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Mathie mathie mathie
Also ignore the $ signs.

Mathie mathie mathie
Solution: Since the graph of $Ax + By = 7$ passes through $(x,y)=(2,1)$, we have \[2A + B = 7.\] Two lines in the Cartesian plane are parallel if their slopes are equal. We find the slope of each line by solving each equation for $y$, thereby putting each equation in slope-...

Brit Lit
.___. oh um i didnt know. this is literally the second time i have posted

Brit Lit
okay here are the new answers for those 5 b 6 e 7 c 8 a 9 a

History - please check my answers
1. Which of the following statements best support the importance of a free and responsible press to the healthy functioning of a democracy? Select all that apply. (2 points) A free press protects the individual rights of all people.<< A free press encourages an informed...

Social Studies
I would think A

English (please check my work !)
Thank you!

English (please check my work !)
Hmm I'm pretty confident in 1 and 3 so I'll take another shot at 2 and 4. 4.whomever

English (please check my work !)
Mr. Williams is the teacher (who, whom) went to such great trouble to help the students. *who 2. Would Agnes like to swim at Holden Pond with Ellie and (I, Me)? *I 3. What do you think about (his, him) being chosen as class president? *him 4. Introduce the guests with (whom/...

Math (please check my answer!!)
Whoops some of the question got cut off, I'm trying to prove vuts is a parallelogram.

Math (please check my answer!!)
1. Tri SVX is congruent to Tri UTX. Reason: Given. 2. Line SV is parallel to line TU. Reason: Given 3. Line SV is congruent to line TU. Reason: CPCTC 4. VUTS is a parallelogram. Reason: If a pair of opposite sides of a quadrilateral are parallel and congruent then it is a ...

American Government
You are correct for both!

English ( please check my answer!)
In “No Witchcraft for Sale,” what belief prevents Gideon from sharing his people’s knowledge with the Farquars? (a)He believes his people’s culture is sacred and cannot be shared even if it might benefit others. (b)He thinks white people are only interested...

Math (please check my answer!!)
Which of the following is the point of concurrency of the medians of the triangle? A. The incenter B. The circumcenter C. The orthocenter D. The centroid <<<

Math (please help!!)
Which of the statements about the picture below is true? Choose 3. postimg(.)org/image/qb71bjkjh/f11870c4/ A. F is the circumcenter of the triangle<< B. F is the incenter of the triangle C. F is the point of concurrency of the perpendicular bisector of the sides of the ...

Math (please help!!)
What information is incorrectly placed in the table? i65.tinypic(.)com/301mqo4.jpg I really don't know, can someone give me a hint?

Math (please check my answer)
tinypic(.)com/r/2h5i8et/9 << this should work

Math (please check my answer)
Write a proof for the following. I have 2 answers but I don't know what the other 2 would be? Can anyone help?i68.tinypic(.)com/k2nw9.jpg

One more!! What is the intent of the War Powers Resolution of 1973 document? A. to expand congress's power to authorize the president to come into the US to military action B. to give Congress the authorization to commit the US to military action C. to expand the power of ...

"Congress has not declared war since ww2. In eight occasions since then however it has a natural joint resolutions to authorize the president to meet certain International crisis with military force" What is the strongest conclusion that can be drawn from this ...

I think your correct

Anothwr easy way to work with percentage is to take the decimal and move it over one to the left and that will give you 10%. Since you 38.40 move the decimal over one to the left and you'll get 3.84. That is 10%, but since you need 15% divide 3.84 by two to get 5%- that is...

Math (please check my answer)
he figure below shows two triangles. Which statement about the triangles is true? i.imgsafe(.)org/c6dcf267d1.jpg The triangles are congruent by: 1. AAS<<< 2. ASA 3. SAS 4. They are not congruent

if you see the flash of a lighting bolt and 3 seconds later you hear the clap of thunder. how far away was the lighting bolt?

In a test for every 6 answers carlene got correct, she got 2 wrong. She got 54 correct answers. 1 how many questions did the test have? 2 express the number of questions she answered correct as a percentage.

Language Arts
Helper, you're an eediot


2Al (s) + 3Cl2 (g)  2 AlCl3 (s) i)obtain the limiting reagent. when 2.00 mole of Cl2 (g) is reacted with 54.3 g of Al (p). ANSWER : Cl is limiting reagant. 54.3gAl(p)/27 = 2.01AI(P) Initial = 2.01 mol 2 mol divied = 2.01/2 2/3 = 1.005 =0.67 cl is smaller than al . can ...

Science Project: Teeth
What can I write in the discussion center of my paper in APA Style? Before doing an experiment?

Science: Teeth
I'm doing a science project on how various acids affect tooth enamel. I'm planning to put the teeths in separate containers and fill 5 containers with coca cola, and 5 others with a citric acid drink. I'm also planning for two weeks to examine the teeths. What can ...

an airplane and a helicopter leave an airport in montana at the same time.The aircrafts velocities:v=225mph@20 degree,and v=102mph@49 degree.If these velocities are maintained which craft will cross the borderinto canada first? or do they arrive at the same time. Try the ...

AP Physics
a weather station releases a weather balloon.The balloon's buoyancy accelerates it upward at 15m/s sq.At the same time,a wind accelerates it horizontally to the right at 6.5m/s sq.What is the resulting acceleration

What is the normal boiling point in ∘ C ^\circ {\rm C} of a solution prepared by dissolving 1.50 g {\rm g} of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid, C 9 H 8 O 4 {\rm C}_{9}{\rm H}_{8}{\rm O}_{4}) in 75.00 g {\rm g} of chloroform (CHCl 3 ) ({\rm CHCl}_{3})? The normal boiling ...

if you know the lcm of 4 and 5, how could you find the lcm of 40 and 50

Can I please get a personification in the poem daffodils by William Wordsworth

A meteoroid is speeding through the atmosphere, traveling east at 24.5 km/s while descending at 11.6 km/s. What is its speed, in km/s?

How many grams of NaOH would be needed to react with 199 g of HCl? NaOH + HCl --> NaCl + H2O

What mass of KCl in grams is formed when 2.00 lbs of KC103 is decomposed? KClO3 --> KCl + O2

College Chemistry
Calculate activities of Ca2+ and F- and the solubility of fluorite (CaF2) in pure water at 25C without regard to possible hydrolysis. Assume that all activity coefficients are equal to one. Express the solubility of fluorite in terms of mol/L and g/L.

It's A

D) sent to american ""concentration-like" camps

Spanish (please help)
yo hago ellos hacen nosotros hacemos

Mi maestra favorita se llama _____ y la clase que ella enseña es_____. just fill in the blank with a your fav teachers name and subject she teaches

El caballo fue importante para los conquistadores Hernán Cortes conquisto el imperio azteca El conquistador de Peru fue francisco Pizarro

spanish III
1. Son ___nuestras____ tijeras : it is nuestras because the scissors are feminine and so the ours has to be female 2. Nuestros : very close you just have to change the nosotros to nuestros since it is "our" cats not "we" cats 3. "su" is correct :...

Calculus(Urgent help)
f(x)=x^3-3x^2+3x+1 near 2 (at a=2) A. Use Linear approximation to approximate. this underestimate or overestimate? Justify answer. C.Approximate f(2.25) using the linear approximation and compare the answer with the exact value. Thanks.

A volume of 10.0 of a 0.190 solution is titrated with 0.770. Calculate the volume of required to reach the equivalence point.

Calculus (Urgent Help)
The graph of y=cos x * ln cos^2x has seven horizontal tangent lines on the interval [0,2pi]. Find the x-coordinate of all points at which these tangent lines occur.

Also, how would this affect the connection of DNA and the histones?

What kinds of amino acids on histone tails are able to be phosphorylated and why?

a carnival ride is made so that at a certain point the floor can be lowered and the people inside don't fall. if this carnival ride has 2.0 m radius and rotates 1.1 times per second: a) find the speed of the ride. B) find the centripetal acceleration of a rider C) what ...

i don't get it

Fill in the blank. 1. Los amigos están viajando por un país europeo. Los amigos están viajando por _____________________. 2. Están haciendo un viaje que no cuesta mucho. Están haciendo un viaje _______________. 3. Lo están pasando muy ...

Yo me lavo ______ manos y ______ cara. yo cepillo los dientes y yo cepillo me pelo. Yo me pongo ______ ropa


7th grade
The economic theory that the prosperity of a nation depends upon its supply of capital, and that the volume of the world economy and international trade is unchangeable.

Algebra 2
can someone show me how to do it step by step please! Use a graph and table to solve each system. check your answer {y+x=5 {3x-5y=-1

yes it looks right to me Because all you needed to do is to plug in the value 39cm for x and calculate the answer, so u are correct.

Math - Implict differentiation
How do I find the value of d^2y/dx^2 for the function defined implicitly by xy^2 + y = 2 at the point (1,-2)?

Computer Science
What are two dimensional arrays and can they be seen anytime as a one dimensional array?

Differentiate in terms of x: 1] y = cos^3 5x 2] y = sec^2 3x

Rhetoric Writing
Hey I am doing a Process Analysis assignment. I chose "How a magician saws a woman in half" I need some help in finding information for this topic as it relates to the stages and steps taken in doing this magic. Also i will like to find some visual of how the magic ...

Somtething seems to be wrong with this question to me. This is what i got:[substitution method] y+2x=3 (1) y+2x=-4 (2) from equation (2)y+2x+-4 => y=-4+2x call this equation (3) substitute equation (3) in equation (1) -4+2x+2x=3 4x=7 x=7/4 for x =7/4, substitute x in ...

ok here is what i got: 8x+5y=184 (1) x-y=3 (2) from equation (1) 8x+5y=184 => 8x=184-5y x=184-5y/8 call this equation (3) substitute equation (3) in equation (2) 184-5y/8-y =3 (184/8)-(5y/8)-y=3 (184/8)-(13y/8)=3 (184/8)-3=13y/8 160/8=13y/8 20=13y/8 [cross multiply] 20(8)=...

This is the substitution method y-2x=8 (1) 2y+x=1 (2) From equation (1) y-2x=8 would now be y=8+2x you can call this equation (3) so now, we substitute equation (3) in equation (2) 2(8+2x)+x=1 16+4x+x=1 16+5x=1 5x=1-16 5x=-15 x=-15/5 x=-3 for x=-3, substitute it in equation (3...

susbstitution method
Well these would be two equation so: y=6-x (1) y=x+2 (2) so, substitute equation (1) y=6-x into equation (2) therefore, 6-x=x+2 6-2=x+x 4=2x 4/2=x 2=x for x=2, substitute x in equation (1) y=6-2 y=4 x=2 , y=4

Maths (limits)
how do i evaluated these limits: lim x --> 3 ((square root of x^2 +16)- 5)/(x^2 - 3x) lim x--> to infinity (2+ 100/x)

oh don't worry drwls, i now understand. thanks!

sorry i mean the top looks like a quadratic do i break it down or just leave it as it is and just plug in x=5 into the entire equation?

so drwls do i have to change the top into something similar or just plug in x=5 into the entire equation.

ok lemme write it over then: How do i find the lim x-->5 (x-3-2x^2)/(1+3x)

how do i evaluate this limit: lim x tends to 5 x-3-2x^2/1+3x

Hey thanks a lot Reiny. I got it..

How do i find the common ratio, when the 1st, 2nd and 7th terms of a A.P with common difference 2 are the first three terms of a G.P .

22...quotient of 18 and 2 = 9 sum of 22 and 9= 31...sbtracting the quotient (which is 9) from the sum..would equal 9.

A 50 kg skier is pulled up a frictionless ski slope that makes an angle of 8 degrees with the horizontal by holding onto a tow rope that moves parallel to the slope. Determine the magnitude of the force of the rope on the skier at an instant when a) the rope is moving with a ...

A car weights 1.30 X 10^4 N is initially moving at a speed of 40km/h when the brakes are applied and the car is brought to a stop in 15m. Assuming that the force that srops the car is constant. find a)magnitude of the force b)time required for the change in speed. If the ...