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Us History
The Lousiana Purchase removed a major point of contention between the United States and a European power but left many others. Which areas of possible conflict remained, and what were the sources of these potential conflicts?

I donth Get it !...US History
Did the differing circumstances of Maryland and Virginia's founding affect the course of their respective development? If so, how?

Us History
What problems dogged the early settlements of the Chesapeake region?

Why did Europeans press westward during this period, instead of concentrating in the more easily defended coastal towns?

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how do i graph this quadratic funtion y=x(squared) + 4x - 4

Q1. FV= (1000*.09)+1000= 1090, PV= -1000, n=6, pmt= 140. Cpt I/y= 15.027%. They should be happy because they were making a less (14%) than the 15.027%. Q3. The current yeild is $80 (the coupon) divided by $901.40 (The current market value). Sorry my calculator is in the other ...

solve the equation: 4cos2*theta + 3cos*theta + 3 = 0 for values between 0 and 180 degrees If that is cosine squared in the first term, you have a quadratic equation. Normally cosine squared would be written in ASCII as cos^2 Theta.

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