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One more for Damon!
Nevermind. It's a., right?

One more for Damon!
Sorry just this last one! 1. Raymond buys bottles of water at $2.10 each and a large pizza at $12.99. The total cost was $21.39. How many bottles of water, b, did he buy? a. 2.10b + 12.99 = 21.39; 4 bottles b. 2.10 + 12.99b = 21.39; 4 bottles c. 2.10c = 21.39 + 12.99; 6 ...

Math I'm DYING!!!
Thanks SO SO SO SO much Damon!

Math I'm DYING!!!
Hey thanks, Damon still confused on number 1 though. the choices are; a. -2 b. 8 c. 18 d. 16

Math I'm DYING!!!
Ok, so I have the answers to 3., 4., and 5. But 1. and 2. I'm confused about.

Math I'm DYING!!!
1. y - 5/3 =1 2. Combine like terms: -21a + 16a 3. Simplify the expression: 9a - b - 2a - 10b 4. 5(x + 10) + x 5. -4n + 7 + 2n = 1 Thanks for everything!!

Computer Science
On python/pyscripter using the turtles i have to write a program that has 3 functions: drawA(), drawB(), drawC() each draw a letter and advance the turtle on to where the next letter will begin. Once these functions are working correctly, have your program write "ABCBA&...

how do you solve this trig identity? i don't get it at all! cos(a+b)cos(a-b)=cos^2a-cos^2b-1

Algebra 1
Can someone please help me understand this. This is not graded or anything I just want to know how to do this. - Chloe rolls two-sided number cubes and adds the numbers showing on the cubes. What is the probability that the sum of the number cubes is even or five?

What mass of water has 6.70 x10^23 molecules? I keep getting 2.005e47 On my calculator but the answer key says 20 g . 6.70x10^23 molecuels *1 mol/6.02x10^23*18.02 g H2O /1 mol That's how I set it up.

An inverted image is magnified by 2 when object is placed 22 cm in front of a concave mirror. Determine the image distance and focal length of the mirror.

From the fringe pattern of an empty Ir cell, the following wavenumbers were found for a seies of consecutive fringes: 3011.11 cm, 3058.12 cm, 3108.89 cm, and 3157.75cm, 3205.64cm, 3254.54 cm, 3303.26 cm. With a suitable graphical plot, calculate and express the answer to the ...

Elin estimates her probability of passing French 0.6, passing chemistry is 0.8, (a)determine the probability that elin will pass French but fail chemistry (b) pass chemistry but fail French (c) pass both classes (d)fail both classes

There are 20 bikes in spinning class, the bikes are arranged 4 rows, with 5 bikes in each row. They hope to be in the same row, but cannot request specific bike. Determine the probability that all 5 friends will be in same row with Jeff and dariya at either end.

Mark plays basketball and he scored 6 times in 8 shots. He says odds in favour of him scoring are 3:4 is he right? Explain. I said he is wrong because 6/8=3/4 which is the probability and the odds in favour for him scoring are 3:1. Am I right?

Solve for n: (n-2)!/(n-3)!=15 and (n-2)!/(n-1)=12

What would be the mass in grams of one million (1.0*10^6) chromium atoms?

The Answer Is Irritability

The answer is Twice

Sodium nitrate reacts with copper (II) hydroxide. I know how to write it down: NaNo3+CuOH2----> NO REACTION The problem is that I don't understand why it's no reaction I know it's double replacement and we have to look at activity series of metal to figure out ...

Brain I just took the test and got it right

The Answer is B Towards I just took the test and got it right

Health part 2
The answer is A Away from I just took the test and got it right

most of the euro population were peasants.

Ok, so the problem was about a person with 300 feet of fence to make a rectangle enclose. The person also wanted to use the fence to split the enclose to two parts with the fence paralel to two of the sides. Find the dimensions So I am confuse on how to solve this.

Im working on prepostional phrases and need help with these problems: What is the prep. or prep. phrase and indicate whether it is an adj. or an adv? 1. An aid car raced through 3 red lights. 2. Latecomers may enter the theater only between acts.

Why are small balloons cheaper than large balloons?

louisiana purcahase
1.what was the Pickney treaty? 2.why did president jefferson want to buy new orleans from france? 3.why was napoleon willing to sell the entire louisiana purchase?(2reasons) much did the U.Spay for the Louisiana territory? much larger did the U.s get from this ...