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Wanstead Engineering Case 9 The annual bonus for senior managers at Wanstead Engineering was first agreed in 1998. Since then the company has seen no need to make any changes to the way in which the bonus is calculated. Both shareholders and managers agree the bonus is ...

The fact that the distance to a galaxy is proportional to its velocity relative to the Milky Way indicated to Hubble that the universe is expanding.

Newton's law
7. A uniform flexible chain of length l, with weight per unit length lamba, passes over a small, frictionless, massless pulley. It is released from a rest position with a length of chain x hanging from one side and a length l-x from the other side. Find the acceleration a as a...

two dimensional kinematics
A freight train is moving at a constant speed of Vt. A man standing on a flatcar throws a ball into the air and catches it as it falls. Relative to the flatcar, the initial vellocity of the ball is Vib straight up. a. What are the magnitude and direction of the initial ...

two dimensional kinematics
A hammer slides down a roof of angle theta (with respect to the ground). It slides along the roof distance D. As it leaves the roof, a height H above the ground, it has velocity in both directions. Find how far from the base of the building the hammer lands.

two dimensional kinematics
If you can throw a stone straight up to a height of 16m, how far could you throw it horizontally over level ground? Assume the same throwing speed and opitimum launch angle.

two dimensional kinematics
A jetliner with an airspeed of 1000 kmlhr sets out on a 1500 km flight due south. To maintain a southward direction, however, the plane must be pointed fifteen degrees west of south. Ifthe flight takes 1 00 min, what is the wind velocity?

A bus with a vertical windshiled moves along in a rainstorm at speed V relative to the ground. The raindrops fall vertically with a terminal speed of V' relative to the ground. At what angle do the raindrops strike the windshield?

A rifle with a muzzle velocity of Vo shoots a bullet at a target R ft away. How high above the target must the rifle be aimed so that the bullet will hit the target?