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  1. Science

    Earth is sphere yes or No
  2. Thanks so much. Now i understand veey well
  3. Maths

    Draw and label a figure to represent the congruent triangle. Then find X and Y. Triangle YXZ congruent triangle CAB, m<Y=3y+30, m<Z=4x-100, m<B=3x-30, m<C=10y-40.
  4. Math

    Triangle XYZ is an Isosceles triangle. What is the measure of all the angles if measure angle X is two times the angle Y
  5. physics

    a volumetric flask made of pyrex is calibrated at 20°c. if it is filled to 100ml with 35°c acetone. what us the volume of the acetone when it cools to 20°c and how significant is the change in the volume of the flask.
  6. math

    if the sixth term of an arithmetic progression is 37 and sum of the first six term is 147
  7. physics

    an aircraft is travelling from calabar to kano, it first flies to ilorin on 40 degree covering a distance of 80km, it then flies 120 degree and covers a distance of 40 km to kano. find the distance between calabar and kano
  8. english

    I want to write a letter to my class teacher inviting him to my birthday party
  9. science

    How do you make a 10 ml buffer with 8M urea (mol. weight 60.06g/mol)
  10. Physics

    A Bomber On A Military Mission Is Flying Horizontaly At A Height Of 3000m above the ground at 60km/min,it drops a bomb on a target on the ground,determine the acute angle between the vertical and the line joining the bomber and the target at the instant the bomb is released
  11. Chemistry

    A Solution Has A PH Of 3.4.What Is Its Hydrogen Ion Concentration?
  12. Determine total hours between Sunday morning at 6AM to 12AM midnight Friday = 114hrs. In the 114hr, 16 full shifts would have would have been completed --ie 114hrs/7hrs = 16. Total time for 16 shifts is 16 * 7 =112hrs. So that means a new shift started at 10PM on Thursday and ...
  13. Formula Perimeter of equilateral triangle: P = 3a, where P is Perimeter and a is length of a side Therefore (33X + 21) = 3a a = (33X + 21)/3 Exact value of a can't be determined because we don't know the value of X.
  14. math

    a man 1.9 meters tall walks away from a light 2.4m above the ground. if his shadow lengthens at a rate of 0.6 m/s, how fast is walking?
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  16. 24
  17. math

    the first term of the arithmetic sequence is -37 and the second term is-30 what is the smallest positive term of the sequence?
  18. math

    the first term of the arithmetic sequence is -37 and the second term is-39 what is the smallest positive term of the sequence?
  19. Lucy is thinking of a number. The number is greater than two hundred twenty-five. her number is less than 2hundred, 2 tens,7 ones. What is Lucy number?
  20. Each external torque may not be non-zero, but the sum of the torques must be zero
  21. Finance

    the dividends of the reisner company are expected to grow at an annual rate of 18 percent for the next 5 years, then at a rate of 12 percent each year for the next 4 years, and thereafter grow at a rate of 5 percent each year. if the reisner company's current dividend is $...
  22. What is the difference of a number and 2.75
  23. the ans is 18gm
  24. the truth table is a contradiction
  25. Mlle Martinelli travaille à Rome, en Italie.
  26. Dites dans quelle ville et dans quel pays chaque personne travaille.
  27. So what was the whole idea of the story? Do you mean human activity? It has caused wind erosion.
  28. The day is so nice outside. b/>
  29. Never say goodbye. Then again there are so many things to do in the world.
  30. The assumption to be made is that the frame is a square or a rectangle thought the question doesn't specify it. In this explanation a square frame is used though a rectangular frame will also work. Draw a large square. Now draw a smaller square in the larger square. Mark ...
  31. math

    Simplify: (2^1/2) * (8^1/2)/4
  32. college

    Write a C++ program to fill an array with 6 numbers, and then reverse the values of this array. Note: By using a function with two parameters with the name of the array and the size of this array.
  33. arange the gases in the increasing order of solubility in water.NH3;N2;CO2
  34. Pre-Algebra

    Courtnytravels south on her bicycle riding 8 miles per hour. One hour later, her friend Horacio starts riding his bicycle from the same location. If he travels south at 10 miles per hour, how long will it take him to catch Courtney?
  35. test z matematyki dzial 6 klasa 4
  36. Do not repeat the same posts over and over please and thank you.
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  43. Textiles

    What are the main facts about ribbon weaving?
  44. the compound has no dipole moment because it is linear in shape.