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I figured out the answer to my own question. 9(0.75)/c^2=6.75/c^2=(sin^2)B. Using law of cosines, c^2=7. 6.75/7=27/28.

a triangle has vertices A, B, and C, and the respective opposite sides have lengths a,b, and c. If a=1, b=3, and C=60, then sin^2(B) is equal to ?

Heat loss rate= q/t= (0.97(2)(28-22))/ thickness of skin.

Go to: // Can you explain why number 12 is D?

The sides AB and AC of triangle ABC have lengths of 4 inches and 7 inches, respectively. The median AM is 3.5 inches. What is the EXACT length of BC. Show your work.

Math - Please Help
Find two positive fractions such that if we switch the denominators, the sum afterthe switch is 50 times the original sum.

AP Chemistry
ratedetrmining-step: 3X(g) + 2Y(g) = 4Z(g) When 2 moles of gas X and 2 moles of gas Y are placed in a 5.0L vessel, the initial rate of the rxn is found to be 0.45 (mol/L x min. What is the rate constant? P.S: I think k=1.875(L/mol x s) but im not sure.

AP Chemistry
A chemist mixes 200.0mL of 0.800 M Fe(NO3)3 and 300.0 mL of 0.750 M K2Cr04 and enough of either 0.400 M KOH or 0.400 M Pb(no3)2 to end up with only two spectator ions in solution. a. How much precipitate will be formed b. How many mL of KOH or Pb(No3)2 must be used c. What are...

The height of an isosceles triangle is 4r. The radius of an inscribed circle is r. What is the area of the triangle?

sum=(7.4)5=37. 37-11-12-5-3=x=6.

q=mct c is the specific heat in j per gram times degree celsius 150g*(4.18)(10)=6270 J

AP Chemistry
What is meant by minimum and maximum energy problems. Are there different equations to find them. What does this conceptually mean? * This is dealing with quantum chemistry such as plancks equation, and debroglie equation.

AP Chemistry
To eject electrons from the surface of potassium metal, 222kJ/mol of electrons are needed. a) What minimum frequency of light is needed to supply the required energy? b) What is the wavelength of this light? c) If potassium is irradiated with light having wavelength of 350 nm...

AP Chemistry
A typical laser pointer is rated at 5.0 mW. It outputs red light with a wavelength of about 6300 Angstrom. How many photons of laser light will be emitted from the pointer if it is used 120 seconds.

AP Chemistry
Microwave ovens emit microwave radiation that is absorbed by water as heat. Suppose that the wavelength of the radiation that is 12.5 cm in an oven that has a power rating of 900 watts. (1W = 1 J/s) a) How many moles of photons are released per minute b) how long will it take ...

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