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what was the basic aim in direct democracy? A. Majority rule B. Legislature C. Suffrage D. Bill of right

How do I get the answer to ?mass, 200 cm3volume, 6.843 g/ml=

Pre Algebra
I am having a problem with slopes and intercepts problems. Write each equation in slope-intercept form. Find slope and y-inercept. 3x - y = 14

boat dock is 9 ft above water level if a 41 ft rope is attached to the dock on one side and to the boat on the other side, what is the horizontal distance from the dock to the boat?

I am confused on this problem. k/5 + 3/20 < 3/10 I am not sure how to solve.

Jack runs 275 miles per day during soccer season. He has already run 25 miles this morning. He plans to run 2.5 miles each day. What is the fewest number of days he will need to reach his goal?

How do I solve this problem? 7(q + 2) + 3(2q -1) = -2

Think about how computer technology permeates society. Throughout the day, you encounter many types of computerized devices at the grocery store, fast food chains, school, and work. Describe one such device available today: Who uses it, what are they able to accomplish with ...

Please help with this problem x3 - x2 -6x=0