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Determine the mass of copper that has the same number of atoms as there are in 15.46 mg of gold. Answer in units of mg.

Hailey’s new puppy, Sparky, weighed 4 pounds at six weeks old. If the puppy gains 2.5 pounds each month, at how many months will Sparky weigh 14 pounds and is it modeled by a linear function or a exponential function

J. Ryan discounts an 80-day note for $15,000 at 12%. The bank discount is (assume ordinary interest): $14,600 $15,400 $400 $15,000 None of these

tan-1(9/175)=2.944 Angle of Depression is 3 Degrees

wouldn't "the sum of twenty-seven and a number" be equivalent to 27 + y

Please help with the translation of this algebraic expression: Twenty-seven more than a number and the sum of twenty-seven and a number, what is the difference between the two? Thank you!

how would i put that into the calculator exactly?

What is the value of K for this aqueous reaction at 298 K? A+B<==> C+D delta G= 23.41 kJ?

A critical reaction in the production of energy to do work or drive chemical reactions in biological systems is the hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate, ATP, to adenosine diphosphate, ADP, as described by ATP(aq) +H2O (l) --->ADP(aq) +HPO4^2- for which ΔG°rxn = &#...

English 3
Subordinate clause

thank you very much guys..i really appreciate it.

what is the electric field at the position 20 cm from Q2 and 60 cm from Q1? Q2=40 micro coulombs Q1=20 micro coulombs Q2 and Q1 are separated by 80 cm


Water boils at sea level at 100 Degrees Celsius. The boiling point of water decreases 5 degrees Celsius for every mile above sea level. Santa Fe, New Mexico is at 7200 feet above sea level. At about what point does water boil in Santa Fe,New Mexico?

Please help! In triangle RST,segment XY parallels segment RS. If TX=3, XR=TY and YS=6 find XR.

Please help me unscramble this word seetar

a) P(choosing 3 women)= 130C3/400C3=0.03 b) P(choosing 2 women)=(130C2)(270C1)\400C3

5th grade
a friend and I entered an art contest. a blue ribbon is awarded for 1/3 of the pieces you entered in the contest.I won 2 blue ribbons and my friend won 3 ribbons. Explain how this could be.

Can someone please assist me. Thanks One side of a rectangular stage is 4 ft longer than the other and the diagonal is 20ft. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the lengths of the sides.

what are three external users of accounting