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A salesman has to choose between two schemes of remuneration.The first scheme has a fixed salary of rs 3700 and a commission of 2% on sales above rs 50000. The second scheme has no salary but offer commission only. The commission starting from 3% of sales for the first rs ...

Maths Ratio and Proportion
Q- If 5 men or 7 women can earn Rs. 875 per day, how much 10 men and 5 women earn per day? Q- A photograph of bacteria enlarged 30000 times attains a length of 3 cm. Find the actual length of bacteria. Q- Rashmi types 510 words in half an hour. How many words would she type in...

a blacksmith has a rectangular iron sheet with the length of 10 cm. he has to cut out 7 circular disc of radius 1 cm. what is the minimum width of that rectangular sheet?

If sec (t) = 13/12 then,find the value of cos (t)



2 years later and you guys are still saving my ass. Thank you :)

Square both side first 2x)^1/2^2=(x-4)^2 2x=x^2-8x+16 subtract 2x from both sides x^2-10x+16 now FOIL (x-8)(x-2)

math magic box
8 1 6 3 5 7 4 9 2

The population standard deviation (σ) for a standardized achievement test that is normally distributed is 8.    a.) Calculate the standard error of the mean if you draw a random sample of 50 test scores.  Show your work for full credit .  . ...

Math - Expected Value
If you select a chip at random from a jar with 7 red, 2 green and 1 blue chip. If the chip you pick is red, you win $10,000, if it is green, you wil $20,000 and if it is blue, you lost $100,000. What is your expected value of this game?

determine the final concentration of a 5.M NaCl solution if 30Mml of water has is added to the solution?

determine the final concentration of a 5.M NaCl solution if 30Mml of water has is added to the solution?

Describe the plant life, animal life, and geology of the ecosystem in the area in which you live. I live in Northern Illinois. What populations and communities are present? How dependent is your community on this ecosystem? What are the limiting factors of the ecosystem?

looks good and sounds great, not bad for not being good with writing and English.

11th grade
what does the value of G=6.67e-11 tell us about the force of gravity

actually, 0.25 with sig figs is 0.3 m/s^2, which is the correct answer.

since acceleration = Net force/ mass, plug in 25 N for force and 100 kg for mass you will get 0.25 m/s^2

Can you name healthy snacks that start with Q, U and X? Thanks. quick milk uberlicious milk x-ray milk

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