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In parallelogram ABCD,M is the mid point of diagonal BD;if BM bisects angle ABC,then what is the measurement of angle AMB?

There were 120 multiple choice questions.a candidate was given 1mark for each correct answercand penalised ¼ mark for every wrong answer.the candidate answered all the questions and scored 80marks.find the number of correct answers given by the candidate.

anthropology critical thinking
what fallacy is : On the Colbert Report, Steven Colbert regulary asked his guests: "George W Bush: a great president? or the greatest president?

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It will be 5/20

Many times, we are required to use statistical measures to try and construct a problem. We run a program for a 10 different inputs. The times are measures in 1-second intervals and none of them took 0 secs. a. Suppose the standard deviation of a set of times we run the program...

There is a mathematical theory called queuing theory that studies ways in which computer jobs are fed in CPUs and researches on how these can be reduced to a minimum. Show how can a computer estimate the average number of jobs waiting at a queue? Suppose that in a 5 sec ...

A 25 mF capacitor is connected to a source of potential difference 100V. What is the resulting charge in the capacitor?

i really need help in math. im just in 6 grader and i don't understand this' 24x - 10 = 18x - 4