of 1.0 m above the ground. (a) What is...
  39. math

    how would you calculate the largest prime number given a number x so for example say someone inputs 8 , the largest prime number is 7.
  40. Calculus

    I need help determining the intervals of increase, decrease and the intervals of upward and downward concavity given f prime. f'(x)=(64x^4 - 125x) ^(-2/3). Im not sure how to solve this. I know that the function has no intervals of decrease, its the rest im having trouble ...
  41. Teacherd aide

    Thank you very much Ms. Sue! (:
  42. Teacherd aide

    3.   Which of the following techniques to arouse curiosity would work best with junior high students? A. Set up a curiosity corner. B. Use a "feelie" box. C. Use a teaser to introduce the topic. D. Set up a discovery learning center. I ...
  43. Physics

    A 27.9 kg block (m1) is on a horizontal surface, connected to a 5.3 kg block (m2) by a massless string. The pulley is massless and frictionless. A force of 239.3 N acts on m1 at an angle of 28.9°. The coefficient of kinetic friction between m1 and the surface is 0.181. ...
  44. Physics

    Starting from rest, a 98-kg firefighter slides down a fire pole. The average frictional force everted on him by the pole has a magnitude of 700 N, and his speed at the bottom of the pole is 3.4 m/s. How far did he slide down the pole?
  45. Spanish Questions?

    For 16 I think you should just do some research on what the games are like then you can find out what's different. Just google Pan American and Olympic Games and look up information on Wikipedia for comparison. The answer to 17 is the theory of natural selection. Darwin ...
  46. Algebra

    Well if you look up Cowling's rule it states:fraction of the adult dose obtained by dividing the age of the child at the nearest birthday by 24 (source internet dictionary). So let's let the age of the child be represented by the variable x. so x/24 is the fraction of ...
  47. algebra 1

    I think you may have messed up on your signs a tad because you added 18 to both sides instead of subtracting it. 18-3w=4 +3w +3w -4 -4 You can add over the 3w to make it positive and subtract the four from the 18 like so 18-4=3w 18-4 simplifies to 14 so 14=3w now divide by 3 ...
  48. Physics

    A marble rolls off a lab table that is 0.92 m high. It rolls off the table with a velocity of 1.66 m/s. How far from the base of the table must the chip be placed so that the marble will hit the chip?
  49. Calculus

    Looks good
  50. S.S

    You can find the answers to these questions online just by googling them.
  51. social studies

    1. C 2. C 3. B 4. A
  52. social studies

    4. a. Anglican
  53. Physics - Spring Gun

    A toy gun uses a spring to shoot a ball with a mass of 5.0 g. The spring is “loaded” by compressing it 5.0 cm and has a spring constant of 288 N/m. The end of the spring is at the end of the gun (the ball does not travel any distance inside the gun after the spring) ...
  54. Soil Science (PAW), HELP!!

    a) If the silty clay loam soil profile is 1 meter deep, how much plant available water (cm) can potentially be held in the upper meter of soil? b) If the silty clay loam profile is 40 inches deep, how many inches of plant available water can potentially be held in the upper 40...
  55. pre-calculus

    You are given a pair of equations, one representing a supply curve and the other representing a demand curve, where p is the unit price for x items. 80 p + x - 380 = 0 and 84 p - x - 40 = 0 a. Identify which is the supply curve and demand curve and the appropriate domain. Put ...
  56. College Science

    A chandelier is suspended by two identical, vertical chains side by side. The chandelier's mass is m = 5.3 kg. A. If the tension in one chain is represented by T, write an expression for this tension in terms of m and g, the gravitational acceleration on the Earth's ...
  57. physics

    a particle is moving in a straight line the particle starts with speed 5ms and accelerates at a constant rate of 2ms for 8s it then decelerates at a constant rate coming to rest in a further 12s find the total distance during 20s it is 230 but i don't understand how
  58. Physics

    A block of wood of mass 1.2kg initially at rest is free to slide on a horizontal surface. A bullet of mass 100g travelling at a speed of 780ms^-1 is fired horizontally at the block and becomes embedded in it. Calculate the speed the block and bullet move off at immediately ...
  59. Math

  60. chemistry 112

    A volume of 60.0mL of aqueous potassium hydroxide (KOH) was titrated against a standard solution of sulfuric acid (H2SO4). What was the molarity of the KOH solution if 19.2mL of 1.50 M H2SO4 was needed? The equation is 2KOH(aq)+H2SO4(aq)→K2SO4(aq)+2H2O(l) Express the ...
  61. Social Studies

    It is B Guys
  62. business

    Functional. p 114 states that tactical planning concentrates on the formulation of functional plans.
  63. Algebra

    the points (1,4), (3,8) and (8,3) lie on the graph whose equation is of the form: y=a|x-b|+c where a,b and c are real numbers. find a,b and c.
  64. global studies

  65. English

    What is rhyme scheme?
  66. physics

    The second part of the problem can be solved through the following method: Ki+Ui=Kf+Uf, which indicates that the inital KE+initial PE=final KE+ final PE. Because there is no inital KE or final PE, those values will both be zero. You are then left with just mgh=1/2 mv^2. You ...
  67. Biology

    What are some of the reasons why everyone does not have the same pulse rate at rest. I think is would be your age, weight,stress.. but i am not sure
  68. Biology

    A 50 year old male who is not overweight and has normal blood cholesterol levels suffers a heart attack. Propose a possible explanation i think the answer would be genetics...
  69. Chem (general)

    Thank you so much for the help Dr. Bob222! I was thinking there wouldn't be anything left since it was the limiting reactant but just wanted to make sure . Thanks again!!
  70. Chem (general)

    Little confused on how to get part B. A) if 3.00g of hydrosulfuric acid is reacted with 3.00g of silver nitrate, calculate the mass (in g) of solid silver sulfide formed. Which is the limiting reactant? (Hint: the other product is nitric acid). B) calculate the moles of EACH ...
  71. math

    write a ratio in 3 ways, comparing the first quantity to the second. A week has 5 school days and 2 weekends. Second question about 1 in 4 people swims at least 6 times each year.
  72. geometry

    Obtuse angle
  73. physics

    A bullet is fired straight up from a gun with a muzzle velocity of 214 m/s. Neglecting air resistance, what will be its displacement after 8.2 s? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of m
  74. Science-HELP?

    thank you ms. sue and damon
  75. Science-HELP?

    A map of Florida is an example of a(n) ________. *I researched this a little bit and I thought it might be peninsula. Can someone verify this for me please? There aren't any choices either.
  76. Physics

    Scientists are experimenting with a kind of gun that may eventually be used to fire payloads directly into orbit. In one test, this gun accelerates a 1.9-kg projectile from rest to a speed of 5.1 × 103 m/s. The net force accelerating the projectile is 8.6 × 105 N. ...
  77. Math

    Scores on a marketing exam are known to be normally distribute with mean and standard deviation of 60 and 20, respectively. The syllabus suggests that the top 15% of the students will get an A in the course. What is the minimum score required to get an A?
  78. Oceans

    (I think I'm supposed to use residence time?) About 30,000 years ago, during the last glacial maximum, glaciers and ice sheets stored enough water to decrease the sea level by 120 m. Presently, there are about 3.05x106 km3 of ice contained within the Greenland glacial ...
  79. SAT Math

    the answer is a
  80. SAT Math

    A student states that for any positive integer n is the sum of n successive integers is always divisible by n. Which of the following can be used to disprove the student's statement? Please provide answer and how you got it! A) 1+2=3 B) 1+2+3=2x3 C) 1+2+3+4+5=3x5 D) p+(p+1...
  81. math

    John can build 7 birdhouses in 5 hours, write an equation that will allow john to calculate the time it will take to build any given number of houses. HOW MANY HOUSES in 40 hours? #2 How long will it take to build 35 houses?
  82. math

    Thank you, once again.
  83. math

    A recipe for fruit salad serves 4 people. It calls for 2 oranges and 16 grapes. You want to serve 10 people. How many oranges and how many grapes will you need?
  84. Math

    Solve the given quadratic equation exactly using the quadratic formula. Write the solutions in its simplest form. Using a calculator, determine all irrational solutions to the nearest thousandth. Separate the solutions with a comma and list the smaller one first. For the ...
  85. Chemistry

    How many grams of sodium carbonate are in a sodium carbonate sample that contains 1.773x10^17 carbon atoms? How do I work this out?
  86. Chemistry

    How many protons are contained in a circular puddle of mercury that is 8.5 inches wide and .25 inches deep?
  87. science

  88. science

    what is another path that a scientist might follow using the data from an experiment that did not support the hypothesis .
  89. college physics

    A 52.2 kg parachutist lands moving straight downward with a speed of 3.75 m/s. If the parachutist comes to rest with constant acceleration over a distance of 0.794 m, what force does the ground exert on her?
  90. Math-HElP PLEASE??

    On a certain hot summer's day, 300 people used the public swimming pool. The daily prices are $1.75 for children and $2.25 for adults. The recipients for admissions totaled $613.50. How many children and how many adults swam at the public pool that day? There were ___ ...
  91. chemistry

    Calculate the volume in liters of a M copper(II) sulfate solution that contains of copper(II) sulfate . Round your answer to significant digits.
  92. math

    Bananas are $0.59/pound. What is the constant of proportionality?
  93. Math

    A is correct in my condition
  94. math

    Line through (0,b) and (10,-5) is perpendicular to the line through (a,0) and (-6,-3). If all ordered pairs (a,b) which make the first sentence of this problem true are graphed, they all lie on a line. Find the equation of this line.
  95. Math

  96. Math

    A number and its absolute value are equal. if you subtract 2 from the number, the new number and its absolute value are not equal.What do you do about the number?What is possible number that satisfies these conditions?
  97. P.E

    Mr. Smart is wrong, there are only 3 questions, not 5.
  98. Math-PLEASE help me

    i don't understand
  99. Math-PLEASE help me

    Ohhhh, ok. I understand now. Thank you Mia so much! You've been most helpful. :D Goodnight.
  100. Math-PLEASE help me

    I was just about to reply and tell you that I subtracted when I was suppose to add but you replied first. :P So when I added them together I got 0. But you said my math was correct. I'm confused. >_<
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