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If radio station call letters must begin with either K or W and must include either two or three additional? letters, how many different possibilities are? there?

Math 1105
- The heights of a ball (in feet) thrown with an initial velocity of 90 feet per second from an initial velocity of 90 feet per second from an initial height of 4 feet is given as a function of time t(in seconds)by s(t)= -16t^2+90t+4

ENC 1102
The story addresses a very sensitive issue that affects every culture, nationality, ethnic group, race and social class. Death is indeed quite an unpleasant aspect of life that many people do not like talking about. However, it is unavoidable since people pass away on a daily ...

PHY 1004
A projectile is fired with an initial velocity of 10.0 m/s at an angle of 30^0 above the horizontal. It is at ground level and returns to ground level.. Determine the projectile's horizontal range

Phy 1004
A= 50.0 lbs due East, B=100Lbsdue North. A+B= R,R=?

an object is dropped from rest the top of a building 19.6 m hi. calculate the a) time for the object to reach the ground and b) object's speed just before it strikes the ground

a ribbon is 3 2/3 yards long. Mae needs to cut the ribbon into pieces that are 2/3 yard long. I try 3 2/3 divided by 2/3 so the answer I get is 5 1/2. but when I used the model section I get 5 1/3. Please help me I am so confused.

INT. Algebra
suppose that W is inversely proportional to V. If W = 63 when V = 9, find W when V = 81

A person is selected at random from a population that has the following characteristics: 65% of the people are men; the others are women 12% of the men are smokers 7% of the women are smokers 1. Find the chance that the selected person is a non-smoker, given that the person is...

in a parallelogram abcd=28,bc=45,and ac=53. is the parallelogram a rectangle?

what does pluralism mean in a familial sense?

Chemistry--help me, please
how would you separate Fe3+ from Ba2+ in a mixture? Please explain and give an equation for reaction.

Business Math
Rex Corporation accepted a $5,000 8%, 120-day note dated August 8 from Regis Company in settlement of a past bill. On October 11, Rex discounted the note at Park Bank at 9%. What is the note's dicount period?

round 44-21

explain the three main techniques of persuasion?

ASAP math
how you do this: The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 36cm, and the area is 60cm. The length of the base is 3cm less than the length of a leg. Find the length of each side.

Native Americans
who is an indian? what is an indian tribe? how does an indian become a member of a tribe? do all indians live on reservations? are indians entitled to a free college education? are indians US citizens? did all indians speak one language? why are indians reffered to as "...