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  1. law

    Thank you Ms. Sue, but what I am really looking for is Human trafficking statistic in Missouri and I can not find it
  2. law

    where can I find statistics crime rates in missouri
  3. criminal Justice

    •How do advocates of the crime control model view plea-bargaining? •How do advocates of the due process control model view plea-bargaining I can not find this information online. Please help
  4. juvenile law

    •Identify the 3 main cultural, sub-cultural, or countercultural issues that you feel are most problematic in causing juvenile delinquency Would skinheads be considered one of the cultural?
  5. juvenile law

    cultural issues that are most problematic in causing juvenile delinquency. Skinheads? if so what other can I use
  6. juvenile cime

  7. juvenile cime

    what are roles of school administrators and teachers concerning school-based crime issues
  8. criminal justice

    where can I find information on it?
  9. criminal justice

    what is the impact of discretion with respect to the major players (prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, defendant and victim) in the judicial system
  10. juvenile

    •Explain how race, ethnicity, and community relate to juvenile delinquency.
  11. criminal justice

    I do not have any choices and I need a web site that can help explain how the constitutional rights of the accused is emphasized by the crime control model
  12. criminal justice

    In regards to the Constitutional rights of the accused, what does the crime control model emphasize?
  13. criminal justice

    I am not sure. What I am working is determining how police subculture can lead to ethical problems and what steps can be taken to reduce the impact and influence of this subculture
  14. criminal justice

    How can the police subculture lead to ethical problems?
  15. statistics

    Can someone please help me understand how confidence intervals fit within the broader context of inferential statistics
  16. statistics

    what is the relationship between hypothesis testing, statistical significance, and Type I and II errors
  17. criminal justice

    five quality sources relating to the fundamental discussion of the moral, religious and philosophical motives of the 9/11 terrorists. Can you help me find some of these sources?
  18. human service

    As a social service professional, you will have an ethical obligation to become familiar with cultures that differ from your own and to provide culturally competent services to a multicultural client population. Develop a culturally competent training for fellow counselors ...
  19. criminal justice

    What recent court cases have been decided on the right to keep and bear arms?
  20. criminal justice

    where could I find information that would support that answer
  21. criminal justice

    What are some policy recommendations that limit, lure, and reduce the ranks of those who are predisposed or tempted to engage in white collar crime?
  22. criminal justice

    the ranks of those who are predisposed or tempted to engage in white collar crime
  23. law

    What are the policy implications of the reintegration perspective?
  24. criminal justice

    how does the workforce participation affect the reentry process
  25. criminal justice

    Why do intermediate punishments have such a small role in punishment policy and practice?
  26. law help

    In what ways are the fee fixing and collecting of defense lawyers different from other professions?
  27. criminal justice

    How does the structure of the court determine the role of the defense lawyer?
  28. criminal justice

    How does prosecutorial discretion affect the overstating of laws on average sentencing?
  29. criminal justice

    Identify two (2) recent Supreme Court decisions (within the past ten years) dealing with a constitutional issue related to the administration of justice. Can you help me find two cases
  30. criminal justice

    •Why have immigration responsibilities been relinquished to the local level of government
  31. criminal

    What steps can local police departments take in order to implement a policy standard for dealing with illegal immigrants?
  32. criminal justice

    Thank you but that does not help me with determining who the stakeholders are in human trafficking
  33. criminal justice

    Who would be the stakeholders of human trafficking?
  34. criminal justice

    That was also my problem
  35. criminal justice

    Why might a paramilitary style raid be necessary when deadly force is required?
  36. writting

    what is an empirically based journal articles
  37. criminal justice

    where can I find information on the benefits of voluntary support and how it is linked to police legitimacy
  38. crimina justice

    how the politics of crime has changed over the past forty years
  39. law

    can someone please help me to understand what I am looking for to answer this question and where to find the information. examine how criminal justice responses to crime may be shaped by these theories (Differential-Association and the Rational Choice).
  40. law

    explain how criminal justice responses may be formed based on the assumptions of the Rational Theory.
  41. law

    how criminal justice responses may be formed based on the assumptions of The Sutherland’s theory of differential Association.
  42. law

    I need help finding information on number of inmates who are currently incarcerated in prisons (both state and federal) in the U.S.
  43. crime

    How common is homicide in Missouri.
  44. law

    The insanity Defense can be used in cases involving capital punishment, correct?
  45. law

    can any of the common law defenses be applied, or have been applied, to cases involving capital punishment
  46. law

    how feminist theories differ from other social theories of crime
  47. law

    explain how the feminist theories might be used to explain female delinquency? I am not finding the resources that I need to answer this question, please help
  48. law

    •Why might the variations in crime rates among different demographic groups result in misguided law enforcement strategies?
  49. law

    Do you know where I can find this information, so I will be able to have a resource?
  50. law

    •What can communities gain from understanding the how crime rates vary?
  51. law

    I went there. However, I can not use that as a reference in my paper. I can find a lot of information but my main problem is finding the information that can be used in a college paper
  52. law

    in regards to the Miranda rights are there still any unresolved issues regarding suspect rights that the Supreme Court will need to address in the future
  53. accouting

    The ledger of Custer Company has the following work in process account. Work in Process—Painting 5/1 Balance 4,820 5/31 Transferred out ? 5/31 Materials 5,710 5/31 Labor 4,800 5/31 Overhead 2,430 5/31 Balance ? Production records show that there were 410 units in the ...
  54. accounting

    how can full-absorption costing be abused by management to misstate financial results
  55. accounting

    can someone please help me understand how to perform vertical analysis
  56. accounting

    describe the main aspects of the regulatory environment which will protect the public from fraud within corporations
  57. accounting

    please help me with locating the information for this: describe the main aspects of the regulatory environment which will protect the public from fraud within corporations, Pay particular attention to SOX requirements.
  58. accounting

    here is what I need to do; however my problem is I can not find where I can download the financial information on any corporation Select an American corporation. Visit its website and download the Income Statement, Statement of Stockholders Equity, Balance Sheet, and Statement...
  59. accounting

    How would you use the financial statement to determine when to the need for the purchase of inventory? Which statement(s) would you use?
  60. bussiness law

    I am confused. So basicly I just need to explain the discrimination issues that can happen in walmart; which would be the tangible property?
  61. bussiness law

    identify and protect the tangible property rights of walmart (retail) relating to discriminatory issues and the associated legal considerations. I have searched Google and my book and I can not find this. PLEASE HELP
  62. management

    Can someone help me find the information needed to answer this question? How is recent economic trends influencing merck
  63. management

    It did not provide any articles
  64. management

    This did not help, it went to google main page
  65. management

    can you please help me found the information for this question: how has globalization affected merck's business strategies
  66. management

    I need help on finding what Merck's technological advantages are. PLease help
  67. marketing

    Identify public relations opportunities for a new product.
  68. marketing

    Can you help me to understand what a positioning and differentiation strategies for the product would be?
  69. marketing

    who are the organizational buyers of whirlpool products? I have Sears, Lowes, Best buys, and home depot. Is that what the questions is referring to and are there more?
  70. Maketing

    who are the organizational buyers of whirlpool products? I have Sears, Lowes, Best buys, and home depot. Is that what the questions is referring to and are there more?
  71. math

    what is the role of the null hypothesis
  72. statistics

    Can someone help me to understand the purpose of null hypothesis testing?
  73. Human Services

    Please let me know if I am correct. An example of criterion validity is when a human service professional uses a scale to measure risk of suicide. If the scale is valid it should correlate with the occurence of negative behaviors which harm one self
  74. human services

    can you give me an example of judge-to-judge reliability or where I might find an example.
  75. human services

    How is test-retest reliability used in the human services research? Can you help me find the web sites that may have the information to answer this question.
  76. science

    Am I correct to say that the scientific inquiry steps are: observation, ask a question,research,Hypothesis, Experiment,Analyze the Data,Draw a Conclusion,Share the Results
  77. science

    Can someone please help me to understand the steps in the process of scientific inquiry?
  78. science

    Is the scientific inquiry steps the same as the scienific method steps?
  79. human service

    Do you have any ideas on where I can watch Lakota Woman- Siege at Wounded Knee on line?
  80. human services

    Thank you, that helped alot.
  81. human services

    I am confused on the meaning of assimilation and acculturation. Is assimilation the process that attitudes and behaviors from one cultral are modified as a result of contact with a different cultrual and so acculturation mean the same?
  82. human service

  83. human service

    What makes an agency culturally competent? Agency cultural competent is the ability to interact effectively and successfully with people of different cultures. where can I find this information that I need for my anser to be complete?

    I am searching for the history of American disablility Act (ADA). Did this act start in 1990 or was it earlier? Please guide me to a web site that has the correct information. Thank you
  85. human service

    Can you help me understand the meaning of affirmative Action.
  86. human service

    this information does not contain any information on homeless
  87. human service

    I do not see how that information will help. It goes to Survival of fittest
  88. human service

    identify three barriers to services, planning, funding, or empowerment in a selected aspect of human services. How does community development help address these barriers? I am attempting to do this paper on empowerment within the homeless population. I am stuck on finding ...
  89. human service

    What are some other technological tools that have been developed to help the individual manage their professional business contacts and/or stay connected. I googled this question and found no answer. Can you please help me find the website that I need. I know that we have cell...
  90. human service

    Locate three professional business groups that are reputable in your chosen field (example: social work field has the National Association of Social Workers, Clinical Social Work Association, Association of Social Work Board). State whether or not they have monthly or yearly ...
  91. human services

    I do not understand; the link is sending me just to the homepage of google
  92. human services

    I can not find the answer to this question;Does the Association of Social Work Board offer qualified referrals or suggest community based programs which may benefit your client base. could you please help me find a site that may have the information that I am looking for?
  93. human service

    I understand the meaning of it; however, I cannot come up with a example
  94. human service

    I am having problems with finding an example of how an organization can use organizational commitment to positively impact job satisfaction. Can you give me any ideas of where to find information.
  95. psychology

    I have to define organizational psychology and the difference in general psychology. Let me know if I am correct and where I could find more information please. Organizational Psychology studies the behaviors of people in a formal organizations. While general psychology is the...
  96. human service

    So Integrated means combined?
  97. human service

    so I have to find out how mediation and advocacy is used national and international?
  98. human service

    This is my ask I have to answer. explore the existing integration of mediation and advocacy within a human services agency on a national or international level. Where would I find the answer to this. I belive I am not understanding the meaning of integration.
  99. Human service

    I need to find where I can find information that will support my answer to the challenges that a mediator may face. The answer that I gave is with legal, ethics, and morals.
  100. human service

    I am looking for web pages that explore the information available linking mediation and advocacy to human services. can you give me any sugustions?
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