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je t'adore means I love you. When you put the "te" in there that refers to the person you are talking to.

How would gene splicing, cloning, or stem cells help a patient with sickle cell anemia?

How does sickle cell anemia occur--what type of mmutation is it--is it a substitution, deletion, or insertion mutation--or is it all three? Also, How would gene splicing, cloning, or stem cells help a patient with sickle cell---would any of these be any help at

i though romanticism went against napoleon (since he was during the Enlightenment?

i don't understand how Romanticism in the early 19th century have to do with Napoleon?

i've found three reasons to why the atomic bomb shouldnt have been dropped, I need two more...can you PLEASE help 1. war crime- innocent civilians were killed buy Truman stated that spot was chosen because it didn't have a lot of them 2. japan was going to surrender ...

can someone help me find evidence to why the atomic bomb should not have been dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

I do not understand this paragraph about the fifth step to WWII..what is this paragraph saying...can someone summarize? "At first Peking and then Shanghai fell to the Japanese, the Chinese government appealed to the League of Nations. Sanctions would work only if the ...

A baseball is seen to pass upward by a window 27 m above the street with a vertical speed of 12 m/s. The ball was thrown from the street. (a) What was its initial speed? (b) What altitude does it reach? (c) How long after it was thrown did it pass the window? (d) After how ...

Q:What are basic concepts involved embodied in "intellectual copyright"? please help am stuck with this question:( Check these sources for a lot of information about intellectual copyright. (Broken Link Removed) http://www.educause....

Physics-Sound Waves
The answer as I see it... The difference of the two speaker volumns plus the decay of the transverse wave passing to the audience, that is without the exterraneous sound waves fooling the ears. Sound is movement of air. In a vacuum, there is no sound. Air is like water. When 2...

i have the same question! is your question from conceptual physics?

Gen chem II
can I get an explanation?

write an exponential regression equation, rounding the values to the nearest ten-thousandth. trial: Coins: 0 1000 1 610 3 220 4 132 6 45 the trial and coins didn't separate into the columns I made .. 0 - 1000 1 - 610 3 - 220 4 - 132 6 - 45

Methylene chloride
I think the adsorbent used might have bound all the solute molecules strongly preventing them to move down the column.

Honors Chemistry
It absorbs and transmits light

What is life Everything you do and the meaning of humans! Ha! Short and simple! I assume that you want the characteristics that define life. I searched Google under the key words "life characteristics" to get these possible sources:

visual Arts
Explain the following terminology: Trapped space Counters Working White Leftover space

visual Arts
Are readability and Legibility the same concept?

English - Parts of Speech
I think that it's a prepositional phrase.

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