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  1. general physics

    Neutron stars consist only of neutrons and have unbelievably high densities. A typical mass and radius for a neutron star might be 6.3 x 1028 kg and 1.6 x 103 m. (a) Find the density of such a star. (b) If a dime (V = 2.0 x 10-7 m3) were made from this material, how much would...
  2. general physics

    A solid concrete block weighs 160 N and is resting on the ground. Its dimensions are 0.400 m x 0.240 m x 0.0950 m. A number of identical blocks are stacked on top of this one. What is the smallest number of whole bricks (including the one on the ground) that can be stacked so...
  3. general physics

    A meat baster consists of a squeeze bulb attached to a plastic tube. When the bulb is squeezed and released, with the open end of the tube under the surface of the basting sauce, the sauce rises in the tube to a distance h, as the drawing shows. Using 1.013 × 105 Pa for ...
  4. general physics

    The density of ice is 917 kg/m3, and the density of sea water is 1025 kg/m3. A swimming polar bear climbs onto a piece of floating ice that has a volume of 6.76 m3. What is the weight of the heaviest bear that the ice can support without sinking completely beneath the water?
  5. general physics

    What is the smallest number of whole logs (ñ = 725 kg/m3, radius = 0.0556 m, length = 3.80 m) that can be used to build a raft that will carry four people, each of whom has a mass of 73.0 kg?
  6. physics

    A full can of soda has a mass of 0.421 kg. It contains 3.57 x 10-4 m3 of liquid. Assuming that the soda has the same density as water, find the volume of aluminum used to make the can.