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(x+y)^2= x^2 + y^2 + 2xy so add the values 12^2=x^2 + y^2 + 100 x^2+y^2=44

well i think you got the question wrong anyway the tenth term is 1/128 the first term is 4 the "r" is 0.5

surface area of cone=pi(radius)(s) + pi(radius)^2 "s" is the slanting edge of cone s^2=height^2 + radius^2 s=(100+49)^1/2 s=12.2 so surface area=pi(7)(12.2) +pi(49) =134.44(pi)

Math 9
lets call your drink cost x your sons y and daughters Z so x+y+z=12.9 and y=x+2.2 and z=x-0.9 so x+x+2.2+x-0.9=12.9 solve for x you get 3x=11.6 x=3.867

first made = 60*8=480 second made= 80*6=480 together= 960

it will take = (5976*10^21)/75=7968*10^19 humans it will take (1.14^n)*6.8x10^9=7968x10^19 n comes out to bw 26.4

Part a 1) 877.2 2) 886.794 3) 901.07 4) 922.2 5) 953.56 6) 982.45

tell the taste of these types of water well water mineral water fresh water tap water earated water?