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Social studies

Hailhyrda is right 100%

3. Write the ratio as a fraction in simplest from. 28:48

social studies
why did the british stationize in the colonies after 1763

social studies
why did br station in the colonies after 1773

social studies
what were the 3 main effects of the french and indian war

social studies
what was the purpose for British to seize the hudson river valley

^ Oncology Department / 30m / /)45 degrees ^------------>/-------- | 50m | |40m | | Start (Parking)

a nurse walks along the shown route to get to the department of oncology determine the magnitude and direction of her displacement and fine the total distance traveled by the nurse? ^ Oncology Department / 30m / /)45 degrees ^------------>/-------- | 50m | |40m | | Start (...

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the angle between i +j and i is a. pi/6 b. pi/2 c. pi/3 d. pi/2

tax is $2.64

a square has a length of 5 inches. Then it is increased by 20%. Then the same square has a width of 10 inches and it is increased by 10%. How Many Percents has the area of the square been increased By? Thanx 4 your Help