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Balkan Peninsula
What is the multiplier effect???

Can you help me with these question(s) please??? What substance does a cell use to power active transport? Describe the movement of material during diffusion. Describe the movement of material during active transport. I would appreciate any help whatsoever. Thank you. kathy

Thaanks Yoou!!!!!

Does that seem okay to submit for a "Quote by the student" assignment???

It measn if something is broken you cannot make it unbroken. I am broken so you cannot make me unbroken. You cannot break something that was unbroken just to break it. So you cannot do that to me because I am broken........any clearer?

You can't "unbreak" the broken. You can only break the unbroken to break the break of the unbroken. For me. You cannot "unbreak" me, for I am already broken, so you have no need to break the break because I am not unbroken. This may be a bit confusing ...