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  1. maths

    a triangle is equal to a rectangle which measures 10cm by9cm. if the base of the triangle is 12cm long,find its altitude
  2. Math

    a woman looking out from a window of a building at a height of 30meters observed that the angle of depression of a flag pole was 44°. if the foot of the pole is 25meters from the foot of the building from the same horizontal, find (a) correct to the nearest whole number ...
  3. french

    Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her for your birthday party in french
  4. physics

    A faulty Celsius thermometer read 0.7degrees Celsius at melting point of pure ice and 99.5degrees Celsius at boiling point of water at normal pressure. What is the correct temperature when it reads 30 degrees Celsius
  5. maths

    solve the following equations: 3x-4y=-24 x+y=-1
  6. maths

    A person has R200,000 invested, part at 9% and part at 8%. If the total yearly income from the two investments is R17200, how much is invested at 9% and how much at 8%?
  7. math

    In a quiz competition of60 competitors 24drank Cocacola 25 drank fanta while 22 drank maltina. 6 drank cacacola and fanta and 5drank fanta and maltina.if a number of competitors drank the 3types of soft drink and 5did not drink any of them.draw a Venn diagram to illustrate the...
  8. Further maths

  9. Physics II

    1.given 30 m^3 of helium at 15 degree c and 1.0x10^5 Pa, determine the volume at -6 degree c and 5.6x10^4 Pa 2. if a mass of gas occupies 500 l at 16 degree c and 10^5 Pa,determine the volume at 38 degree c and 1.7x10^5 Pa. 3. Calculate the final temperature required to change...
  10. Physics II

    find the pressure at the bottom of a vessel 76cm deep when filled with a) water b)mercury (sp.g. 13.6)
  11. Physics II

    find the velocity of escape of water through a small opening in a broiler where the pressure is 10^6 Pa above atmospheric pressure, assumed h1=h2 and v1=0
  12. Physics II

    the velocity of water in a 4 cm diameter pipe is 2.0m/s.what is the velocity in a 2cm diameter pipe which connects with it,both pipes flowing full?
  13. Physics

    Determine the mass of 0.5m^3 of aluminum with relative density of 2.70.
  14. Math

    Karen wanted to find out how much waster was used when taking a bath and when taking a show. Karen found the dimensions of the tub filled with enough water to take a bath was 1.7 meters x 1 meters x 0.46meters and that the shower uses 5075 liters per minute. Karen figures a ...
  15. math

    the perimeter of a isosceles triangle is 28cm with side 4y=6y-2x+1 and base x+2y in cm, find x and y and state the length of the side of the triangle.
  16. Maths

    Your question is some how confusing explain in better tone
  17. Geography

    The Ratio of boys to girls was 3 to 7. If there were 40 more girls boys in 2016 how many boys were enrolled that year?
  18. Math

    In triangle ABC, measure of angle A is equal to 30 degrees, AC is equal to 4 and AB is equal to 3 square root of 3. Find BC
  19. Physics

  20. Government

    1.Define a state &nation.2.10 examples of a states outside Nigeria.
  21. Government

    3 examples of a nation
  22. Government

    State:association of human beigns. Nation:body of people that share the same language,culture,and have the feeling of nationality. Am i correct Ms Sue
  23. Government

    State:association of human beigns. Nation:body of people that share the same language,culture,and have the feeling of nationality
  24. Government

    2.States:Imo,abia,osun,ondo etc. Country:usa,europe,egypt. Am i correct Ms Sue.
  25. Government

    2.States:Imo,abia,osun,ondo etc. Country:usa,europe,egypt.
  26. Government

    1a.Define a state b.a nation 2 .Give 10 example of a state and 3 example of a me out ms sue
  27. Maths

    A.12 multiplied by(8+15)/14. B. 34.87 multiplied by 0.01. ms sue pls help.
  28. maths

    429.07/214 ms sue pls help me out
  29. Maths

    429.07/214. 429.07 multiplied by 100=4290700/214=20050. am i correct
  30. Maths

  31. physic

    two sorces of resultant100N are perpendicular to each other.if one of them makes angle60degree with the resultant calculate the magnitude of the force
  32. physic

    two force10n and20n are inclined at an angle 60 degree to each.find the resultant forces are now made to be inclined at120degree to each other,find the magnitude of the new resultant force
  33. physic

    a car travels 3.0km due south and then4.0km west what is lt's displacememt from the starting point
  34. chemistry

    calculate the mass of silver deposited when a current of 3ampere is passed through a solution of a silver salt for 7minutes
  35. Maths

    How many litres of water fills a tank whise internal dimensions are 2.5m by 20m by 1.5m
  36. RATIO

    out of 60 fruits in a bag,45 are mangoes and the rest are oranges. what is the ratio of oranges to mangoes.
  37. life orientation

    Six suggestion on how to combat the violation of human rights identified by you in the previous question and indicate any organization
  38. life orientation

    I want to know about 3human rights violations
  39. English

    Traditional African marriage is an advantage for man or women
  40. life orientation

    Identity human rights violation or discrimination
  41. life orientation

    I think that you are able to help me with my project
  42. english

    does African marriage is an advantage for men only not women
  43. Educational Technology

  44. L,o

  45. Life Orientation

    Critically discuss six ways that the human rights violation or dicrimination influences individuals,groups and the broader south african community
  46. life orientation

    The right to live free Freedom of move Right to demogracy
  47. life orientation

    discuss six ways that the human rights violations influences individuals,group and the broader south African community
  48. life orientation

    Identify your 3 human rights violations or discrimination and explain in an introduction paragraph why you choose the specific human rights violation or discrimination
  49. life orientation

    help me
  50. Life orientation

    Three human right violence or discrimination and give at least two examples
  51. Life orientation

    hlep me!!!!!!!!!!
  52. life orientation

    Right to be with family
  53. life orientation

    Plz people let's help each other plz
  54. volume

    336 in
  55. Life Orientation

    I need a help about my project
  56. life orientation

    No need to ask xomixang menagano ya lena
  57. chemistry

    Explain using dilution formula how to prepare 0.2M hcl acid from 37% concentrated hcl acid
  58. chemistry

    Explain using the dilution formula how to prepare 0.2M HCL acid from 37% HCL acid
  59. chemistry

  60. chemistry

    Explain using the dilution formula how to prepare 0.2m HCL acid from 37% HCL acid
  61. maths,agricultur;life science,business

    identify three courses or study fields you are interestedin following after grd12.write them down in order of preference.provide 2 reasons why you find this a suitable course for each choice
  62. MATH

  63. mathematics

    Between which two successive intergers do the following irrational numbers lie? A.√167 B.^3√80 which irrational numbera lies between 5and6?
  64. maths

    between which two successive interger do the following irrational numbers lie? A.√167 B.^3√80
  65. further maths

    the first 3 terms of an AP are x, 2x+1 and 5x-1. find x and the sum of the first 10 terms
  66. Math: Angles of Elevation and Depression

  67. Chemistry

    What Mass Of Copper(i)oxide Is Formed By Burning 10.5g Of Copper(i)sulfide
  68. History of Arabia and Iraq

    Ms. Sue is correct. 1. A 2. A 3. D
  69. history geography business maths literacy

    what career or jobs can I get if I've got this subject
  70. trigonometry

  71. Math

    Find the gradient of line AB joining the following pair of point (2,1) and (4,2)
  72. Maths lit,business studies,consumer studies,accounting

    What can i do with those subjects?
  73. Science

  74. chemistry

    I don't actually understand, pls explain more on it
  75. chemistry

    In the industrial preparation of HNO3, NH3 is burnt in O2 in the presence of a catalyst, according to the following equation; 4NH3 + 502 - 4NO +6HO If 260ccm3 of NH3 is burnt completely. what volume of O2 is used up and NO is produced
  76. Maths Lit , Business Studies , Geography , Tourism

    I want to know which course l can do
  77. Reitumetse high school

    Life sciences what is the difference between grassland/forest biomes.
  78. maths lit, economics,business, CAT

    What career is available withing these subjects
  79. maths

    Two places on the same meridian have latitudes 10 degree south and 53 degree north. What is their distance apart measured along the meridian?(radius of the earth R=6400km,pi=22/7)
  80. Math

    520 square yards approximate each side of the garden by the nearest tenth I was thinking I had to divide each side by 9
  81. Life orientation

    Same here I'm struggling of getting answers of this project
  82. life orientation

    physical effects are going to be trickies coz it affect your health bcoz of de auto accident
  83. Fundulwazi(mathematical literacy, CAT, Economics and Accounting )

    what career can i follow with these subjects? (Mathematical Literary, Economics, Accounting and CAT)
  84. mugwazeni

    IAm doing grade 10 and my subject are;history ,geography and economics so I want to know what kind of work am I going to work
  85. unique national comprehensive college

    Physics: an elastic cord can be stretched to its elastic limit by a load of 2N.if a 35cm length of the cord is extended 0.6cm by force of 0.5N,what will be the length of the cord when the stretching force is 2.5N?
  86. life orintation

    Answers to campaign with responsibility please help me.
  87. english

    Write me a speech about a hero and reasons why u admire him or her
  88. chemistry

    what mass of zinc dissolved in dilute HCL will produce 0.15g of hydrogen ? can you explain the steps to sloving this question please
  89. life orientation

    show the link between intrapersonal conflict and intiating relationship
  90. math

  91. english lanuages

    Reflective essay about the person who changed my life
  92. chemistry

    What is brownian motionand example
  93. Chemistry

    Please help.!!!!!
  94. Chemistry

    I mean the specific heat capacity of the material being measured and the material used is hot mineral oil which was transferred into the cold water in the calorimeter. For question 1, what Effect would be on the specific heat capacity of the oil if the calorimeter is not ...
  95. Chemistry

    1. What happens if our calorimeter is not properly insulated..what effect will it have on our calculated specific heat capacity I.e too large, too small or no effect....explain. 2. If our partner forgot to cover the coffee cup calorimeter while the temperature was being ...
  96. Math

  97. scientist

    I need 10 example objects that use energy in my house... What are they? Also can you help me?!!!!!!
  98. Science Physics

    Ok steve so I did 120(1.74x10^6)/(6.67x10^-11)(7.35x10^22)=2.300869565E19
  99. Science Physics

    On the surface of the Moon an astronaut has a weight of Fg = 120 N. The radius of the Moon is Rm = 1.74 x 106 m, the gravitational constant is G = 6.67 x 10-11 N m2kg2 and the mass of the Moon is Mm = 7.35 x 1022 kg. Solve numerically for the mass of the astronaut ma in kg
  100. Math

    Harrison predicted that the actual quotient for 57872
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