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What are conventions? A. The events that lead to the climax of a novel B. The conflicts between the protagonist and the antagonist C. The traditions and rules that lead to a reader's expectations D. The difficulties a writer encounters in creating characters

An author of a detective novel is most likely to use figurative language to A. mislead the reader. B. suggest hidden meanings. C. entertain the reader. D. help the reader visualize a character.

Which of the words printed in italics in the following sentences is most likely to convey a denotative meaning? A. What time did he call? B. Deliver the goods soon, or else. C. Do you know what the owl signifies? D. The recipe calls for one pint of cream.

the novel
In The Call of the Wild, the bond between Buck and Thornton is best explained by observing that A. Buck found Thornton fair and just; Thornton found Buck dependable. B. dog and man were like mirror opposites. C. Buck had helped Thornton pay off his debts. D. dog and man were ...