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  1. science

    use the equation F=-k(x) F is the force units:newtons (N) K is the constant units: newtons/meters (N/m) x is the displacement units: meters (m) First you must convert the millimeters into meters 250mm=.25m Since the spring is being pulled downward the displacement will also be...
  2. Chemistry

    How do I find the volume in L, of aluminum if the mass is 25.25g and the density of aluminum is 2.70g/Ml?

  4. chemistry

    Carbon disulfide,CS2, is a volatile, flammable liquid. It has a vapor pressure of 426.6 mmHg at 29.8C and 760.0 mmHg at 46.5C. What is the heat of vaporization of this substance?
  5. chemistry

    lnP1/P2=3.74X104/8.314(1/312.15-1/338.15) Not sure what to do from here?
  6. chemistry

    Methanol, CH3OH, a colorless, volatile liquid, was formerly known as wood alcohol. It boils at 65.0C and has a heat of vaporization of 37.4kj/mol. What is its vapor pressure at 39.0C?
  7. fourth grade math

    4/18, 8/18, 9/18
  8. methodologies

    hmo director wants to know ifmanaged care plan meets industry standared. what is on way to do this?
  9. Physics

    A fighter jet is launched from an aircraft carrier with the aid of its own engines and a steam-powered catapult. The thrust of its engines is 2.1 105 N. In being launched from rest it moves through a distance of 87 m and has a kinetic energy of 3.8 107 J at lift-off. What is ...
  10. Grammar

    Which is the correct answer? ------- your parents come from El Salvador? a.Are b.Do c.Does
  11. eng 155

    I think I'm missing something here. The directions say all I need to do is, find the adverb error and I may also need to correct the verb the adverb modifies. Did I not do that? If not, how do I do this?
  12. eng 155

    I didn't know there were 20 I only changed 7 what are the others?rapidly,slowly,firmly,badly,loudly, shamelessly,wildly
  13. eng 155

    Have a done the adverbs correctly? If you have not sung Karaoke yet, chances are you will have the chance real soon. Karaoke is a form of entertainment that is growing very rapidly in popularity. It started more than twenty years ago in a snack bar in Japan. Here is how it ...
  14. English Communcation !

    A synonym for preparedness is what?
  15. How Children Learn

    according to Jean Piaget in what is all learning based?
  16. Child Developement andHuman Behavior

    Which of the following is a chacteristic of middle childhood?
  17. Poetry Part 2

    What is a Villanelle?
  18. english

    We wre exceedingly pleased that Rex come home.. Is exceedingly an adjective?
  19. chemistry

    1. Mass of flask, boiling chips, foil cap and unknown after cooling reaction 83.350g 2. Mass of flask, boiling chips and foil cap. 82.657 3. water bath temperature C 95.0 C 4. Barometric pressure in Hg 30.09 5. Accepted molar mass of unknown 86.2g/moles 6. Volume of flask 270 ...
  20. science

    What are the three categories of fungi?
  21. BEH 225

    data on the pathological liars and their spouses.
  22. college physics

    1.84 m
  23. math/stats

    Thanks! I am doing my best to understand it!
  24. math/stats

    If you square a correlation coefficient and subtract this number from 1.00, what is the result? Is it the coefficient of determination?
  25. math

    Students were given an exam with 300 multiple-choice questions. The distribution of the scores was normal and mean was 195 with a standard deviation of 30. What was the score of students who scored in the middle of the class? (50% did better, 50% did worse).
  26. math

    Thanks for the help! Awesome!
  27. math

    So is the answer 195?
  28. math

    The mean is 195. Is that the middle score of the class? I'm very confused. The text that I have is not showing how to solve this problem. AHHH
  29. math

    Students were given an exam with 300 multiple-choice questions. The distribution of the scores was normal and mean was 195 with a standard deviation of 30. What was the score of students who scored in the middle of the class? (50% did better, 50% did worse).
  30. math

    thank you
  31. math

    Students were given an exam with 300 multiple-choice questions. The distribution of the scores was normal and mean was 195 with a standard deviation of 30. You may find it helpful to draw out this distribution before answering the questions below What were the scores of the ...
  32. Statistics

    Students were given an exam with 300 multiple-choice questions. The distribution of the scores was normal and mean was 195 with a standard deviation of 30. What were the scores of the students who were within one standard deviation of the mean? What percent of students did ...
  33. math

    Write the ratio as a fraction in simplest form. 80:300
  34. health

    Compose a list in which you identify the major components of health communication. Who is involved in each component? How does each component promote health communication? If not utilized, how would it reduce health communication? Provide examples.
  35. chem

    An aqueous solution of nitric acid has a density of 1.084 g mL-1 and a measured concentration of 2.580 molar. What is the percent weight of nitric acid in the solution.
  36. chem

    A water solution which contains magnesium chloride as the only solute measured 232 parts per million chloride on an analytical instrument using a specific ion electrode as the sensor unit. When converted to moles per liter what value would you get for the chloride ion ...
  37. math

    can you tell me what 3rd to the fifth power is
  38. 5th grade - Math

    can you tell me what 3rd to the fifth power is
  39. medical coding and billing

    I am doing the same exam and it is very time consuming.. But I am concerned about second response that HIPAA do not/does not affect. In deed the answer is that HIPAA affects the patients access to their records along with establishing written policies.. Most of your answer is ...
  40. Book Report Poster

    Where can I find "How to do a Book Report Poster".
  41. math

    find the mode of this set of numbers 41,43,56,67,69,72
  42. English

    On a test, my son was given this question: People waiting for passsenger arrivals paced back and forth, which showed their anxiety. Adjective or Adverb Clause? He choose adjective because of the 'which' and because he felt it was modifying 'people waiting for ...
  43. Reseach paper

    Seems there are a lot of folks taking this to know I have buddies that are having the same problems with it. Good luck to all of you.
  44. basic english

    What mark of punctuation is most closely associated with interjections
  45. Physics

    What color would a yellow cloth appear if illuminated with sunlight? With yellow light? With blue light?
  46. child development

    how can you acess knowldege on science using gardner's Intelligence?
  47. science

    unscrammble the word oucocbitinmulaa
  48. science

    need to know where patricia ann bianconi was born -birthday ect.
  49. science

    need information on patricia ann bianconi background
  50. writing(for ms.sue)

    wow...u make such a great point..thank you very much
  51. writing(for ms.sue)

    what should i put that would happen if the students were no longer together...(no more racially diverse classrooms)
  52. writing!(urgent)

    for the racially diverse classrooms..what should i put would happen if the students are separated??
  53. writing!(urgent)

  54. writing!(urgent)

    o...thank you so more you know anystatistics or facts that may support these reasons?
  55. writing!(urgent)

    i think...that if children are tuaght to discriminate others, they will not stop and continue to say stereotypes and pass it on to future generations..but i can't think of 2 other reasons
  56. writing!(urgent)

  57. writing!(urgent)

    i need some reasons why segregated classroom (by race) would be a bad idea.
  58. algebra

    wat is the value of f(3)..... (function value)
  59. chemistry

    what is the direction and how do you find it for the dipole moment in scl2? to the 2 or the cl?
  60. english

    what is the direct object for the following sentences??? Cars could not exceed four miles per hour. He opened a factory to build cars.
  61. Algebra, help please!!!

    3rd to the fifth power
  62. Macroeconomics

    I do not understand how to solve missing values for a prisoner's dilemma matrix. Im not sure what you mean by "missing values". Is it the case you given a matrix of possible outcomes, where some of the cells are missing and that you are told that a particular ...
  63. Nutrition

    Can you help with this question? Dietay assessment can provide useful information about: A. a child's eating pattern B. physical symptoms of nutritional deficiences. I am confused with this question because I thought clinical assessments provided information on physical ...
  64. UofP

    Forcasting Payments If firm pays it's bill with 30 day delay, what fraction of it's purchases will be paid for in the current quarter? In following quarter? What is it's payment delay is 60 day. 30 day 1/2, current all 60 day 1/3
  65. early childhood question-plz help

    Mrs.Monroe,the crossing guard,is helping children cross the street. Spencer runs ahead of the group instead of waiting for the walk signal from Mrs. Monroe.Frantic,Mrs. Monroe yells at Spencer,"You are not paying attention today Spencer!" Which of the following is a ...
  66. Subject Verb agreement.

    Which of the following sentences does illustrate subject verb agreement? I think it's this one, but I'm not sure. Tricia, as well as all her colleagues, are being trained on new equiptment. The subject and verb in that sentence agree. Good job. Each week,the committee

    i am standing by a river with a 5 gallon jug and a 3 gallon jug , but i need exactly 4 gallons of water. using the two jugs i have , how can i measure out 4 gallons
  68. science

    i am so confused someone please help this is a take open book test except the answer is not in the book,would a plant grown in red light do well? blue light? HELP PLEASE Think of the light spectrum from red to violet. Which has the most energy, red or violet. What does a plant...
  69. science

    how are plants and windmills alike They both depend upon air? They both lift water from the ground. can u help me get an answer for this cause i have to write a 2 page easy on this and i don't know were to get the info''How do weather conditions affect when space ...
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