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"John"'s answer is incomplete. The real solution is: W_female: (235.1 - 197.2)/2 = 18.45 t-value for females: 2.048 SD_female: (W*sqrt(n))/t = (18.45*sqrt(29))/2.048 = 48.5 As stated, the margin of error for males is 10. We assume the t-value for males is 2 based...

Did anyone answer this?

Social Studies
anadian was once part of British and French. The people in Quebec are most likely French or have a French ancestry. They speak French their and counts it as a main language. I think Quebec want to break away because of its French history or canadian's involvement with ...

the perimeter of a dog park is 156 ft. If the length of the park is 2 ft. less than 3 times the width, what are the dimensions of the dog park?

1st Grade Math Fair Idea
Any ideas for math fair for my first grader using patterns?

whats the first term if the third term is 21 and the eighth term is 56?

write down four odd digits that summ up to 19.

why does it make a difference if you measure metabolic rate in terms of o2/animal or o2/g

For a population that has a standard deviation of 10, figure the standard deviation of the distribution of means for samples of size 3.

physical science
a force used to lift a 12-kilogram mass to a height fo 8 meters in 2 seconds does 1040 joules of work. how much force is used.

A protein molecule in its folded native state has one favored conformation, but when it is denatured it becomes a random coil, with very many possible conformations. What must be the sign of the change in entropy (S) for the change native---> denatured Would this be ...

forget k x/100 _______ (6-x)/100 solve for x

k= x/100 _______ (6-x)/100 how to work? what to do next??

30g malononitril in 300ml water, soluabiltity 20g/100ml in ether...13.3g/100ml water. what weight recovered by 3 100ml extractions using ether..i need to work??

what volume? sorry out of school for 30yrs! also 2nd part give soluability of 20/100ml in ether & 13.3g/100ml in water and the experiment is being done with 30g (mw 188.61) in 300ml of water to be extracted wih ether. I don't knwo how to proceed

300ml aq solution of 30g malononitrile extracted w/ether If K = 1.5 what results would be acheived from 3 100ml portions of ether...MORE importantly how do you work the problem..thanks

In a survey of 50 students, 23 owned cellular phones, 18 ownded digital cameras, X owned cellular phones and digital camera, 2X owned neither. a) How do i write an expression in X for the Total number of students in the survey and how do i find for X????

on the impeachment of the chief justice of the supreme court who tries the case

i Craig: I am already having trouble understanding Chapter 6, problem 2 on page 207 of textbook. I am currently on week 3 of the FIN 200 class. The problem reads as follows: If you require a 9 percent return on your investments, which would you prefer? a. $5,000 today b. $15,...

What are the procedures for easement in civil court

can you give me a list of topics I can write a speech on? For example: If I wanted to write to the MTA about getting the trains to be on time or more available trains to come more often. I need to persuade an audience to better something.