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Determine the [OH^-] of a solution that is 0.145 M in CO3^2-.

Financial Acc & Reporting
Archive bhd acquired a franchise on finance lease. it is required to pay 200000 per annum in advance for five years. the implicit interest rate is 10%. the franchise could be bought for 800000. the legal life is five years but can be renewed at 5000 for another five years. ...

it is given that y is directly proportional to xn. write down the value of n when (i) y m square is the area of a square length x m . (ii) y cm cube is the volume of a cube of length x cm.

if x is directy proportinal to y cube and y=2 when x= 1, (a) find an equation connecting x and y. (b) find the value of x when y = 1 (c) find the value of y when x=108.

What mass of CH3COONa must be added to 50.0 mL of 0.50 M CH3COOH to make a solution of pH 6.0 ?

Calculate the pH of a solution made by adding 75.0 g of CH3COONa to 750 mL of 0.64 M CH3COOH. Ka for CH3COOH is 1.8 x 10-5.

It's alright. Thank you for your help.

Why is the answer n=6 ?

An n-sided polygon has interior angles of which 4 of them are of sizes 125,220,40 and 295 degrees . The remaining interior angles are of sizes 20 degrees each. Find the value of n, My working: let the number of sides for the polygon be n and the remaining number of sides be x...

A person 150cm tall is walking away from a lamp post at the rate of 15 meter per minute. when the man is 2.5m from the lamp post, his shadow is 3m long. Find the rate at which the length of the shadow is increasing when he is 7m from the lamp post.


math, statistic
the average of the hemoglobin reading for a sample of 20 teachers was 16 gram per 100 milliliters, with a sample standard deviation of 2 grams. find the 99% confidence interval of the population mean.

A game is played by drawing 4 card from an ordinary deck and replacing each card after it is drawn.find the probability that at least 1 king is drawn

A mixture of {\rm NaCl} and {\rm NaBr} has a mass of 2.10{\rm g} and is found to contain 0.71{\rm g} of {\rm Na} What is the mass of {\rm NaBr} in the mixture?

Additional maths
The roots of the equation x^2+(a+3)x-2b=0 are -2 and -3. Find the values of a and b.

A bank with a branch located in a commercial district of a city has developed an improved process for serving customers during the noon to 1.00 pm lunch period. The waiting time (defined as the time elapsed from when the customer enters the line until he or she reaches the ...

material & structure laboratory
Is the measured normal consistency lies in the range for the Portland cements?

What happens to the physical properties as the strength of intermolecular forces increases?

Rank the following compounds in order of decreasing boiling point: sodium fluoride ( \rm NaF ), methane ( \rm CH_4 ), fluoromethane ( \rm CH_3F )

social studies
how money is printed in today world