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  1. Science

    A boy travels a distance of 10 m towards south and then he runs towards east and travels 12 m in that direction. Calculate (i) the total distance travelled by the boy and (ii) the displacement from his initial position
  2. Math Calculus

    A cylindrical tank with axis horizontal has a diameter d and a length L. It holds oil to depth d ( d<D ) when a leak starts to drain off the oil at a constant rate k. How fast is the level falling
  3. Tourism

    A person personality stay the same throughout life
  4. Physics

    The speed of the tip of a second hand of length 5 cm of a clock is m/s
  5. math

    In how many years will RS 150 double itself at 4 persent simple interest?
  6. physics

    Three point sized bodies each of mass M are fixed at three corners of light triangular frame . In the above problem about an axis perpendicular to the plane of frame and passing through a corner of frame the moment of inertia of three bodiea is ??
  7. math

    A box of constant volume c is to be twice long as it is wide . the material on the top and four sides cost three times as much per square metre as that in the bottom. what are most economic dimensions ?
  8. English

    Write the characteristics of lencho.
  9. Maths

    Express 14 upon root six ? root 5 ? root eleven with rational denominator
  10. Maths

    What is corresponding parts of a congruent triangle
  11. Chemistry

    what is the OH- concentration of 0.08 M solution of CH3COONa
  12. math

    ice in a refrigerator melts at rate of 3 kg per hour. the temperature outside is 27°c. find the minimum power output of a motor used to drive the refrigerator,which just prevents ice from melting. latent heat of ice = 80 cal/g,J=4.2 joule/cal, 1 h.p = 746 w
  13. Physics

    Find the distance of the image when an object is placed on the principal axis at a distance of 10 cm. In front of concave mirror whose radius of curvature is 8 cm
  14. Math

    a swimming pool is 40m long 25m wide 6m deep find a cost of cementing of its floor and walls at the rates of ?135 square per meter
  15. math

    In an election there were 2 candidates the winner poled 53% votes and won by 9600 votes find total number of votes
  16. Science

    A craane lifts an 8000N height 75m to the top of a buildings in 30s. How much power does the crane use?
  17. Math

    1408 cm²
  18. Math

    A rectangular strip 25cm*7cm is rotated about the longer side. find the total surface area of the solid thus generated.
  19. dp

    What is the pressure due to a man weighing 80 kg standing on his feet? Area of his feet 160 Sq. Cm
  20. Science

    Car have more speed because car have less Mass
  21. maths

    but how to find you i don t know please try to find practical
  22. Geometric progression

    Sir it is last question after that no post any question
  23. Geometric progression

    If the fifth term of a G.P. Is 81 and second term is 24, find the g.p. Sir this question answer 16,24,36,54 please help
  24. Accountany

    What is legacy
  25. Math

  26. Geometric progression

    I don't know sir please help me
  27. Geometric progression

    If the continued product of three numbers in G.P. is 216 and the sum of their products in pair is 156. Find the numbers.
  28. Geometric progression

    Three numbers whose sum is 15 are in A.P. If 1,4,19 be added to them respectively the resulting number are in G.P find
  29. Geometric progression

    Express 0.54 as a rational number. sir this question answer is 6/11
  30. Geometric progression

    Fourth term of a G.P. is 40 and the tenth term is 2560. find the seventh term.
  31. Geometric progression

    If 5th and 8th terms of a G.P. be 48 and 384 respectively. find the G.P.
  32. Geometric progression

    The first term of a G.P. Is 5 and the common ratio is-2. What is the 6th term?
  33. Geometric progression

    Fin the sum of the series 12 terms.
  34. Geometric progression

    Find the sum of the series n terms.
  35. Geometric progression

    Find the sum of the series n terms.
  36. Geometric progression

    Find the sum of 8 terms of the G.P. 3,6,12,24,..... .
  37. Geometric progresson

    If a be the first term, b the nth term and p the product of n terms of G.P.,show that p2=(ab)n.
  38. Geometric progression

    The sum of n terms of a series is a.2n-b, find its nth term. are the terms of this series in G.P. ?
  39. Geometric progression

    Find the nth term and the sum to n terms of the series: 1+(1+2)+(1+2+2>2)+.....
  40. Geometric progression

    Find the sum of the geometric series 1+1/2+1/4+1/ 12th terms.
  41. Geometric progression

    Find the sum of series:
  42. Geometric progression

    First term and the sum of an infinite G.P. are 2 and 3 respectively. find the common ratio and sum upto n term.
  43. Geometric progression

    Find the sum upto infinite: 2/5+3/5>2+2/5>3+3/5>4+2/5>5+3/5>6+.....
  44. Geometric progression

    The first term of an infinite geometric progression is 1 and the sum of the terms is 13, find common ratio.
  45. Geometric progression

    The sum of infinite number of terms of a decreasing G.P is 4 and the sum of the squares of its terms to infinity is 1/3
  46. Geometric progression

    The sum of an infinite g.p. whose common ratio is numerically less the 1 is 32 and sum of the first two is 24.
  47. Geometric progression

    Find the sum to the n terms: 5+55+555+.......
  48. Math

    Express 0.54 as a rational number.
  49. math

  50. maths

    1Rs 100 paisa 7.50*100 750/400 15:8 answer
  51. Science

    500g of water at 100°c is mixed with 300g of water at 20°c.specific heat capacity of water is 4.2Jg°c.find the final temperature of mixture. (Physics)
  52. Science

    Post answer
  53. Math

    Show that of all the rectangle inscribed in a given circle,the square has the max area
  54. science

    all acids are not corrosive.justify this statement
  55. chemistry

    Henry's law constant for N2 and O2 is 1.6 *10^-6and 8.77*10^-7 molal/mm Hg at 298k.Air has 78 mole percentage N2 and 21 mole percentage atmospheric pressure the ratio of solubility of N2 and O2 in water is?
  56. Average

    In a class 20% students failed 60% students scored average marks and the remaining above average marks find number of students in the class ?
  57. Rt

    if a boy present age is 7 yr & his uncle present age is 31 after how many yr his uncle age was twice of his boy age
  58. mathematics

    Find the angle of depression of a boat from the bridge at a horizontal distance of 25 m from the bridge if the height of the bridge is 25 m
  59. Maths

    Find the volume of a cuboid whose base area is 10metercube and height is 6meter
  60. Physics

    The near point of a patient's eye is 58.2 cm. (a) What should be the refractive power ℛ of a corrective lens prescribed to enable the patient to clearly see an object at 22.0 cm? ℛ = dpt (b) When using the new corrective glasses, the patient can see an object ...
  61. Physics

    A person can see an object in focus only if the object is no farther than 35 cm from the right eye and 58 cm from the left eye. Write a prescription for the refractive powers ℛ (in diopters) for the person's corrective lenses. right eye dpt left eye dpt
  62. Science

    Expression for bernaulli theorem
  63. math

    If P (x, y) is a point on da line segment joining da points A(6,8) & B(-8, 6) prove that x+y=2
  64. Spelling

    Crazy glue is more cohesive than regular Elmer's glue. I have a very cohesive group of coworkers that help to reach our goals.
  65. Algebra

    is (x^2-a^2) the same as (x-a)^2. If so would (x^2-a^2)/x-a = x-a?
  66. Physics

    find the angle of banking of curved railway track of radius 600m if the maximum saftey sppedd limit is 54;km/hr .if distance beetween the rails is 1.6m find elevation ofvthe outervtrack above the inner track
  67. geometry

    if a circle is divided into 12 parts then what is the measure of each part in terms of radius
  68. dps dhanbad

    subject: math. distance=8m,speed=42/5centi/sec,time=?
  69. dps dhanbad

  70. KCC

    An electron has a speed of 500 m/Sec with uncertainty of 0.002% what is the uncertainty in position?
  71. physics

    which type of forces does a proton exerts on a proton inside nucleus? my answer-repulsion force
  72. English

    If they or someone nearby had only known the simple rules of water safety. How to make a question of this passage?
  73. physics

    car moving on a straight road covers a distance of 1.5 km due east in 150 second.what is the speed of the car?what is it's velocity?
  74. math

  75. Physical Chemistry

    The weight of one atom of uranium is 238amu. Its actual weight is ......g.
  76. Physical Chemistry

    The weight of one atom of uranium is 238amu. Its actual weight is ......g.
  77. chemistry

    are bhai answer Kya hai??????
  78. Theory of machines

    A locomotive is running at a constant speed of 100 km/ h. The diameter of driving wheels is 1.8 m. The stroke of the piston of the steam engine cylinder of the locomotive is 600 mm. Find the centripetal acceleration of the crank pin relative to the engine frame.
  79. Mathematics

    A cylindrical tube, open at both ends, is made of metal. The internal diameter of the tube is 10.4cm and its height is 25 cm. If thickness of the metal is 8mm everywhere, calculatd the volume of metal in the cylinder
  80. s.p s

    How we can write 26th December 2014 in five letters
  81. physics

    Define Newton's first law .
  82. physics

    Newton first law provides the measure of ???
  83. math

    find twonumbers such that the sum of twice the first and thric the second is 92 and four times the exceeds seven times the second by 2
  84. Maths

    Show that if the diagonals of a quadrilateral bisect each other at right angles, then it is a rhombus.
  85. physics

    Two identical small marbles A and B can be seen. A is at rest while B moves towards A at uniform velocity. The track is smooth towards left of P while it offers a resistance of 0.1 m/s2 towards its right. After some time, the marbles are seen at rest 25cms apart. After ...
  86. Physics

    v^2 - u^2 = 2as v^2 = 2(9.8)(2) + 35^2 v^2 = 39.2 + 1225 v^2 = 1264.2 v = 35.5
  87. statistics

    a study was conducted of all 1849 students in a certain country.whether the value is parameter or statistics
  88. physics

    if a electricity genreter move with the speed of 60km/h how much electricity they generate in 1 minute in volt
  89. Math

    Sin square 5 degree plus Sin square 10 degree plus Sin square 15 degree plus..........Sin square 90 degree
  90. math

    Question 2Sin50'cos60' answer sin110'-sin10'
  91. math

    Question Sin120-sin40=2cos80.sin40. Sidhd karo
  92. math

    Sin120-sin40=2cos80.sin40. Sidhd karo
  93. logical thinking

    Monica has eleven children and eleven apples. She wants to divide equal pieces of apples so that Apple is still left out.
  94. Marry gold english 2

    The Child in the poem think about his drawing will be as good as thiers.
  95. algebra

    Monika had 5 boxes of chocolates with her. If each box contains 25 chocolates. find the total chocolates she had.
  96. Physics

    Consider problem U concerning the geosynchronous satellite of mass 50 kg. It orbits at a radius of 42,300 km with a speed of 3076 m/s. a) How much energy is needed to lift the satellite from the earth's surface (Re=6,370 km) up to that radius? b) How much kinetic energy ...
  97. physics

    5 × 10ooo
  98. chemistry

    identify the type of reaction:- FeSO4 + heat ----------> Fe2O3 + SO2 + SO3
  99. physics

    0. 61
  100. physics

    Three tug boats are pulling on a cruise ship with three ropes. Two pull with a force of 1800 N each at angle of [N15°E] and [S24°E]. If the net force on the ship is zero, what must the tension in the third rope be?
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