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The average human body has 1.4x10^2 g of total K within it. Calculate the activity in disintegration/year of the potassium-40 in the average human body using your value of t1/2 (or K) of this substanc

What force do you have to apply weighing 1000 ibs to have it accelerate to .2 m sec

Principles of Finance

Check my Science questions?
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An artifact was found and tested for its carbon-14 content. If 79% of the original carbon-14 was still present, what is its probable age (to the nearest 100 years)? (Carbon-14 has a half-life of 5,730 years.)

a boy is walking at dusk and notices his shado from a nearby street light. the boy is 5 feet tall and the street light is 12 feet above the ground. When the boy is 4 feet from the base of the street light how long will his shadow be?

prob 11: its a=3/5 as the probability of occurrence of |0> is 9/25 with normalisation, we find out b=4/5

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simplify 5+ 1/3x1/3x1/3-(1/9+1/9)

Simplify 2 3/18 + 5 3/12 - 4 2/4

5/22 - 1 /41 then reduce

Solve: Eighty people were invited to vote in thr extension club's elections and 9/10 of them voted. How many people voted in the elections?

Statistics: Analyze student exam scores Students were given an exam with 300 multiple choice questions. The distribution of the scores were normal and the mean was 195 with a standard deviation of 30. you may find it helpful to draw out this distribution before answering the ...

A speculator sells a stock short for $55 a share. The company pays a $2 annual cash dividend. After a year has passed, the seller covers the short position at $45. What is the percentage return on the position (excluding the impact of any interest expense and commissions)? ...

which of these two methyl orange and phenolphthalein gives more reliable and consistent results in the titration of H3PO4 with NaOH

PSY 285
how can social cognition may both positively and negatively affect one's attitudes and behaviors?

A weight of 30.0 N is suspended from a spring that has a force constant of 180 N/m. The system is undamped and is subjected to a harmonic driving force of frequency 11.0 Hz, resulting in a forced-motion amplitude of 5.00 cm. Determine the maximum value of the driving force. ...


12th grade
Find altitude of isosceles triangle if angle=53 degrees and base is 8 inches.

Find altitude of isosceles triangle if angle=53 degrees (the equal angles) and the base is 8 inches.

Find altitude of isosceles triangle if è=53 degrees (the equal angles) and the base is 8 inches.

12th grade
Angle elevation of sun is 25 degrees. Find the length the shadow cast by a tree 41 feet tall.

je sais faire la tarte aux pommes

physical science
What is a compound that has water chemically attached to its ions?

Need website showing regional cultural differences
world regions, thank you!

Need website showing regional cultural differences
a table would be great!

Keeping track of how much it costs to have a horse, per month: board, food, wormer, farrier work, etc.

Math Fractions Vocabulary
What is "one of two numbers whose product is one". It's in a crossword, 21 letters, 4th letter is "T". Please help!

History - Common Sense Thomas Paine
Why would the colonists loyal to the British object to Thomas Paine's Common Sense?