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Language Arts
What happens in the climax if the story Mieko and The Fifth Treasure?

Physics (Mechanics) - unanswered

Algebra 8th
i would help you but i'm not even on that problem yet...sorry :(

Critical Thinking
i think its D because it isnt a claim....hope i;m righttt

ooooh now i know its easy lol thanks are smart jeje ....bye

i just have a litttle question how do u do it cazz i want to do another one almost the same but i don't know what do i have to do....

can u help me now to do this cazz i don't understandd ;) n+(-5) n= 7/12 i amconfuseedd :O its like the one u tell me

omg!!! thanks you are the best......really thanks 4 helping me i think that i know now ....!!!

evaluate the expression n + (-5) for each value of n. n=312 i don't know how to do this..please helpp..

7th grade
It depens on what you are talking about. For example if you are talking about simple machines hten its wheel and axel. If you are talking about something else then IDK.

Help with introduction
i did that last year but i put there are many way of us honoring our america. people have diffrent way. n if u nned more help just look online! - well i hoped that helped a lil

Economic system