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Can someone please proofread this paragraph for me. There are at least there traits of a self confident person such as. Determined independent and sociable. First of all a self confident person always believes himself and his abilities he often try and try in krder to achove ...

The isotope chromium-51 has a half-life of 28 days. If the original sample had a mass of 28.0 grams, what mass of the chromium-51 sample remains after 84 days?

Ricardo and Jane are standing under a tree in the middle of a pasture. An argument ensues, and they walk away in different directions. Ricardo walks 28.0 in a direction 60.0 west of north. Jane walks 16.0 in a direction 30.0 south of west. They then stop and turn to face each ...

Plz define the Gadani beach in paragraph minimum 100 words plz i got marks.