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  1. English

    I have looked through your essay and I want to tell you that you should not rely on Grammarly. There is nothing that can check your paper better than the professional writer. I really doubt that the mistakes related to the structure and the format will be found by the online ...
  2. english question pls help

    Dr. King's thesis explains the reason for his involvement in the non-violent direct-action demonstrations. I can also suggest using the extra help with your writing. Have you ever thought about turning to the professionals online? I know that PrimeWritings site is the ...
  3. Langauge Arts

    thanks guysssss!!!!!!!!!! 100%
  4. chemistry

    how do you convert volume of gas to moles of solid?
  5. chemistry

    Standard temp and pressure
  6. chemistry

    0.43g limestone and 98cm3 of carbon dioxide are produced on reaction with excess hydrochloric acid. How much calcium carbonate is present?
  7. Maths

    Plot the three points with first coordinate equal to (-2,8) and join them
  8. chemistry

    what is the condensed formula for the product of the hydrogenation of 2-butene using a palladium catalyst?
  9. chemistry

    What reagent is commonly used for alcohol oxidation? a. Na2Cr2O7 b.Benedict's Solution c.H2SO4 d. Tollen's Reagent
  10. IT

    What is the best HTML attribute in the world?
  11. Math

    I need help with the steps on how to do this following problem: Bert received a commission of $247.50. If he works for 15% commission what price of the cat did he sell?
  12. maths

    iam a 3 digit number. my tens digit is five more than my ones digit. my hundreds digit is eight less than my tens. what number am i?
  13. physics

    a ray of light strikes a rough surface such that the angle of incidence is 40.0. what is the angle of reflection 1. 0 degrees 2. 20.0 degrees 3. 40.0 degrees 4. the angle of reflection cannot be determined. I am confused between 3 and 4 but I think the correct answer is 40.0 ...
  14. physics

  15. physics

    microwaves with a wavelength of 15.0 cm strike a slit. What is the maximum slit width that will still result in a large amount of diffraction? 1. 7.50 cm 2. 10.0 cm 3. 15.0 cm 4. 30.0 cm This is a multiple choice and I think it's 7.50 cm. Could someone please confirm
  16. physics

    With your way, the answer is 50000 V but that is not the correct answer.
  17. Chemistry

    What is the volume of oxygen required at standard temperature pressure to complete the combustion of ethanol of 2.3 grams of ethanol
  18. BC Calculus

    Fluid is flowing in a tube that has a radius of 3 centimeters. Water is flowing through a circular cross section at a rate of (9-r^2) cm/s, where r is the distance from the center of the cross section. What is the total amount of water that flows through the cross section in 4...
  19. Physics

    98 J 8.0 x 9.8 x 1.25
  20. science

    A body is dropped the roof of a building 10 mtr high calculate the time and speed g =10 m/s
  21. Calculus

    What how do you compute the sum of 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 +++ 1/2N ? ..
  22. Calculus

    What how do you compute the sum of 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 +++ 1/2N ?
  23. Math

    What is the square root 5900
  24. Math

    Insert grouping symbols to make 6+4x0=6
  25. History

    Is there something peculiar about Africa that delayed its drive for independence? (Begin with a specific African country, and argue your case.)
  26. scence

    which one of the following insects does not undergo the stage of egg,larva,pupa and adult? A.Wasp B. Locust C. Bee D. Moth
  27. math c

    A farmer planted cabbages in rows. Each row had 36 cabbages planted at regular intervals of 0.5m.what is the length of each row?
  28. math

    how many books each 1.5cm thick can be kept in a shelf 1.45m high
  29. english grammar

    2 is A 3 is B
  30. english grammar

    1. Our high school would not ________until mid September mid-september mid-September . a. reopen b. re-open c. re open I think the answer is B 2. We were enjoying our break by indulging in ______activities a. childlike b. child-like c. child like I think the answer is C 3. and...
  31. english

  32. english just need someone to check my answer

    On second thought the 2nd question should be demagogue
  33. english

    Because he was bourgeois coddled despotic _______ as a child, Rob was a rather self-centered teenager. dubious coddled despotic bourgeois 2.After hearing the raucous, cheering response to Adam’s speech, Mr. James feared that his new student body president ...
  34. english

    Irony is supposed to be the opposite meaning, right or sarcasm. Is it A, because they were privileged to watch?
  35. english

    Which phrase or sentence in this excerpt from Kurt Vonnegut's "Report on the Barnhouse Effect" demonstrates the use of irony? One long bench had been brought in for the ten of us privileged to watch. The television screens showed, from left to right, the stretch ...
  36. english

    Thank you Reed. I was out of school the last day before spring break for a track meet. We are not allowed to take our school books home. I have my assignments, just trying to make sure I am not behind.
  37. Physics

    A step-up transformer has 500 turns on its primary and 1000 turns on its secondary. When the primary is connected to 100 V and the secondary is connected to a floodlight that draws 4 A, what is the power output?
  38. math

    mark is making gift bags for his friends. there are stickers in 1/4 of the gift bags. If mark makes 12 gift bags. how many wil contain stickers? 1/4x12=3 is this correct
  39. Math

    831.Let A = (1,3), B = (6,0), and C = (9,9). Find the size of angle BAC.
  40. Math

    The graph of x2 ?6x+9+y2 +2y+1 = 25 is a circle. Where is the center of the circle? What is the radius of the circle?
  41. math

    Drawn in a circle whose radius is 14 cm, chord AB is 18 cm long. Calculate the angular size of minor arc AB.
  42. math

    a football match was played for two hours. a man arrives late for the match. what is the probability that he misses the only goal of the match which is scored at 30th minute of the match?
  43. Engineering Science N4

    A box of books has a mass of 46kg and is being towed by a rope which is oriented at 15 degree to the horizontal at a point where it is tied into a knot. If the pulling force is increased until the box begins to slide, determine the box's initial acceleration if the ...
  44. maths

    How much money will you have if you started with $45 and put it in an account that earned 10% every year for 20 years?
  45. physics

    A man holds a child on shoulders while watching a football match. How much work has he done if the game last for 2 hours
  46. Math

    , Two digit whole number between 30 and 80 my tens digit is one more than my ones digit I am a prime number what am I
  47. Language Arts

    i think she is a little loco
  48. Math

    John wants to make brownies. To make brownies he needs 2/5 of a cup of flour per batch of brownies.if John has 2 cups of flour, then how many batches of brownies can John make?
  49. physics (urgent)

    A flywheel with a moment of inertia of 1.00kg m^2 is rotating at 100 rpm. What torque is required to bring it to rest in 10.0 revolutions?
  50. math (Help)

    Determine whether the equation defines y as a linear function of x. If so, write it in the form y = mx + b. 6x+√y-7=0 a. y=-6x-7 b. y=-6x+7 c. y=6x d. y is not a linear function of x
  51. Physics

    A 70 kg waterslide rider traveling at 15 meters per second hits a ramp with a 58 degree launch angle - How high will they fly?
  52. Algebra

    The bongo family has three children, including a pair of twins. The third child is 3 years younger than the twins. The sum of the three ages is 42. How old is each?
  53. calculus

    a ladder 10m long is leaning against a vertical wall with its other end on the ground. the top end of the ladder is sliding down the wall , when the top end is 6m from the ground it is sliding down at 2m/sec. how fast is the bottom moving away from the wall at this instant?
  54. Physics

    its b
  55. Physics (Momentum and collusion)

    Two balls of equal mass undergo a collision. Ball one is initially travelling horizontally with a speed of 10 m/s, ball two is initially at rest. After the collision, ball one moves away with a velocity of 4.7 m/s at an angle of 60 degrees from it's original path and ball ...
  56. stat

    A college basketball player scored the following points in the 37 games he played his senior year: Stem-and-leaf of points n = 37 Leaf Unit = 1.0 1|33 1|66 2|1233444 2|5555666789 3|0222233444 3|89 4|23 4|7 5|2 The first quartile of his point totals is ____________ points
  57. math

    One-half of a number plus three-fourths of the number is 2 more than four-thirds of the number. find the number .
  58. Math

    How far will a 4ft diameter wheel travel while making 100 revolution?
  59. Math

    95 is the product of vidya's savings and 5
  60. Physics

    “A rifle shot with a velocity of 270m/s at a target that is 400m away.if the shooter wants to directly hit target and what angle he must gire
  61. regents

    The issue is that i am moving to the U.S , but thanks anyways.
  62. regents

    I have to take the Regents exam, but there are a great number of math regents exams. If I am in 11th grade,which one should I take??plz help , this is urgent! !😣
  63. Math

    I am asked to graph a translated parabola,ok, that's pretty easy, but, then,it says that it must be dobe with a dilatation of 2, does that mean that my axis is going to be this way:2,4,6,8,10...??
  64. chemistry

    I was given the following problem: what is the normality of a solution containing 6 grams of H2SO4 in a 200ml solution? my teacher obtained a normality of 39normals while I took into account that I had two hydrogen free and obtained a result of 0.6 N, who's right?
  65. Math

    Find two consecutive odd integers whose product is 323. Would the two numbers be 17,19 and -17,-19???
  66. Math

    Would the answer be 2.04?
  67. Math

    A baseball is thrown upward. The path of the baseball models the equation h= -4.9t^2 + 9.2t + 1.6, where h is height of the ball, in metres, after t seconds. How long does it take the baseball to fall to the ground? Plzzz help
  68. math

    50 people purchase raffle tickets 3 winning tickets are selected at random if the first prize is $1,000, second prize is $500, and third prize is $100 in how many different ways can the prizes be awarded and is this a permutations or a combinations problem?
  69. Mathematics

    The terms of the geometric series may be: a , ab , ab^2 . The 2. , 3. , 6. term of the arithmetic series may be: c , c+d , c+4d i.e. a = c , ab = c+d , ab^2 = c+4d ==> ab = a+d ==> d = ab-a ==> ab^2 = a+4(ab-a) = 4ab-3a ==> b^2 = 4b-3 ==> b^2-4b+3 = 0 ==> (b-...
  70. math 5th grade

    The width of a picnic table is 3 times its length. If the length is 5 6 -yd long, what is the area of the picnic table in square feet? sides are 2 1/2 yd and 5/6 yard. then to find area 2 1/2 x 5/6 = 2 5/12 y2 how do I find square feet?
  71. english

    1. Reich says, “When we see the contrast between the values we share and the realities we live in, that is the fundamental foundation for social change.” What do you think about that statement? How would you describe the disconnect between American values and the ...
  72. math

    i don't know where to start
  73. math

    A ladder is placed against a wall with an angle between the ladder and the ground of 76°. If the ladder must reach 10 m up the wall, how long does the ladder need to be?
  74. Math

    The perimeter of a rectangular field is surrounded by 94 meters of fencing. If the field is partitioned into two parts as shown, a total of 113 meters of fencing is required. Find the dimensions of the field.
  75. Visual Basic

    how to use formula b=p (1+r)^n, to calculate annual interests for a savings account in visual basic project This is my code so far>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Option Explicit On Option Strict On Option Infer Off Public Class MainForm Private ...
  76. physics

    162cos60 and 162sin60 81N and 140.3N
  77. series

    Partial sum = 1/2{3/2-2N+3/(N+1)(N+2)}
  78. Calc/Physics

    Find the following questions at the depth of 25\text{m}. The gravitational acceleration is g = 9.8\text{m/s}^2 and the density of water is \rho = 1000\text{kg/m}^3. a. Find the hydrostatic force on a square steel plate with sides 2\text{m} placed horizontally. Answer (in ...
  79. Math

    On a map, two cities are four and one-fourth inches apart. The scale of the map is one-half inch = three miles. What is the actual distance between the towns?
  80. Chemistry lab

    1)Why is it necessary to heat the alum until its mass does not change by more than 2mg? 2)Why its it necessary to store the alum in a disccator while it cools before measuring the mass? ( systhesis and analysis of alum crystals experiment)
  81. nutrition,health, and safety for young children

  82. Science

    A flatt horizontal road is been designed for 60km/hr speed limit if the maximun acceleration of the car travelling on the road is to be 15m/s at the above speed limit.what is the minimun radius of the curvature of the curve on the road
  83. Machine

    Jack & Jill went to a well to fetch a bucket of water. The full bucket was 500N. Jack weighed 50kg and Jill weighed 40kg. How would you get bucket from the well
  84. Math

    x=natural gas it dropped by 2cent then increased by 25cents then dropped do I set up this equation?
  85. Math

    400 exercise books are arranged into 3 piles.The first has 5 more books than the 2nd pile.The number of books in the second pile is twice the number of books in the third pile.How many books are there in the third pile??
  86. PrimaryMatheMatics 4A textbook

    3000 Exercise books are arranged into 3 piles.The first pile has 10 more books than the second pile.The Number of books in the second pile is twice the number of books in the third pile.How Many books are there in the third pile?
  87. Introduction to computers

    Which type of updates should be installed in a test environment before being installed in a live enterprise environment?
  88. math/phys

    someone tell me why this answer is wrong...u are given final wavelength of 0.0022 nm, u want to solve for the intial wavelength using the compton scattering equation which is final wl -intial wl= 0.002426(1-cos(theta)) theta is 45 degrees. so initial w.l. = 0.002426(1-cos45)+0...
  89. chemistry please help me understand this

    What is the charge on Pd when it is coordinated with triphenylphosphine? PPh3. Pd(PPh3)4 .... Google tells me the PPh3 is a neutral ligand, how can this be if the metal has to have a charge associated with it?
  90. Physics

    A container is initially partitioned by a wall into two compartments. The left compartment has volume V1 and the right compartment has volume V2. Both compartments are filled with identical ideal gases at the same temperature T and with an equal number of particles N but at ...
  91. Math

    What is the standard deviation for the given data. Round your answer to one more decimal place 3,5,6,6,9,1
  92. Math

  93. Math

    Do I just multiply 36X8=288 to find my answer?
  94. Math

    Each morning, the baker gets up early to bake products for the shop to sell throughout the day. He likes to have 36 boxes of each item available in the shop. How much of each item will he need to bake? (Remember to use equations with a letter standing for the unknown quantity...
  95. Math

    Please check to see if I did this correctly. This is a 2 part math problem. 1. Janelle has d dimes and n nickles. Her sister has 5 times as many dimes and 6 times as many nickles as Janelle has. Write the sum of the number of coins they have, and then combine like terms. This ...
  96. Math

    A rectangle has a perimeter of 20 cm. The length of the rectangle is 1 more than twice the width. What is the measurement of the length and width of the rectangle?
  97. jim chavani highg

    1000 598 49 44
  98. Finance

    What is the market price of a 5000.00 bond that matures in 9 years and pays 400.00 interest till maturity compounded semi annually?
  99. Chm101 introductory inorganic chemistry

    I'm going to say sodium, (as a dissolved ion) Wiki: "Every kilogram (roughly one litre by volume) of seawater has approximately 35 grams (1.2 oz) of dissolved salts (predominantly sodium (Na+ ) and chloride (Cl− ) ions). "
  100. chemistry

    looks good to me, except the C2H6OH should be C2H5OH.