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  1. ELA

    Patiently waiting for someone to help a struggling student bc i have nO IDEA WHAT IM DOING
  2. ELA

    In the poems "Concrete Cat", "Haiku", and Limerick", the poets chose different forms to express their thoughts and feelings about the subject. Imagine that their poetic forms changed. How would each poem be different if its form were exchanged with ...
  3. LA

    ....I don't understand. It would just be that that cat wouldn't be shaped like its subject, it would've been shaped as a regular poem that wouldn't make sence. And if a Haiku was written as a limerick, it wouldn't have its basic foundations anymore. A haiku...
  4. Math please help

    A B A D 100%
  5. Social Studies

    at least take advantage of the help your getting
  6. science

    Please help me with the following questions. 1. As the mantle heats up due t the heat from the core, it begins to rise. Why does this happen? A. Because density is increasing as temperature increases B. Because density is decreasing as temperature increses C. Because mass is ...
  7. English

    Well I thinking it would occur today, but i don't know what context the user wants
  8. English

    It should actually be: Today is the Smith family’s reunion

    What is the most notable thing that Jedediah Smith writes down in his Journal? "13 Jul 1827 – 3 Jul 1828 20th I went with the Trappers within a mile of the place where I struck the river on the last Apl. Above that there was no Beaver sign but considerable from the ...
  10. Science 6B

    BZG is correct. 100
  11. SS

    lol sorry but i am so used to getting on this because i get on it to somewhat bust other students for cheating because i get so tired of those people getting perfect grades when they didn't even do the work
  12. SS

    also hes just a tiny bit smart because if he would have used his name like a lot of other dum cheaters do i could have l could have looked him up on the school directory
  13. SS

    i wouldn't help him hes probbaly in 6th grade goes to connexus and as i was scrolling through this website i know that these questions are actually to a quick check in social studies cheater
  14. Math

    I pretty sure this was a question to a test
  15. American Government

    Smart isnt trash we have different test
  16. English

  17. English

    so you gonna use my username huh
  18. English

    Thank you Ms. Sue
  19. English

    My father's behavior was always different at Margaret's... at Margaret's, he would smile, and sometimes even laugh, and once she touched his hand, and he let her hand rest on top of his.
  20. English

    Using information in this passage, what is most likely true about Sal's father A.he and Mrs. Cadaver are not very good friends B.he and Mrs.Cadaver share a personal connection ~ C.he doesn't enjoy visiting Mrs. Cadaver D. He is determined to forget about Sal's mother
  21. @ Abby - connexus cheat banned

    i'm from connexus and I never use this to cheat I only get on for questions that i have no idea on and have already tried to figure out what it is. AND its not just connexus academy actually i've seen more people from K12 then i have connexus so get ur facts straight
  22. Math

  23. @Connexus cheat - banned

    this is really funny how u teachers call out connexus but dont call out K12
  24. la

    One night when Thurber crashes down from his army cot, Briggs comes to the immediate conclusion that the heavy headboard up in the attic had crashed down on the father, fatally injuring him. She started shouting and on hearing the shouts, Herman who is the narrator's ...
  25. Language Arts

    its b d d
  26. math

    i need help for connexus 2018
  27. Social studies

    Dab is cancer
  28. LA PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    If your doing Connexus language arts <3 is right i just got a 8/8
  29. History

    Is anonymous right? ^
  30. LanguageArts

    Wow Writeacher, you sure are a BIG help, aren't you?
  31. Algebra

    One angle of a triangle is 2 more than four times as large as the other angle. The third angle is three times the first angle decreased by 6. What is the measure of each angle?
  32. Social studies

    where the answers at
  33. Math

    Ahh another Lakeland student looking for answers. Damn this pre lab
  34. @ Hello -- Bye!

    Hi i go to connexus and i just LOVE how u people who are supposed to help always bring up connexus but i've seen way more people from K12 cheating but somehow no one ever talks about that do they i'm really tired of people just saying connexus students use this to ...
  35. Math

    whats 9+10?
  36. science

    im on the same question ripppp
  37. Social Studies

    so the answers are B,A,D
  38. Reading Process LA Q

    For lesson 2 unit 2 of language arts B connections academy, guest is right.
  39. math

    Zach is planning to invest up to $50,000 in corporate and municipal bonds. The lest he will invest in corporate bonds is $6000 and he does not want to invest more than $27,000 in corporate bonds. He also does not want to invest more than $34,650 in municipal bonds. The ...
  40. science (ASAP)

    not sure
  41. History

    Do you still need answers?
  42. american goverment check answers

    nonya right 1)c 2)c 3)a 4)a 5)C 6)c 7)a 8)c 9)d 10)b

    hey is right, i got 100%
  44. Math

    4 - t = 3(t - 1) - 5
  45. History Social studies

    omg 100 yay
  46. Social studies

    same maher
  47. english 1

    Thanks Daniel.
  48. Math

    Divide 75 into two parts so that twice the greater equals three times the smaller
  49. 8th grade ss plz help

    wait im taking that same thing
  50. Math

    I sent this in a little while back but the file got corrupted and I have to re do it and I forgot the answer please if it is not done today I fail the year. Simplify the polynomial 16x^2 + 2 + 2x - 15x^2 - 1 + 14x A:31x^2 + 16x + 1*** B:x^2 - 12x + 1 C:x^2 + 16x + 1 D:x^2 + ...

    1)b 2)b 3)c
  52. Education technology

    Thanks lit person 100%
  53. ELA

    I don't really think ur in college @loleris....
  54. Math

    Brain Teaser : Jimmy was born on January 12 2004. Today is September 22, 2008. How many days has he lived? 365 x 4 = 1,460 + 2 for the leap years, = 1,462? Is this correct?
  55. english

    i would ask mrs sue slinger
  56. math

    40 x 3 = 120 Half of 40 is 20 120 + 20 = 140 km
  57. History

    r u sure
  58. math

    is this right
  59. Art

    It is 100% correct guys
  60. Ms. Sue Please Check My Answers!

  61. Language

    dont listen to xrandomx sb is correct
  62. Science

    6th Grade is right
  63. social studies

    100% thnxxxxxxx

    actually 12/32 is equivilent to 4/8 so he is wrong it is actually 9/18
  65. Science

    Yes its abdc
  66. Science

    Thanks the answers are 100
  67. Spanish

    I think that is the correct answer
  68. Spanish

    well you forgot the moms teaching it
  69. math

    Zach is planning to invest up to $50,000 in corporate and municipal bonds. The lest he will invest in corporate bonds is $6000 and he does not want to invest more than $27,000 in corporate bonds. He also does not want to invest more than $34,650 in municipal bonds. The ...
  70. science

    youguysmakemefacepalm 100 percent
  71. Spanish

    so whats the answer
  72. Science

    How do layers B and D compare in age? If rock layers between B and D have eroded away, what is the boundary between B and D called? My answer: Layer D is older than layer B. If rock layers between B and D have eroded away, the boundary between B and D are called, an unconformity
  73. MATH

    It says How Many METERS long is the paper clip. he either typed it wrong or read it wrong. I have the same set of problems right now
  74. Language Art

    The answers for the quiz are B,C,C I got 100%
  75. math

    Don't know
  76. english

    the first one is A^^
  77. english help please!!

    Ms. Sue... not helpful at all.
  78. Language Arts

    B a c Is correct just got 100 :)))
  79. math

    The answer is C
  80. Language Arts

    @Fart Nugget you make it sound like BOO IS WRONG put the answers before Boo but BOO IS WRONG stole those answers
  81. Language Arts

    It's still D C A A for Connections. I tried it. It's correct. Lesson Name; Lesson 1: Setting Background for Dragonwings Language Arts 7 B Unit 4: Dragonwings
  82. science(check answers)

    Helping hand is correct
  83. p.e

    omg you lied too
  84. Drama

    if you are in connexus 7b the correct answers are dddca if you listen to anyone else you will fail.
  85. Language Arts

    ladykiller was correct for connexus academy 2018
  86. Language Arts

    ray is right and im not ray i just call my self random so my mom doesn't know its me she doesn't want me on this website so ray is right b bcd a these are the answers
  87. Math.

    D is correct idiots.
  88. Art

    You are 100% correct Tona Malo 3/3
  89. English

    Is honest 100% right?
  90. social studies

    I have the exact same questions r u on connexus lol
  91. 7th grade math

    a b c b c these are the right answers if you go to connexus trust me i don't want to get the wrong answers so why would i give them to other people who feel the same way.
  92. Art 7

    Anonymous is right... the first one. I took Mr. Smarts and got 0%.
  93. Art 7

    Would you ever be so kind to help me, Ms. Sue?
  94. Art 7

    1.An art historian notices that two neighboring cultures use a similar style when sculpting horses. This is likely an example of A. Shares interests in the equine form B. Baroque style C. Cultural exchange D. Orientalizing Style 2.An artist loved to work with smooth, flowing ...
  95. Math

    Is that so?
  96. English check

    Im from connexus
  97. Social Studies

    stop being butholes everyone makes mistakes
  98. math help!!!!! Thanks

    Wait so then who is the correct one
  99. Math( PLease help Ms. Sue)

  100. language arts

    This site is for homework help not for people to yell at him for asking a question on here... if you have a problem with it leave because you wouldn't enjoy getting yelled at for asking a question...
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