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Calc.the mass in gram of potassium iodide with formula mass 166.01g/mol that will be dissolved in 1 litre of distiiled water to give 0.40

Science: calc.the mass in gram of ammonium chloride with formulae mass 53.49g/mol that will be mixed in 1litre of distilled water to give 0.05

The relative density of a solid is 6.5. Find (1)the mass of a solid substance cube of side 20cm. (2) the volume of the substance if the mass is 1.3kg

college Mathematics
yeah, u r very correct. n stands for intersection. ans=6

pharm chem-dilution
prepare a 50ml of potassium permanganate solution such that 10ml diluted to 250ml will produce a 1 in 2000 solution

sorry b=2 and a=-7

subtracting the two 5b=10 b =5 a=9-8b==>9-8(5) =-31

pharm chem-dilution
prepare a 50ml of potassium permanganate solution such that 10ml diluted to 250ml will produce a 1 in 2000 solution

Environmental Science 11th grade
nuclear fission i think

make ur question clearer

the ans shud be 5 tho. Not 4

ur question is not clear!!! Mixture of your present and past tense is confusing

Math-Please Help
50kg/m to g/cm =500g/cm since 1000g makes 1kg amd 100cm makes 1m den==50*(1000/100)=500

doesnt really need solution simple===>both 3 digit and 2 digit are natural numbers ie ordinary no used in counting

0.29, 32%, 0.3, 1/3

algebra 1
no of girls=37/70*350=185 no of boyz=350-185=165 185-165=20girls more dan boiz. Let x=boys y=girls A)x+y=350 350-((ratio of girls/total ratio)*350=no of boys taking algebra. No of girls-no of boys=girls more dan bois. B)u wuld use both d 2nd n 3rd eqn

d diagram here is very important 4rm my assummed diagram i drew, SUT is part of RUS ie u can get angle sut 4rm angle rus ==>5x-4-(3x+6) 5x-4-3x-6 2x-10 to form an equation equate to zero 2x-10=0 2x=10 x=5

question is not so clear but i think d box will b open @ both ends and hence wont have a volume. Bt nonetheless, solving it like dat volume of cube=l^3 =8^3=192

open d bracket -2x-1/2 turn it int an eqn by equating to zero -2x-1/2=0 make x subject of formula -2x=1/2 divide through by -2 x=0.5/-2 x=0.25 hope its clearer

open d bracket, we have -2x-0.5. Putting it in eqn form -2x=0.5 x=-0.5/2 x=-0.25

4rm eqns of motion s=ut + 1/2at^2 since u =0 s=1/2at^2 25=0.5*2.5 *t^2 t^2=25/1.25 t^2=20secs^2 t=4.5secs

draw ur trapezium & let d shorter parallel side =y &d longer=x perimeter of trapezium=7+8+x+y=55 and x -y=5 ==>x=5+y substituting 15+5+y+y=55 20+2y=55 2y=55-20 =35 y=17.5 x=22.5

cross multiply 4z=15 z=15/4

yes it is. If marty had more pizza dan luis provided marty didn't have 4(or it multiples ie 8 12 16 etc) and luis didn't have 3 or a corresponding multiple(6, 9 12 etc) den dey would have eaten the same quantity. E.g if marty had 2 and luis had just 1 den marty ate 0.5...

suppose u r given a conc soln of hcl which is known to be 37% hcl & has a soln density of 1.19g/ml. What is the molarity and molality of hcl in this soln

vol of cylinder=pie*r^2*h (22/7)*1^2*4.2=13.2 rectangula booth==>3 of 5 parts (3/5)*13.2=7.92m cyliderical booth recives 13.2-7.92=5.28m

thnx a bunch

what is the molarity of Cl in a 100ml solution containing 20g NaCl, 10g CaCl2, and 15g KCl

taking d floor of d room area=l*b l=1.5x, b=x A=1.5x*x=1.5xsquare.......eq 1 4rm d price 1sq meter will cost rs.5 dere4 x square meter will cost rs.480 (480*1)/5=96square meters area=96.......eq 2 96=1.5x^2mspuare x^2m=64; x=8 lenght =1.5*8=12; breadth =8 4 d height==> rs.3...

chemistry 104
estimate the enthalpy change for each of the following reaction: a) H2C=O(g)+HCl(g .....> H3C-O-Cl(g) b)H2O2(g)+2CO(g).....> H2(g)+2CO2(g) c)3H2C=CH2(g).....> C6H12(g) (the six carbon atoms form a six-membered ring with two H atoms on each C atom)