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How do I write a balance chemical equations? solid tin(ii) oxide with aqueous hydrogen fluoride to produce aqueous tin(ii) fluoride and water. SnF2(s)+H2(g)

50 grams

Three forces are applied to the ring of a force table,60N at an angle of 10.0 degrees, 40N at an angle of 70.0 degrees, and 50N at an angle of 100.0 degrees. Find the magnitude of the resultant and the direction by using the analytical method. What is the magnitude of the ...

what is the particle's average velocity in the y direction vy between t=0.200s and t=0.300s?

Ryan has nine 14ounce bags if popcorn to repackage and sell at the school fair.a small bag holds 3ounce how many small bags can he make?

On a test whose distribution is approximately normal with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10, the results for three students were reported as follows: Student Opie has a T-score of 60. Student Paul has a z-score of -1.00. Student Quincy has a z-score of +2.00. Obtain ...

Ethics - Christian-based
What are the pros and cons of using your conscience?

I also need some figurative language for this expository writeng targeted to teenagers reading the local newspaper.

I need help on adding voice to my writing. I need help on not being repetitive and making my sentences vague. Would you grade me out of 12 points? A valuable item is something that is given to you by a special someone, something that you will have forever to the end. Many ...

Can you grade me out of 12 points? Did I have any voice? Proofread my writing. A Valuable Item A valuable item is something that’s given to you by a special someone that you will have forever to the end. Many people have valuable items that they love, that don’t cost...

colllege chemistry
for the haber process for the synthesis of ammonia: N2(g)+ 3H2(g)= 2NH3(g), what is ΔG (kJ/mol) at298 K for a reaction mixture that consists of 1.5 atm N2,3 atm H2 and 1.8 atm NH3? [ΔG° f(NH3)= -16.66kJ/mol]

Assuming Alexa receives $20,000 in gross rental receipts, answer the following questions: a. What effect does the rental activity have on her AGI for the year? b. Assuming that Alexa’s AGI from other sources is $90,000, what effect does the rental activity have on Alexa&#...

Joe operates a business that locates and purchases specialized assets for clients, among other activities. Joe uses the accrual method of accounting but he doesn’t keep any significant inventories of the specialized assets that he sells. Joe reported the following ...

Axia College
what is the difference between prejudicial and nonprejudicial devices. what is an example of each.

Science - still need ideas- Help
I still need ideas for science reactions. For example on composition I used a smore. I drew the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmellow; then showed them combined. For decomposition, I drew a sandwich then becoming bread, meat and cheese. I'm stuck on signle replacement ...

I need an idea to show single replacement reaction and double replacement reaction. The example the teacher used was a single guy + couple dancing - Girl swithes partners. I have to be able to draw the!!


com 150
i need help in finding 3 credible sources for healthy eating