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  1. geometry please help!

  2. geometry please help!

    can someone help
  3. geometry please help!

    my answer a and c
  4. geometry please help!

    1:Which of the following equations represent nonlinear functions? y=5-2/3x y=5x^2+7 y=1.5x-0.25 y=3 y=10/x+20
  5. geometry please help!

    fine I can get a bad grade
  6. geometry please help!

    at least with number 1?
  7. geometry please help!

  8. geometry please help!

    can you help me with my other two?
  9. geometry please help!

    oh thanks
  10. geometry please help!

    plz help :(
  11. geometry please help!

    I also have two other questions. 1:Which of the following equations represent nonlinear functions? y=5-2/3x y=5x^2+7 y=1.5x-0.25 y=3 y=10/x+20 2:What would the graph of y=3/4x-7/8 look like? A: straight line B: a parabola C: a curve D: none MY answers are for number one a and ...
  12. geometry please help!

    what would the graph of y=x^2+1 look like? A: a straight line B: a parabola C: a dotted line D: none of the above I think b plz help!
  13. Math HELP

    thx bobpursley, is A right?
  14. Math HELP

    I did what you said Ellen and got A. Am I right?
  15. Math HELP

    I still need help to.
  16. Math HELP

    I Really need help, Plz respond.
  17. Math HELP

    use the function rule f(X) =3x-2 find the output f(1.5). A: 2.5 B: -2.5 C: 6.5 D: - 6.5 I Guess A. Please help!
  18. science help

    Never mind I turned in my test and got an F.
  19. science help

    Please help!
  20. science help

    My answer is C.
  21. science help

    What is a genetic mutation? A:the process of decreasing chromosomes numbers to half of what the parent cell has. B:the copying of DNA to form identical daughter cells. C:a permanent change in an organisms genetic code. D: a fusion of egg and sperm cell to produce a new ...
  22. Science HELP!

    so is D right?
  23. Science HELP!

    Can anyone help?:(
  24. Science HELP!

    2:What is the genetic code? A:The order of amino acids in proteins makes up the genetic code. B:The order of amino acids in mRNA makes up the genetic code. C:The order of nitrogen bases in tRNA makes up the genetic code. D:The order of nitrogen bases in DNA makes up the ...
  25. algebra help!

    8) While eating in the cafeteria at school, 65%, or 26, of the students in the class ate pizza. find the number of students in the entire class. My guess is 17 students?? PlZ Help!
  26. Art help!

    my guess is 3.
  27. Art help!

    8. In the painting Zues by David H. what did this artist experiment with to create the drawing of Zues? 1. Materials 2.critique guidelines styles 4.politicaal cartoons
  28. social studies

    under the principle of separation of powers, each of the following is a branch of the U.S. government EXCEPT What? 1)legislative 2)federal 3)executive 4)judicial
  29. math

    Top player's scoring average changes from 20 points per game to 24 points per game. What is the percentage of increase. 1:20% 2:16.7% I think 2??
  30. Science- RE-DO

    they are right
  31. Science

    its 3
  32. language arts

    Please, I did not do anything. Thank santana. :l
  33. language arts

    Santana is correct. All of the others are wrong. Don't get confused. If you are in connexus, the answers are: First read of diary of anne frank: B, D, B, B, A. Second read: C, D, C, B, C. P.S. Take in note that these are 100% correct. I took the test right now. Thank ...
  34. Art

  35. English

    thx those answers are right"we prob take some classes"
  36. Language Arts

    thx danny, :)
  37. health

    thx they are right! :)
  38. L.A

    Thanks Anonymous, the answers were right. :)
  39. LA

    thank you. I got 100% on those answers.
  40. S.S

    Ms. Sue is wrong for once!! IT IS D!
  41. S.S

    IT IS D!! I TOOK THE TEST! plz listen for this answer it is D!!!!!!
  42. LA

    thank you. the answers are correct.
  43. Art

    Ya Diana is correct. The answers are 1:C 2:B 3:D
  44. art

    "Your welcome" is not right it is 1:C 2:B 3:D
  45. L.A

    what is the answer? I need help.
  46. language arts

    thank you, those answers are right I got 100% on my quick check! I promise I'm not lying.
  47. Health And Physical Ed

    yup they're right! :)
  48. L.A.Help!!!!!!

    srry I guess that's a different test amandas right
  49. L.A.Help!!!!!!

    Hey Amanda stop giving false answers its not right and people actually need help so don't make them confused. 1:B 2:A 3:C 4:A 5:B
  50. Language Arts 8A

  51. Language Arts 8A

    Ms.Sue try's to help but she just wants to make sure she just doesn't give you the answer, you wouldn't understand the question if she just gave it to you. she is not a bioch she just tries to help you underappreciated people on her free time.
  52. Science -Check Answers-

    Soo, suck on that!
  53. Science -Check Answers-

    sorry for the late post
  54. Science -Check Answers-

    ohh, be quit "anonymous user" at least they helped. And yes 1 is solenoid and 2 is true.

    thx soooo much demonqueen I got all right!
  56. 2 question

    thanks they are right!!
  57. cyber-bullying

    ya she's right! :)
  58. social studies---check 1 question pls

    IT IS D! I took the test and D ( francis cabot Lowell) NOT C!! Plz I'm not lying its not c for that answer.
  59. Science

    um Mrs silverman why are you on this cheating website then? U can't sue because someone gave away an answer.
  60. Science

    um tt be nice and keep your mouth shut if all you have to say is rude things. I wouldn't want any answers from you anyway. Their probably wrong! Ps if you so insist of saying bad words learn to spell them correctly.
  61. Algebra

    thx its right! :)
  62. Math

    You r not Ms. Sue and Fardeen is right, please know the answers before telling people them, C C B A C they are 100% correct! I promise
  63. S.S. Check answers

    Hey I just took the test the answers are right. I don't know what you did but the answers are right!