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  1. Math

    I have that 29/35 is painted and 6/35 is left to paint. I also know that 3 5/12qts were used to paint the 29/35. But I do not know how to do the work on how much paint will be needed to finish the 6/35 that is left to paint
  2. english

    true or false: william shakespeare followed the elizabethan structure of a four act play
  3. Statistics

    A coin is tossed 7 times. What is the probability that the number of heads obtained will be between 2 and 4 inclusive? Express your answer as a fraction or a decimal number rounded to four decimal places.
  4. Chemistry

    For the reaction CS2+3Cl2=CCl4+S2Cl2, calculate the percent yield if 719 g of CCl4 are produced when 410 g of CS2 react w/ an excess of chlorine. I have absolutely no clue on how to do this!! If I could get some help that would be great!!
  5. Chemistry 20

    Lab: Determining the Quantity of Vitamin C in Fruit Juice Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, is commonly found in commercial fruit juices and drinks. In this activity you will analyze data collected from a titration analysis of a fruit juice. The nutrition facts for a 200-...
  6. science

    0.150 L of 0.420 M H2SO4 is mixed with 0.100 L of 0.270 M KOH. What concentration of sulfuric acid remains after neutralization?
  7. physics

    a sled mass of 50kg is pulled horizontally over flat ground. the static friction coefficient is .30, and the sliding friction coefficient is .10. what minimum amount of force must be applied to the sled in order to start it moving? i got 147.15N what amount of applied force ...
  8. Language Arts

    1. What is the term for the part of a story that sets up the story's ending? (1point) exposition conflict falling action ** resolution
  9. Technology

    Which of the following describes the operating system? A - It commands and controls all of the hardware and other software applications ** B - It contains the circuitry that processes the information coming into the computer. C - It is one of the physical components of the ...
  10. Math

    I got 140.
  11. Math

    Tony works in a factory that produces 1,000 computers each day. When 50 computers were sampled, it was fount that 7 were defective. Estimate how many defective computers are made each day.
  12. International Economics

    Please use one graph per country and show both the autarky and the free trade equilibrium on each graph. Consider the following data on the factor endowments of two countries A and B: Countries Factor Endowments A B Labor force: L 100 workers 50 workers Capital Stock: K 60 ...
  13. math help plz?

    Yeah thanks.
  14. math help plz?

    Ok so A? And the difference is 9.
  15. math help plz?

    I "think" that's what he meant. @Katie
  16. math help plz?

    Can someone help me plz? Oh and where u see _> the line is underneath the > I just didn't know how to get it under there. Bobby hopes he will someday be more than 7 inches tall, he is currently 61 inches tall how many more inches, X, does Bobby need to grow to reach ...
  17. Math please help!!

    A parallelogram has adjacent sides of 78 inches and 90 inches, and the angles between them is 35 degrees. Find the length of each of the diagonals.
  18. Math

    A parallelogram has adjacent sides of 78 inches and 90 inches, and the angles between them is 35 degrees. Find the length of each of the diagonals.
  19. math

    An engineer sees that the angle of elevation to a vertical tower is 45 degrees. When he moves 40 feet closer to the tower on the same straight, level path, he sees that the angle of elevation becomes 55 degrees. How tall is the tower?
  20. History

    Thank you
  21. History

    Which was not a sign of a religious resurgence in the 1950s? A. adding "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance B. posting the Ten Commandments in federal buildings C. adopting "in God we trust" as the national motto D. using the media to deliver religious ...
  22. Please help -_-

    I put please help because you guys are ignoring my previous posts witht the same question that I put "math" as it's subject..
  23. Please help -_-

    Troy can order a large or small snow cone. There are 16 flavors and 2 toppings from which to choose. How many ways can Troy order a snow cone? 120 64 32 30 Is it B? what do I do? You don't have to answer but can someone just tell me how could I answer this myself..
  24. easy math

    Troy can order a large or small snow cone. There are 16 flavors and 2 toppings from which to choose. How many ways can Troy order a snow cone? 120 64 32 30 Is it 64 or 32 what do I do?
  25. Math

    sorry thanks
  26. Math

    Troy can order a large or small snow cone. There are 16 flavors and 2 toppings from which to choose. How many ways can Troy order a snow cone? 120 64 32 30 Is it B? what do I do?
  27. Math

    oh, thanks
  28. Math

    why are there two 60s
  29. Math

  30. Math

    mars orbits the sun at a rate of 15 miles per seconds. how far does mars travel in one day? is the answer 360 miles in a day?
  31. math

    8+6+3+1= 18
  32. Math

    Early pay: Pay $60 before memorial day: swim any number of days Write an equation in slope-intercept form so that x is the number of days and y is the cost.
  33. science

    4 answers energy flow in ecosystem?
  34. Biology check my answers

    Every eukaryotic cell has genetic material, A Nucleolus , A cell membrane, Ribosomes,and a Cytoplasm. The genetic material in the cell, (the DNA) is in a chromatin which allows the DNA to then fit inside the nucleolus. The nucleolus makes ribosomal subunits in the eukaryotic ...
  35. english

    Will you please give some points on adventure? I need to make a speech.
  36. math

  37. Math

    Randi takes the stairs at work whenever possible instead of the elevator. She must climb up 51 steps from her office to get to the accounting department. The human resources department is 34 steps below her office. How many steps are there between human resources and accounting?
  38. Math Help

    2y/4 - y/7 = y-3/2 (y-3 are in the numerator)
  39. Math

    1. is -152
  40. Math

    Rational Equations Solve: How do you work it out? 1. x/4 - x+2/3 = 12 (x+2 are in the numerator) 2. 2y/4 - y/7 = y-3/2 (y-3 are in the numerator) 3. p/6 - 2p/5 = 4p-5/15 (4p-5 are in the numerator)
  41. Math

    Thank You Reiny
  42. Math

    Rational Equation solve: x/2 - 1/3 = x/4 I got 4/3
  43. Math

    That's how I got 4/3
  44. Math

    Your suppose to solve for x
  45. Math

    Rational Equation, how do you work it out I need to check my work. x 1 x — - — = — 2 3 4 I got 4 — 3
  46. Math

    (2n + 2)(6n + 1) Find the product.
  47. Math

    Find the exact solutions of the equation In The interval.. Sin 2x -sin x=0
  48. algebra help please ASAP

    Express in simplest form. 1. -4/x^3 + 9/x + 2/x^2 2. 7/10x^2 + 1/2x^3 + 11/5x 3. a + 4/3a + 2a - 1/5a^2
  49. algebra help please

  50. algebra help please

    add and simplify 1. a^2/2 + 3a^2/8 2. 4c/15 + 8c/25 i need help can someone explain please
  51. algebra 1 help please ASAP

    Divide and simplify. 1. 2y^2 - 7y + 3/2y^2 + 3y - 2 divided by 6y^2 - 5y + 1/3y^2 + 5y -2 2. x^2 + 13x + 12/x + 2 divided by (x + 1) Please explain! Thanks!
  52. algebra 1

  53. algebra 1

    and then #2 is 1/a^3?
  54. algebra 1

    isn't #1 2x^2?
  55. algebra 1

    divide and simplify . 1. 5x^4/3 divided by 5x^2/6 2. 3/a^5 divided by 3/a^2 3. 6m^4/5 divided by 2m Can someone help me do these? and explain them? because I don't understand how to do them. thanks.
  56. geography>3

    i have some more questions to ask you but thank you for helping me with this one!
  57. geography

    i was talking about the time period of world war 2. is the answer kimmy p. gave me right?
  58. geography

    why did european leaders believe that an economic alliance would help prevent war?
  59. physics

    How am I supposed to answer this question on the lab write-up? I have the date, but I don't know the formula or process to use. Thanks. Organizing Data: Using your estimate of the threshold frequency from your first data table and your measured value of ft for sodium from ...
  60. Math

    Josh wants to get an average bowling score of 135. He will bowl 4 games. How many total points will he need for all 4 games?
  61. Algebra

  62. Physics

    A person, sunbathing on a warm day, is lying horizontally on the deck of a boat. Her mass is 59.6 kg, and the coefficient of static friction between the deck and her is 0.696. Assume that she is moving horizontally, and that the static frictional force is the only force acting...
  63. physics

    A catapult gives a rock a vertical velocity of 122m/s. a. Determine the time the rock is in the air. b. Determine the maximum height the rock would reach. c. As the rock leaves the catapult the rock also has a horizontal velocity of 34m/s. solve for the rocks range. d. Solve ...

    The answer key has written 12 degrees C as the answer, but I don't get how they got that answer. HELP!

    What will be the final temperature if 1.9 x 10^2 kJ of heat is added to 0.5 kg of ice at 0 deg. C?
  66. physics

    John runs at 4.6 m/s for 7.53 s along the x axis. How far does John run? Answer in units of m AND What relationship should be used to solve this situation? 1. x = v − t 2. x = v t 3. x = v + t 4. None of these 5. x = v
  67. physics

    John runs at 4.6 m/s for 7.53 s along the x axis. How far does John run? Answer in units of m
  68. 7th Grade x y input output tables

    i need help with x and y input output tables for 7th grade i don't understand what 5x means or what to do! Math hw problems: 1. y=4x+3 x=1,2,5,10,20 2.d=3.5t t=1,2,5,10,20 Please help ASAP!!!!!
  69. physics

    A ball rolls horizontally off a 3.2 m high table and lands 2.2 m from the end of the table. What is the horizontal velocity of the ball when it leaves the table?
  70. Math

    The mathematician Augustus DeMorgan lived his entire life during the 1800s. In the last year of his life he announced "Once I was x years old in the year x^2". In which year was he born?
  71. math

    A pizza was cut into eight equal pieces.Jack eats 3 1/2 pieces. what part of the original pizza did he eat?
  72. history

    In the book Shades of Gray by Carolyn Reeder what was Megs goals? Please help me. Thanks
  73. fractions

  74. Civics

    The Bureau of Indian Affairs
  75. American Government

    3.) It is a permanent fixture in Congress. The House often has a difficult time achieving a quorum, so to get around the quorum requirement the House convenes a Committee on the Whole.In this tactic, the entire House becomes a single committee and can operate with only 100 ...
  76. geometry

    A carpenter has been hired to cover a 12-foot by 14-foot kitchen with an arrangement of 2-inch square tiles along the outside edges of the floor and 8-inch square tiles for the rest of the floor. The 8-inch square tiles come 24 in a box and the 2-inch square tiles come 48 in a...
  77. math

    A recipe calls for 3 2/3 cups of orange juice.You want to make half of the recipe.How many cups of juice should you use?
  78. Math

    x+y=8 x+3y=14 Please help me solve each system of equation and show your work.
  79. Statistics

    steps to finding variance of sample data set.11 10 16 18 5 17 8 6 7
  80. Math

    Lee has 35 dimes and quarters that total $5.00. Solve the system of equations to find how many dimes and how many quarters he has. d+q=35 0.1d+0.25q=5 Please show your work thanks
  81. Math

    Forty-eight decrease by a number is the same as the difference of four times the number and seven. Find the number. Please help me and show your work please and thank you
  82. Math

    Mrs. Lincoln budgets her monthly take-home pay. The remainder she deposits in her savings account. She budgets 1/3 of her take-home pay rent, 1/8 for car expenses, 1/6 for food, 1/24 for insurance and 1/16 for entertainment. What is Mrs. Lincoln's monthly take-home pay if ...
  83. Math

    2(27+4x)+7x=21 Please help me solve this problem and show your work please and thank you
  84. Living environment

  85. Math

    Ok do you know how to do this one square root of 100/25 Please help
  86. Math

    What is square root for 25/4+1/2 Please help me
  87. Math

    Please help me solve this problem 7.53x10exponent negative 3
  88. Healthcare professionals

    high school student homeless people Professional business people
  89. Korean

    Can someone help me with the grammar of this sentence? Or just translate the english to korean? 그는 항상 연애운이 없었어요. It's suppose to translate to 'He is always been unlucky in love' ...
  90. History

    thanks again!
  91. History

    what was the goal of roosevelt's corollary to the monroe doctrine
  92. Math

    Write rules for using absolute value to compare two integers. Be sure to take all of the possible combinations into account.
  93. math

    2.51*10^2=251 is an example try to figure out what i did
  94. math

    possibly the point would be 2 as x and 1 as y or if y = 0 x is also 0
  95. social studies

    the goliad massacre?
  96. social studies

    thanks soooo much
  97. social studies

    which section would it be under and thank you,Ms. Sue
  98. social studies

    where did santa anna order the slaughtering of 350 men?
  99. >>>>MATH<<<<<

    how do would I round 4.3215 to the nearest thousand.
  100. physics

    A book on a shelf 2.0 meters above the floor has a mass of 1.5 kilograms. What is the gravitational potential energy of the book?
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