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  1. Social Studies

    no d for sure d
  2. Social Studies

    President George H. Bush was able to convince U.N. forces to invade Iraq in a military effort known as "Operation Desert Storm" because nations feared A) Iraq's leader Saddam Hussein planned to invade Saudi Arabia next, which was an important U.S. ally. B) Iraq...
  3. ELA

    Paired Passages: Sympathy, and An Account of an Experience with Discrimination Paul Laurence Dunbar and Sojourner Truth Sympathy by Paul Laurence Dunbar I KNOW what the caged bird feels, alas! When the sun is bright on the upland slopes; When the wind stirs soft through the ...
  4. ELA

    This story really confusing but I think it d?
  5. ELA

    100% - The Story of a Patriot Upton Sinclair 1 A young man is walking down the street, quite casually, with an empty mind and no set purpose; he comes to a crossing, and for no reason that he could tell he takes the right hand turn instead of the left; and so it happens that ...
  6. Math

    Stewart has $26 dollars. He spent $12.81, including tax, to buy a new DVD. He needs to set aside $10.00 to pay for his lunch next week. If peanuts cost $0.42 per package including tax, describe the maximum number of packages that Stewart can buy? A) p ? 8 B) p ? 7 C) p ? 8 D...
  7. Math

    A sorry I didn't see the negative sign
  8. Math

    c thanks
  9. Math

    Evaluate the numerical expression. ?8/3-(-4/6) A) -2 B) -2/3 C) 2 D) 2/3
  10. Science

    The human stomach is an organ that helps us digest food. The stomach is one of many organs involved in the process of digestion. Others include the esophagus, small intestine, pancreas, and gall bladder. What name is given to a set of organs that work together to perform a ...
  11. ELA

    I think it is c.
  12. ELA

    or a
  13. ELA

    Which description is accurate and true of all three sentences? 1. We struggled to understand the complicated algebraic expressions. 2. We could not wait to hear our grades on the final exam. 3. We failed to demonstrate our knowledge and understanding. A) All sentences have a ...
  14. Physics

    A Hospital patient has injured her leg, how much mass must be used to keep her leg stationary.  The leg has a mass of 2.6 kg and is 0.87 meters in length, the rope for the tension mass  is connected at 0.65 meters from the knee.
  15. Physics

    if person 1 has a mass of 31 kg, and person 2 has a mass of 15 kg.  And person 1 distance is 1.4 meters.  Find person 2 distance?
  16. Physics

    A solid ball of mass 2 kg, rolls down a hill that is 6 meters high.  What is the rotational KE at the bottom of the hill?
  17. Physics

    A child swings a sling with a rock of mass 3.8 kg, in a radius of 0.7. From rest to an angular velocity of 8 rad/s. What is the rotational kinetic energy of the rock?
  18. Maths, physics, chemistry,

    I want answer sir
  19. PUBL?C LAW, Political science, ir

    Thank you so much
  20. PUBL?C LAW, Political science, ir

    You are a Spanish conquistador who just took control of a large territory in Americas in medieval time. Which political concept requires you that you should obey the orders of the Spanish King and not to administrate the land on your own??(this question is for my public law ...
  21. science

    I love answers

    Puppet you are wrong
  23. Science

    Compounds with high melting points have ___ a. Covalent bonds b. Metallic Bonds c. Ionic bonds*** d. No chemical bonds How could you determine if a sample of gold is pure? Compare the sample's density with that of pure gold.*** Compare the sample's color with that of ...
  24. physics

    ok thanks got it
  25. physics

    sorry it says that its the wrong answer
  26. physics

    You push a skateboard so that it rolls down the road at a speed of 1.40 m/s. You run after the skateboard at a speed of 3.80 m/s and while still behind the skateboard you jump off the ground at an angle of 30.0° above the horizontal hoping to land on the skateboard. How ...
  27. physics

    You are thinking about taking gymnastics, so you go to the facility and get an idea of what to expect by looking out from the viewing room. The viewing room window is 4.40 m above the trampoline directly below, so it is perfect for viewing the the facility. Occasionally ...
  28. Math

    A minor league baseball team plays 78 games in a season. If the team won 15 more than twice as many games as they​ lost, how many wins and losses did the team​ have?
  29. Pre-Calculus

    Carmen rides her bicycle at a constant rate to the market. When she rides her bicycle back home along the same route, she bikes at three-quarters the rate she biked to the market. At any given time, t, the distance biked can be calculated using the formula d = rt, where d ...
  30. Chemisrty

    A mineral sample is analyzed for its cobalt and calcium content. A sample is dissolved, and then the cobalt and calcium are precipitated as Co(OH)2(s) and Ca(OH)2(s). At what pH can Co(OH)2(s) be separated from Ca(OH)2(s) at 25 °C? Assume that an effective separation ...
  31. math

    Jenny must sit four papers for an exam. The mean of the first three papers Jenny has sat is 72%. (a)If she wants to get an overall mean of at least 75%,what is the lowest mark she can get in her fourth paper? (b) What is the highest possible mean she can get over all four ...
  32. Life orientation

    I need an answer
  33. math

  34. calc

    A farmer has a herd of 100 cattle with an average weight of 500 lbs/cow. It costs 50 cents a day to keep each cattle. They are gaining weight at a rate of 6 lbs per day. The market price is now $1 per lb for beef and is falling by 1 cent each day. How long should the farmer ...
  35. Science

    i need help too
  36. physics

    A car is initially travelling at 30 m/s, which is above the speed limit. The driver sees a speed limit trap ahead and applies the brakes for 5 seconds, causing the car to slow down by 2m/s every second while the brakes are on. –How far does a car travel whilst the brakes ...
  37. Geometry

    first u find how long AB is which is (16, 8) in length.... 10+6 = 16 and 6+2 = 8. 3/4 * 16 = 12 3/4 * 8 = 6 so starting on point A add (12, 6) to (-10,-6) you will get (2,0) because 12-10=2; 6-6=0
  38. Geometry

    B.) (2, 0)
  39. algebra

  40. English

    okay thanks again for the help.
  41. English

    Mrs.Sue I click on the first link when search for the definition in Google. I help this helps.
  42. English

    The website directory
  43. English

    I used the definition from dictionary website for grits Mrs.Sue
  44. English

    Dictionary website
  45. English

    I got the information from this website.
  46. English

    yes Mrs.Sue
  47. English

    Sorry about the frustrated before Would you help you me the grits one we were doing before?
  48. English

    Thanks Mrs.Sue for check to see if the text citation was right.
  49. English

  50. English

  51. English

    Is the right way to do in text citations.when “you’re ready to go do something else’’ (Jordan).
  52. English

    Can check see if these the right way to do in text citations.when “you’re ready to go do something else’’ (Jordan).
  53. English

    No I speak language Mrs.Sue I wrote the part that I put in quotation marks.
  54. English

    The website were I got the definition Grits does not have author.
  55. English

    This one I mistype it out. a dish of coarsely ground corn kernels boiled with water” and milk and is served with biscuits (Grits). This is my source at the end.
  56. English

    Mrs.Sue just annoy the one above. This is the correct one It is “a dish of coarsely ground hominy” that is served with biscuits (Grits).
  57. English

    a dish of coarsely ground corn kernels boiled with water” and milk and is served with biscuits (Grits). This is my source at the end.
  58. English

    Is this how would do a in text citation?“a dish of coarsely ground corn kernels boiled with water”
  59. English

    Okay I want start over and try this one again.
  60. English

    Wrong person
  61. English

    I really appreciate what your saying DrBob222. I can speak the English language and also know English writing.
  62. Help ms sue or whoever smart as history

    I agree with 3
  63. English

    It cite the source
  64. chemistry

    For the reaction: 2SO2(g) + O2(g) = 2SO3(g) conducted at 25°C and 1 atm. Calculate H°, S°, G°
  65. Physics

    A car of mass 1060 kg is on an icy driveway inclined at an angle of 39◦ . The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . θ If the incline is frictionless, what is the acceleration of the car? Answer in units of m/s 2
  66. Chemistry

    what are the simplest molecules to synthesize a n,n-dimethyl-2-methylpropanamine
  67. Math

    Thank you!
  68. Math

    a photocopy store advertises the following prices: 5 cents per copy for the first 20 copies, 4 cents per copy for the 21st through 100th copy, and 3 cents per copy after the 100th copy. Let x be the # of copies, and let y = the total cost of the photocopying. find the equation...
  69. Algebra II

    A rowing team rowed 100 miles while going with the current in the same amount of time as it took to row 20 miles going against the current. The rate of the current was 6 miles per hour. Find the rate of the rowing team in still water.
  70. chemistry

    write a reaction that show solid copper (II) nitrate dissociating.
  71. algebra

    Solve the system by graphing. (If the system is inconsistent, enter INCONSISTENT. If the system is dependent, enter DEPENDENT.) 4x + 2y = 12 5x − 4y = 2
  72. algebra

    Solve the system by graphing. (If the system is inconsistent, enter INCONSISTENT. If the system is dependent, enter DEPENDENT.) x − y = 2 2x + 3y = 19
  73. math

    Vanessa typically works 8 hours per day in a normal 5 day work week. Last week, however, Vanessa had to take 90 minutes off on Tuesday, 45 minutes off on Thursday, and she left two and a half hours early on Friday. How many hours did Vanessa work last week? (A.35 hours 15 ...
  74. Math

    Thanks :)
  75. Math

    Please help and explain how to solve and graph 4<=2x-8>10 Thanks
  76. math

    Thank You :-)
  77. math

    Company A rents copiers for a monthly charge of $200 and $0.08 per copy. Company B rent copiers for a monthly charge of $400 and $0.04 per copy. How many copies produce the same bill? The answer I have is 5,0000 is this correct? Thanks
  78. Physics

  79. trg

    An earth embankment is 27 m long and has a cross-section shown in the diagram. Find the volume of earth needed to build the embankment.
  80. trg

    A plane flies in a direction of N70°E for 80 km and then on a bearing of S10°W for 150 km. a How far is the plane from its starting point? b What direction is the plane from its starting point?
  81. Calc

    Recall that the average velocity between times t1and t2 is calculated using vave = y(t2) − y(t1)/t2 − t1. We are given that y = 14t − 1.86t^2. Evaluating at t = 1, we have y(1) = 14(1) − 1.86(1)2 = 12.14. Thus, the average velocity between times 1 and 1...
  82. Physics

    The electric and magnetic fields of a plane electromagnetic wave are given by the formulas below, where and are both in meters and is in seconds. This wave is traveling through a medium whose index of refraction is 1.3. Reminder: The "x.xxenn t" notation in the sine...
  83. Physics

    last ques radially outward both and last ques =0
  84. Physics

    A circuit is composed of a capacitor C= 3 micro F, two resistors both with resistance 69 Ohm, an inductor 6.00e-2 H, a switch , and a battery 25 V. The internal resistance of the battery can be ignored . Reminder: The " L=x.xxenn H" notation means " L=x.xx X 10...
  85. Physics

    Please give ans for Q5 for values I am getting them last chance please What is the total magnetic flux through the loop (in Tesla m ) when is 62 cm. Include only the magnetic flux associated with the external field (i.e. ignore the flux associated with the magnetic self-field ...
  86. Physics

    Please tell ans of any question please Q3 a=0 last part =0
  87. Physics

    Anonymous what is t in Q3 b
  88. Physics

    Phy thanks for the ans I have ans for Q3 a=0 and last part =0
  89. Physics

    robbo ppls tell what are the formulas for which you have posted.
  90. Physics

    This wave is traveling through a medium whose index of refraction is 1.3. E= 2.8 xsin(2*π/lamdaz + 1.19e16) t V/m B =B_0sin(2*π/lamdaz + 1.19e16 t) Tesla Please tel ans for this phy.
  91. Physics

    All answers should be in degrees. (a) Using the result of Lecture 31 Question 3, and Snell's law, derive and evaluate for the secondary rainbow for the following values of the incidence angle and index of refraction . 1 , 1.4 incorrect 45 , 1.3 incorrect 87 , 1.55 ...
  92. fisica

    How to put values
  93. Physics

    pls any one
  94. Physics

    Pls tell other ans 1,2,4,5,6
  95. Physics

    Any one
  96. Physics

    Q6 ans can be solved by HW7 And HW8
  97. Physics

    Can any one pls put the correct formulas in order.
  98. Physics

    hmmmm pls. post ans for this question pls I have got only one chance left. A solenoid has N=1863.0 turns, length d=46 cm , and radius b=0.4 cm, (b<<d) . The solenoid is connected via a switch, S1 , to an ideal voltage source with electromotive force ϵ=3 V and a ...
  99. Physics

    hmmmm pls. find ans of the below. An electromagnet has a steel core (κM≈ 2500) with an approximately circular cross sectional area of 5.0 cm2. The radius of the magnet is 10.0 cm; there is a small air gap of only 2.6 mm (see sketch). The current through the magnet&#...
  100. Physics

    In Q4 what is Km Is it kM=2500
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