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  1. Math

    Bayes' theorem problem, Struggling with this the whole night, please help.Thank you. Two states of nature exist for a particular situation: a good economy and a poor economy. An economic study may be performed to obtain more information about which of these will actually ...
  2. math

    an airplane leaves an airport and travels 100 miles in a direction of 300 degrees. How far North of the airport is the plane then?
  3. Pure Mathematics

    where'd the 1/4 and all that come from?
  4. Pure Mathematics

    1) i) use an algrbraic method to find the square root of 2+i√5. give your answer in the form x+iy, where x and y are exact real numbers ii)hence find in the form x+iy where x and y are exact real numbers, the roots of the equation z^4-4z^2+9=0 iii) show those roots on an...

    thanks! very clear now

    5) find the complex number z and w such that z+w=4+3i and z-iw=3-2i
  7. Business

    what strategies might Dell employ to restore its lost competitive advantage in pc markets?
  8. english

    Is arranging and changing places an example of assonance?
  9. math

    5 and 6 stupid
  10. algebra

    (g o f)(x)=12x²+16 x-3 ,f(x)=3x²+4x-3, find g(x)
  11. economics grad level

    I cannot figure this our for the life of me!Assume that the gross national debt initially is equal to $3 trillion and the federal government then runs a deficit of $300 billion. What is the new level of gross national debt? What happens to the amount of debt held by the public...
  12. Geography

    (In school the topic I'm now doing is TOURISM.) 1) In tourism, what does long stay and group travel mean? 2)What is the Jamaica Tourist Board and how does it helptourism? 3) What is the 'Meet the People Programme' and how does it help tourism?
  13. math